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Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
09-16-2012, 05:55 AM,
RE: Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
Ok I see how you 2 had loads of fun systematically attacking me! Did you get your laughs? Do you feel better about yourselves now? ANyways it is very apparent you have no concept of the way life cycles are determined.

This may be very difficult for you but follow along! Basically you have a brand new product... Are you still with me? Ok, good! That product is a day old and took approximately 12 months to develop... You still there, Have I lost you yet? Probably but lets continue! Ok so this product states it has a life cycle of 60 months!!! OH MY GOD!!! How has this happened? It just cant be! How did these pseudo engineers come to such a conclusion!!! How can a product thats been in existence for less then 12 months possibly have a life expectancy of 60 months? Yes it's true... they dont go into the future with a time machine but they do test the product in a similar fashion of it's intended use just way more rigorously!

I'm not going with tapes, only the top few glues and I only am going to test skin and very fine lace. I'm also testing the bases independently on my arm (without hair). I want to see how the bases react to conditions such as light sweat flexibility water etc. I already have someone sending me some blank lace and skin samples that I will be adhering to my arm on Monday when it gets here. Within a few days I will 100% know which one will be the least detectable. If they are both totally invisible I will know, If 1 is more visible then the other I will know, If one feels lighter then the other I will know!

Bottom line I'm not doing this for you! I am doing it for me and to answer my own questions! Although I am deeply sorry that you just cant stand what I'm doing, I will still continue and find the facts! I still have what appears to be a full head of hair and when I'm ready to wear a system I guarantee I will have all of my questions answered. I will know what the most undetectable and durable system is without having to experiment on my own head, since i'm not ready for that yet! Again I am truly sorry you find what I'm doing so useless.
09-16-2012, 07:03 AM,
RE: Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
Can you just tell me what happens if you find that a 1 inch poly skin piece is this most durable on your arm, but on your entire scalp it makes you sweat like a pig?
09-16-2012, 07:46 AM,
RE: Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
It's really not attacking, we are jokingly asking questions that are relevant & so far you've answered a few of the points raised-kudos to ya.
I managed to follow all your points, after reading twice, about a companies testing procedures, thanks for informing me of that. I honestly had no idea that was how r&d (is that the right acronym Mysterio?) was carried out.
That last part isn't strictly true, I work for Dyson Smile
Will you be wearing short sleeved shirts or a long sleeved top?
Which material?
Will you shave your arm hair first?
How will you be strength testing the bonds (i.e what will you use to pull/measure the 'hold' strength of the 1 inch pieces?)
Will the hair samples you are attaching to your knees be freestyle, with or without crown, parted etc?
Will you be wearing these lace/skin pieces to bed?
Name which glues you will be testing with?
What will you be using to clean up the lace/thin skin after the bond is lose?
Many thanks for your answers. Regards

*edit* Just read that you will also be able to tell which is lighter, a 1 inch square of lace or skin. You are super talented my friend, that's for sure Smile
09-16-2012, 08:21 AM,
RE: Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
Mysterio is really a good name for him Smile I don't understand the sense of this test! Smile Do you study in your first year or something and want to use what you've learned? I don't get it Smile.
09-16-2012, 04:57 PM,
RE: Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
To answer your sweat comment, I will put the bases on my inner arm where I have no hair growing. I will probably be using bigger patches on my arms, basically I will use what I can get. I welcome sweat, in fact I'm going to go jogging to intentionally induce sweat. I want to see how the bases react to sweat and how it feels on my arm while it's sweating.

Remember I have never wore or know what wearing feels like. The only instance I've had anything remotely similar on my skin has been a band aid. When I have a bandaid on my skin I can feel it and know it's there I can relate to it. I know what it feels like when wet, I can tell and feel the difference between a conventional band aid and those new liquid band aids. Basically If I do this test and can tell the difference between the 2 and also judge the appearance between the two I will feel like my time has been warranted.

For example.... Nothing in the following is factual just a hypothetical result. I conclude that super fine lace is a little more detectable but I honestly dont feel it on my skin. On the other hand the new super skin is 100% undetectable under every condition but it feels like I'm wearing a band aid! Or skin looks good but after sweating in it for 2 days it gets really funky. Or lace looks good but starts peeling off after sweating and taking a shower. Or skin looks good but after sweat and a shower it makes a "saran wrap" sound. <----- This is what I'm basically getting at with these tests. I want to evaluate the different materials and form opinions on them.

For the time being I will be wearing short sleeved shirts until the cold comes, and yes I will be wearing it to bed. As when I wear a piece I will be wearing it to bed, will not remove for the night. I'm still researching what glues I will be using. I already got 1 and will probably try 3 or 4 others. I'm not looking into testing every single glue I will use only the top ones mostly used here. I have no idea yet what I will be using for cleaning, maybe I will try a few different kinds so I can document which one does the best job!

I know this may seem very unorthodox to some but I know it will make me feel better about my decision of wearing. It will help me with my stage fright of wearing and I will be making a more informed decision as I will already be familiar with the materials and how they behave for the most part. Yes the tests will not determine with 100% accuracy how this stuff will perform on my head but I definitely feel it will be a good gauge on how things will work up above! I feel and hope these tests will carry over into the real world. If not I will come on here and say look i've done all these tests this is what I concluded but when I did this to my head I was totally wrong!
09-16-2012, 05:47 PM,
RE: Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
I have to admit Mysterio I quite like your last answer.

I'm always telling newbies there are no rules or 'right & wrongs' about wearing and they must do what feels right for them.

Thats exactly what you're doing, so I hope it helps you in some way.

Good Luck!
09-17-2012, 08:58 AM,
RE: Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
Yuhuh, it's all coming together now Smile
If it helps one to weigh up all the pros & cons then job done. I know I prefer lace above mono, which I was wearing up until recently Sad Not gone for the thin skin yet because am still new to lace I guess.
I've been wearing a french lace from a different company than TL for several months now and it's holding up really well. No obvious color fade or shedding, just the inevitable fraying a little bit on the perimeter. I also use 2 separate cut offs from my stock piece to fill in the top part/sides (negates the football shaped look), I guess some people incorporate temple flaps but I find it easier to tape a couple of inch square (ish) pieces rather than mess with fiddly bonding perfection.
I wear my hair down not showing edges really except a spiky front.
I use sunshine/stick it tape all the way round - It's a solid 7 day hold with simple clean up.
I rarely use product in my hair (maybe some loreal everpure leave in conditioner stuff), wash maybe once every 3 weeks and wear a cap when it's really sunny. Regards

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