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Looking for advice on my first hair system-pics
05-02-2013, 06:45 AM,
Looking for advice on my first hair system-pics
Hi, everyone. I'm 29 years old and at about a class 5 hair loss. I started losing my hair at around 22. Like most people going through mpb it had a devastating effect on my looks and eventually on my psyche. I felt the same on the inside.. my personality didn't change, but people began to treat me different.

After a couple years, I couldn't just sit around and let this condition do that to me any more. I began researching options. At that point a hair piece seemed out of the question.. I didn't give it much thought after initially counting it out. I saw concealers as a good choice so I bought a few and tired them out.

When I first put on concealers I couldn't believe the results! Instantly I felt and looked like me again! Peoples eyes stopped drifting towards my hair line, I wasn't the butt of jokes anymore, woman actually talked to me again!

I couldn't believe the reaction I got throughout this process; going from having hair, to losing it, then getting it back (or at least the appearance of it) really showed that having hair is an important factor in how the world perceives you. I was always the same person but having hair changed how people treated me. That was the most devastating part of losing my hair.

I've always felt alone throughout the process. People cut you short when you feel sorry for yourself while losing hair. They think your vein. Shave your head they say. Like its that easy lol. When I was younger with hair, i could shave it and look great. But when I lost my hair and shave it, my forehead looks like its 3 feet high. Having hair frames the face!!! Even if its just stubble it still has a devastating effect... at least for me and the shape of my head.

Anyways, after 4 or 5 years of concealers they've run their course. My hair loss is more extensive and its tough to get a passable look. I've become pretty embarrassed about it and have resorted to wearing a hat. Wearing concealers has been bitter sweet.. It gave me the illusion of hair but it made me very nervous and apprehensive. The stuff can come off pretty easy and it made me fearful of getting close and having physical contact with others. That's one of my biggest concerns about the transition into a hair piece... I hope I lose that nervousness that came with concealers.

I started researching hair systems a couple weeks ago and I like what I have to see. I'm still a bit nervous and apprehensive though. I just feel like there's no other option.

-------------------------how I made my template----------------------------

I've researched quite a bit and am starting to get a pretty good feel for the world of hair replacement. I just made my first template last night. This is were I need some advice!

In order to create the desired hairline I first grabbed the old bottle of courve. I then created my hairline as I had for the past few years and got it as best I could. The hairline I typically create with courve is very close to how my hair had always been naturally. Once I created the courve hairline I traced it with a sharpie. I then washed off the courve, put sarann wrap on my head and went about making a template.

Has anyone ever heard of this; using courve method for creating a template? Do you think it will give me my desired results? Anything else I should be considering when making a template? I thought I may need temple flaps on my piece, but after doing it the courve method, I don't know if I need them. Also If you look at the first picture of the profile shot of me... the hairline I created runs into a patch of hair that still extends about an inch towards the top of my head. I created the tempelate around that patch of hair. Not sure if most people would shave that off and create a template that goes all the way around the head in a uniform circle, or keep as much natural hair as possible making the template go around whats left. I've attached some pictures of the line I created based on my courve line... as well as my desired hairstyle. And finally one of the template I created.

I like a pretty short clean cut look. I use to always cut my own hair and i'd basically just cut all the sides of my hair with a 2 clip on an electric razor and then kept the top a bit longer. Is it possible to blend a piece with hair as short on the sides as a 2 clip? If not what's the shortest I could go?

I was thinking of trying lace for my first piece. Maybe thinskin but I defiantaly want a swiss front with a freestyle hair pattern. I want to be able to expose my hairline if I desire, so i've heard a swiss front is necessary for that. I was also thinking med-med light densisty. And i'm not sure about a graduation either. Do you think the screenshot of my desired hairstyle would warrant a graduation? If so how much? I'm 29 years old with a younger appearance (at least with hair lol) so I can pull off a pretty aggressive hair line I think.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

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05-02-2013, 08:42 AM,
RE: Looking for advice on my first hair system
weeve all been there , youre not alone,
I can epthise with concealers, I came to the end of the road,there was no density of hair left for the concealers to bond to,

i'd style my hair, into a mesh at the front then tap the concealer onto the hair ,then tap the hair for it to fall naturally through,
I ended up with black masses where there was no hair left.

I was suicidal, devastated, as my hair and looks have allways been mega important to me.
im now a different person, wearing my third hair system now just got it fri 26 april 2013

3 years nearly into wearing.

and im the happiest person, oozzing with self image confidence, in control,

anyway you've reached the door, youre inside... now begin youre life changing journey.

just search the forum, as youre question has been answered many many times before.

or look on u tube for videos related to, making a template, hair direct have some great videos.

enjoy the life changing journey Anthony )
05-02-2013, 12:01 PM,
RE: Looking for advice on my first hair system
Anty....WOW....3 years and only on 3rd system ??!! What do you ware ? I want one !!!
05-05-2013, 07:35 PM,
RE: Looking for advice on my first hair system
Thanks Anthony! That's awesome man, I'm glad to hear your in a better place. Hearing about your turn around and others like it, really makes me excited about taking this step and starting the journey.

