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What glues should i try?
10-19-2013, 04:31 AM,
What glues should i try?
Ok, so Iam about to get my first couple pieces. Template is finished and will be shipped out tomorrow. While I'm waiting for my pieces I I'll be gathering the necessary accessories and what not. My question is about what glues to try, obviously.

So, I'm very active. I workout 5 days a week. I have oily skin and I tend to sweat a lot, especially when I sleep. I'd like to only have to detach/reattach once a week at the most. I'm going to start off my first bond with ORWG. I have ordered lace units with poly back and sides. My intention is to do a parameter bond and obviously front hairline, and not a full bond because the cleanup seems easier and if it holds just as well then why bother with a full bond? Unless someone can give me good reasons why I should do a full bond instead. I hate having the top of my head touched anyway, even why I had a full head of hair so touch isn't a problem.

Given this info, what other glues should I try? If any. I would LOVE to get a two week bond but I want to be realistic. Especially with my oily skin and sweating.

Thanks guys!
10-19-2013, 10:34 PM,
RE: What glues should i try?
There is a theory that having a full bond actually causes less shedding, but its not a totally proven thing.

As for glues, they're like frogs, you'll have to kiss a few before you find a prince.

I like the NX GEN by HairDirect.
You might think its expensive but one bottle has lasted me 6 months and I still have a quarter of the bottle left.

Ghostbond XL gets good reviews but I think you have to also buy the GhostBuster to remove it and do an easier clean up.
10-20-2013, 03:10 AM,
RE: What glues should i try?
Thanks Hersute. I know that glues really depend upon your body chemistry. I was just wondering what everyone's recommendations where so I had someplace to start.

Do you do a full bond or a parameter bond? What's the cleanup like for the NX GEN? And finally are both NX GEN and Ghostbond XL both ok to use on poly? Thanks again!
10-20-2013, 03:37 AM,
RE: What glues should i try?
I've always done a full bond.
With lace it was ORWG and with the Ultra Thin Skin its NX GEN.

I've never had a poly perimeter but I see no problems using any glue on that.

To clean up, I soak my systems in a shallow bowl of Autoglym Intensive tar Remover (20-30 mins) and the glue turns to jelly and comes straight off.

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