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Looking for advice on my first hair system-pics
05-15-2013, 01:30 PM,
RE: Looking for advice on my first hair system
Ok... after about 15 attempts at making a template I think i've nailed it on this one. I added some side flaps as Hersute has suggested multiple times. I really appreciate your advice on that... I think this is going to give me the results i'm looking for.

I've opted to go with:

- Super fine swiss lace
- Medium density 60-65%
- freestyle
- bodywave
- 6 inch long hair
- sending in hair sample for color
- graduated hairline

I went with swiss lace to give me the option of showing my hair line if I choose. I also choose medium density because I figure it will be a good starting point and I can thin it out if its too thick. Freestyle seems to give the most options and a bodywave seems to be standard and best to suit my current hair. I'm also going with a graduated hairline to avoid the wall of hair. (I drew in an area about a 1/4-1/2 inch in and wrote "graduated hairline" do i need to say how much or is that good)

I'm also going to ask to get the knots bleached. I've thought about going with a blond front and dying it to match my hair but i'm worried that may be too much on my first piece.

I've also attached a pic of the templete i'm sending in. Any last words of advice? I think i'm placing the order tonight or tomorrow.

One other question... how do most of you send in the template? I have some plastic envelopes I ship most items in.. and was thinking of stuffing it with crumbled up newspaper to protect it, but i'm still worried it may get squished or something.

Thanks again everyone.

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05-15-2013, 01:56 PM,
RE: Looking for advice on my first hair system
It looks good and I don't want to be too picky but (and this is only my opinion) it looks a tiny bit off and I think it needs just a bit cut back.

I've marked it in red, but if you prefer it the way it is, then thats what you should go for.
You could always trim it in that area yourself if you wanted to.

Don't forget to mark the hair direction as DOWN at the flaps or make a note of it somewhere.
Ask the supplier by what percentage are graduated hairlines usually reduced if you want to just make sure.

Besides that, I think you're good to go!

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05-15-2013, 02:06 PM,
RE: Looking for advice on my first hair system
i agree as well..kind of went to straight from the hairline into the temple..looks better here imho..could even drop back a little more...but this is fine too
05-20-2013, 07:30 AM,
RE: Looking for advice on my first hair system
All the best to you.

I'm 30 and wearing 2 partials at the moment, but I will at somepoint move over to a full system.

I know how you feel being young and losing it. I've slowly been losing it for years, gradually receding further and further, right now I'm about a NW4 but use two temple pieces as a filler, I've got the start of a bald spot at the back but it's very small so I've not yet converted to a full piece but certainly will.

I can relate to the cap wearing, but if anything it draws more attention to you if you continue to wear it 24/7 and looks strange at a dinner table and although we feel its solving the problem, evryone else is wondering why is he wearing it all the time and what's under it? It does the exact opposite of hiding your issues.

I tried different things through different stages of hair loss too. First started growing in the fringe/bangs so I could over the frontal areas - that worked well until I began to recede further then it was a high and tight type cut where I cut the hair shorter at the sides and longer on top to give the illusion of having more hair than I do, again worked fine for a bit until I began thinning somewhat too. Topped up the toppik for that and then got to a stage like Anty where I was putting far too much on.

Decided to shave the head after that for a while, and it looked fine enough in the summer and was reasonably ok with it for a while yet roll on winter and a pale dome didn't look too great. I didn't get too much abuse and even a few folk said I suited it or looked fine but I missed hair and wanted it back. If I had a NW1 perfect hairline, I'd maybe shave my head once every few years just for a different look, but being tied to the same style at 28 was a bit depressing for me.

Then opted to grow in a mohawk type thing which was fine for a while, but I was getting older and though it looked stupid having it for a long period and especially in my late 20s. Grew my hair back in again just to see what stage I was at with baldness and then went for the 2 partials as I realised I had a fair amount of coverage just receding fast.

Wearing hair is fantastic and I feel good again. I was depressed for a while about my hair just seeing how much it aged me and sure some folk might say it is vain, but I hate the double standards we have, if it was a woman people would be encouraging them to get the botox, nose job, a wig even if they were losing their hair, yet why are men not allowed to wear a wig? Also, have you ever noticed its always people with good hair who say "If I was... I'd shave it'' etc Wink Sure, let's see what happens then if that day arrives.

There are issues with hair though. Sometimes the tape doesn't connect right. The clean up can be a pain at times and it won't be completely plain sailing whilst wearing, but it for the little hassle it brings, I think the benefits massively outweigh the negatives of styling a NW4 into some form of submission!

The great thing about hair is you can have what style you want. If you want to keep it long and hipster/straggly or whatever, you can or you want a high/tight army style cut or bangs/fringe, a gelled up spikey doo - you can have it all.

Another issue some may have with wearing is fear of being busted. This went over me after the 2nd time I started wearing as I knew I really had no alternative as my hairline was going, but unless its a helmet of hair at 200% or something mad, it should be fine.

If you are worried also about this having being a hat wearer for a while you can gradually enter the world without the hat. I did this also to help with my confidence. I was wearing a lot of hats whilst my hair tried to grow in but once I started wearing again, I slowly ditched the hat - maybe just 1 day a week or so to begin with and no body said anything. And still wear a hat now and again today.

All the best and hope it works out for you. Sorry I went on a bit there Wink but hopefully it works for you and there are many young members here or guys in their 20s who were worrying about it and the prospect of wearing. Some great information on this site as well and many helpful people.
05-20-2013, 09:01 AM,
RE: Looking for advice on my first hair system
so very true,

one life, you blink and 5 years have passed by,

i'm nearly 49,look 39 imho, lol, and kinda get it now!, when the old folk used to say to me when i was in my early 20's life's short. sure is

and short of going to hasson&wong for a quality hair transplant, its the next best viable option.

and one thing i know,

with hair iv ticked a box, im happy confident, im bloody great.

i detest the fact i wear to an extent, but the feeling of confidence well being it provides dilutes any fears of what others may think, and it looks fantastic.

just ask yourself other than a intimate relationship, when did someone touch you're hair, its a very intimate personal space contact thing.

i coudnt concentrate on anything , unless my hair was right, well its as right as its gonna get.

yeah i detest full debonds, takes me 90 mins. but for that i get such

wonderful euphoric payback, its so so worth it.

touch ups are a breeze.

that's why although i don't really get into the technical discussions a great deal with hair, like everyone here i sure the hell understand the emotional ones.

iv been so down, suicidal, been on the edge of so little hair, so little life.

nearly 3 years in October 2013, of wearing,

the suns shining again in my life , my looks are back,

o love it, i'm rambling yeah cos im passionate.

anthony northeast uk Smile
05-20-2013, 10:14 AM,
RE: Looking for advice on my first hair system
As you get older time really F L I E S !!!!! Kids grow up to fast.... Years turn into months....weeks turn into days.... Anybody got any idea how to slow this train down ???? At least we can have some hair during the travel !!! PS...your template looks good !!
05-29-2013, 12:28 PM,
RE: Looking for advice on my first hair system
Pretty much looking for advice on wearing as i do believe, its time to do something about my hairline. Very sorry to go of topic but i see that you go down Whitley to have your system cut in Antywanty? I live in Whitley Bay and would really like some advice from you as you seem so passionate about wearing. Not sure how to message you, first post you see, total noob at this. Again very sorry to go off topic.

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