Since I've convinced myself of wearing a piece; I've become increasingly more self conscious and embarrassed about my current situation. I feel like an idiot for not giving this a go years ago. I feel like I've missed out on a lot over the past few years.

I'm obsessed with my research in finding the perfect piece for me! One day i'm all about swiss lace, next i'm 100% thin skin. I've probably made about 10 templates so far and still not sure lol.

As for making a template, I've read a lot of options on technique. I read in one that it's best to make it over lap your current natural hair because it'll be easier to blend in, especially with short hair styles. But then I've read in multiple other threads that its best to make the template smaller to leave a gap so you can stretch the piece in order to get a snug fit. I feel like the template is the biggest factor in wearing a hair piece and i'm worried about how I should make it. I've included another pic to illustrate my planned template. Originally I was going to make the template around the patch of hair that extends into it a bit. However, I realized that that hair is thinning and soon to fall out so I might as well just shave it and work that space into the hair piece. I was also going to put on some side flaps but with my head shape and how my natural hair line was I think temples may be too much for me. As I mentioned, I used the hairline I created with courve to act as a guide line in making my template. Do you think that method is good?

Another question concerns the ever popular debate between thinskin and lace. I like the idea of a natural look and feel of thinskin but i'm worried about the hairline. It may be a complete non issue for my situation, but I still have my concerns. I plan on wearing my hair down, or kind of off to the side, so my hairline won't likely ever be in full sight. However, what If a big gust of wind comes along and exposes it for a second or say i'm watching a movie with a girl and I have my arm around her and her head on my shoulder.. if she's looking up at me and can see my hairline is she gonna spot it and out me? Is it really noticeable to the plane eye? I've only seen a couple pics of a thin skin hairline, and I'm still not sure what to expect. Is wearing a thinskin just asking to be exposed if ever someone was to see your hair line? If so it doesn't seem worth it.

I feel like there's a lot riding on making the right decision. I feel like I've wasted so much of my life dealing with hair loss and all the crap that comes with it, I just want to get a suitable piece and begin that phase of my life.

Thanks again for everyone's help.

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05-05-2013, 08:13 PM,
RE: Looking for advice on my first hair system
to be fair its looking pretty raggy by 13 month and that's stretching it way to far.
but you dont allways see the gradual wear,
yeah id lost a 1/4" hair from hairline, brought the hairline down,

the med skin /poly from the lost hair was ceasing to be transparent, a very light yellow,colour looked to the un educated eye like a skin problem.

that's really what clinched the deal, I was conscious of it and ,couldn't tolerate the insecurity.

back was a tadd higher,

it didn't look terrible, way better than concealer.

prob 12 months max

allways better to have a second pair of eyes, to say hey need to be honest but!

because youre allways used to seeing what you see, youre not allways the best judge.

sometimes loose perspective.

my one lady salon is right when she says, visit a salon once and a while they'll be honest,

unless there sharks and trying to take youre money.

shes great, never charges for trims, touch ups, which I didn't do in the early days she did my touch ups,

been nearly 3 years I do my touch ups myself bonds,

but wont dare do a full cut in.

not when her systems are £250. inc cut in bond.

regarding the hairline on skin, they wear like any other material,well the hair sheds and makes the haiorline more natural,
rather than a wall of hair its broken up, random, and looks comparable to lace after a few month.

you can accelerate the process with brushing tweaking.

youre anxietys coming in when did anyone ask to see youre hairline, in reality it dosent happen,

and there not terrible, horrific,

again youre obsessed with youre hair, hairline, no one else is. reality check!!!!
05-05-2013, 09:04 PM,
RE: Looking for advice on my first hair system
ant r u in the uk and if so where do u go for a cut in
05-05-2013, 09:15 PM,
RE: Looking for advice on my first hair system
whitely bay,fhs,one lady salon.
sonia lovely woman 20 years exp hairdresser,
foston hair systems
oxford st whitly bay
05-05-2013, 10:07 PM,
RE: Looking for advice on my first hair system

Just to be clear, 'graduated hairline' doesn't refer to the shape of the hairline, it refers to the density.
A graduated hairline replicated the growing pattern of a natural hairline and prevents there being a thick wall of hair across the hairline.

'Recession' or a 'recessed hairline' refers to the shape/contour.
There are standard front contours for hairpieces such as A, AA , C, CC etc.

I think getting the template perfect or exactly right on your first order is an impossible challenge and I'm still tweaking mine 20 years later.
Have you considered ordering an inexpensive stock piece that you could play around with because this will give you a much better idea of what can be achieved, more than drawn lines on your head ever could.

And also remember, if you choose your hairline based upon someone else's head shape and haircut, and not your own features, you do risk it looking like someone else's hair on your head.

PS. Please note that the contours are not standardised and some companies use the same letters to indicate different shapes to those illustrated here.

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05-06-2013, 06:12 AM,
RE: Looking for advice on my first hair system

>>I'm obsessed with my research in finding the perfect piece for me! One day i'm all about swiss lace, next i'm 100% thin skin. I've probably made about 10 templates so far and still not sure lol. <<

Don't make yourself crazy over perfection, many of us have been at this for years, and still not perfect. Skin vs lace, either one will be fine, and whatever you go with, you will probly stick with it for awhile because you will feel confident with it. Many of us lace wearers are very curious about skins, but in all honesty, we are a bit timid about change. Hersute is going to try a skin for the first time...I am waiting for his review as his concerns have mirrored my own, so I will value what he has to say.

>>As for making a template, I've read a lot of options on technique. I read in one that it's best to make it over lap your current natural hair because it'll be easier to blend in, especially with short hair styles.<<

I wouldn't overlap because you will feel a ridge of the unit over your hair.

>>But then I've read in multiple other threads that its best to make the template smaller to leave a gap so you can stretch the piece in order to get a snug fit.<<

Well some pieces are stretchy.. others not so much. I think it is good to match the size to your recession and not plan on stretching it.

>> I feel like the template is the biggest factor in wearing a hair piece and i'm worried about how I should make it.<<

I know making the template is daunting at first. Watch the videos, it really isn't as bad as we make it out to be. You have to realize it is hair, its movable and can be cut and styled. Its not a plaster cast on your head. Many people with temple recessions wear without temple flaps and do fine. Don't get too hung up on them first time around. It just adds complications to the template, reattaching, etc. You can style without them, and see if you want them in your next unit. You will be ordering a second piece within a month anyway. At that point, you may want to adjust the hairline, and add flaps if you think you need them.

At least the template is something you can control, its getting a system back from the factory the way you like it/according to specs which are generally more concerning.

Good luck!
05-06-2013, 07:03 AM,
RE: Looking for advice on my first hair system
Hey Hersute, I appreciate all your help with this man, I remember you from the other forum. I know I must sound like a newb and or broken record by now. I'm just trying to get it right ya know.

I've considered a stock piece however I was worried about the couture not fitting to my head properly. How does the fit compare to a custom piece once you cut the piece to the size of your template? Are custom pieces basically just stock pieces cut to fit your template (and made with more specific ventelation patterns and density?) For example: I saw a video of someone making a piece starting with the lace. To begin they used a foam mannequin to get the general shape of the head, then used a template to mark off and cut the right pattern then started to sew in the hair. I believe this was just someone making a wig at their house, but do you think that's the standard practice in the factory? Does the couture of your template not make that much of a difference, and its rally just a guide for the cut and how you want density/direction of hair? If that's the case I could probably just go with a stock piece. Cause I think I could cut it to my right size.

Thanks again for making diagram. My concern about the temple flap you drew in is that there is still natural hair there. I'm not sure my first picture illustrated that well, I think it got lost in the light. I've attached another pic with one of the previous templates I made on my head. I drew a white line down where I thought about making the next template extend to. If I were to add temples it would go over part of what is still pretty good hair. I also plan on having the sides very short. Do you think the flap would make short hair harder or easier to pull off. I totally respect your opinion and will go with temple flaps if you think they are necessary in my situation. Do you think with the new pic you would still go with the temple flaps? If possible could you illustrate it based off my current template? Thanks.

I think a graduated hairline is probably the way to go with my first piece. It seems that's the norm. At some point down the road I may want to try an non graduated just to see what it looks like though.

Thanks for adding the pics with the different shaped tapes. My current template is best reflected by the C one. It has a slight curve, not straight across.

Thanks again for everyone's help. I feel like I'm close to ordering my first piece!

Thanks wicky, I appreciate it. I know i'm over thinking this. I haven't though this much about my hair in years lol.

I guess I'm just having a hard time visualizing the system on my head and imagining the changes i'm making with the template and photoshop will ultimately look like on my head once its styled and all. I'm going to take one more crack at making a template today and hopefully order within a day or two. Figure i'll just take the plunge and stop worrying about it so much. I haven't done much but work and then research hair systems over the past couple weeks. I just want to order one and move on with my life lol.

Thanks for the advice on the overlap. I didn't like the sound of that idea to begin with. I plan on making the template as close to the natural hair as I can.

I have a feeling i'm going to try both lace and skin early on. Probably order lace first then skin for my second unit once I get an idea how it looks etc. After I can compare the two I'll stick with one or the other. I'd like to order them both at once but money plays an issue.

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