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Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
09-12-2012, 11:17 AM,
Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
I want to conduct a test/experiment of the different laces/skins etc. I also want to test the different attachment methods.

Basically what I was thinking is getting 1 square inch patches of hair on different laces and skins. I place 1 square on each side on my knee caps. I choose the knee because it's a bone right under skin and I would say this is the closest to a skull/scalp.

For instance a superlace 1 inch square on the left knee and a super thin skin on the right knee. I will take super fine photo's and evaluate as days go by. We will see which glue holds the best and which base combination is the most undetectable, and lasts the longest.

I will shower with them and not shampoo. When we get the results of that I will start a new patch and shower them with shampoo and document the results with photographs and personal notes. I want this test to be super intensive not only for my personal knowledge as I'm not a wearer yet but to be informative for other members as well.

I want to do endurance tests that I test how many pounds of force it takes to pull off under different hot temperatures and what method fails first. I want to be as scientific as possible. My goal is going to be to determine strength of bond, Detectability, detectability as time goes by, Which one lasts longer. For example Super thin lace lasts only 1 month but it's super undetectable up to that point, as per thin skin lasts 2 months but is more detectable through those 2 months. The previous sentence was just a hypothetical.

If members of this forum are interested in me making this public please post input and suggestions. I would also need help for toplace if he can provide 1 inch square samples hopefully at a reduced price, as it would get really expensive hacking up $300 wigs!
09-13-2012, 12:35 AM,
RE: Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
Will you be wearing shorts or long trousers .ROFL dude, seriously, get a job or something. Regards
09-13-2012, 02:27 AM,
RE: Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
um... Yeah guy. Some people may think gluing hair on your head may be a little funny, why dont you shave your head and get a job?

Anyway if you honestly dont think this is pertinent I don't care, don't look at my thread. I rather do this the scientific way and know the answers for sure before I make my head the guinea pig. I'm not here to start a problem either so if this is too much for people I can keep this "study" private!
09-13-2012, 05:36 AM,
RE: Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
So which of the 20 or so tapes will you be starting with, or will you start with the 10 plus glues available? Some stay bonded for over a month...so you're looking at a study that will take years with hair stuck to your knees. I do hope for your sake your an internet troll playing a prank...otherwise, well, I worry for you. I'll now ignore your thread as you've asked. I'm still laughing though!! regards
09-13-2012, 12:18 PM,
RE: Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
Whilst I appreciate the sincerity of your proposed endeavour, all I can see in your plan are the pitfalls.
Yes the knee has a bone near the skin surface like the scalp, but there the similarity ends.
The skin on my knees is loose and wrinkles, unlike my scalp.
I have never known the front of my knee perspire, unlike my scalp.
My scalp is oily, my knees are dry.
My knee bends, my scalp doesn't.
Do you plan to apply hair wax, hairspray or gels to the 1 inch square of hair on your knee?

All this will & does affect the bond.

And like Matt said, we really need to know if you'll be wearing shorts or long trousers because the rubbing of the trouser leg on your knees will have to be taken in to serious consideration when interpreting your findings.
You could of course wear satin trousers and thus emulate the same friction one might get from a satin pillow case and this would be a more like-for-like study.
09-13-2012, 03:01 PM,
RE: Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
(lol) Hersute certainly raises some interesting, & I hope you'll agree Mysterio, pertinent questions. How do you respond to the above statements?
I really don't intend to be mean (moderators) to another human being, but c'mon, in all my years of reading books, newspapers and the internet I don't think I've ever read such a load of nonsensical rambling as this original post. I'm honestly flabbergasted that someone would consider such a....I can't even go on. I just feel dumbfounded. Ban me or warn me, whatever, this innocuous post on this one website (of millions) has made me despair of the human race (but not made me want to shave my head and get a (different) job though 'ner-ner'. Regards
09-13-2012, 08:21 PM,
RE: Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
On the contrary, whilst this proposal has absolutely no scientific basis, I DO think mysterio could get funding from a European Arts Commission.

He might have to be prepared to exhibit his knees at a few public spaces and it give it some spin & a commentary like 'through vanity, mankind has been brought to its knees, facing the sticky patches & adversity of life.'

A tank, some formaldehyde, the backing of Saatchi and this could be quite a sensation.
09-14-2012, 03:24 AM,
RE: Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
You've actually made me view it from a completely different perspective & you're absolutely right, as a conceptual art installation it would be a fantastic concept. All us wig wearers could perhaps travel to Mysterios chosen gallery where we could supply food & bonding materials, like a pilgrimage if you will. I suggest putting yourself in a glass box to maintain a constant temperature while allowing a slight breeze through to rustle the hair. Will you be using standard colors or should you include highlights? What about knot bleaching...that really affects shedding apparently (some say). So many variables to take into consideration-whats your age by the way? I can see you being in one place for a very, very long time.
Unfortunately the OP doesn't see the issues involved with his experimentation Hersute & will probably still forge ahead with his "hairious knee'us" (un) scientific investigation. Please don't make it private Mysterio, I would love to view the daily updates & I PROMISE I won't comment on a thing Smile Regards
09-14-2012, 10:43 PM,
RE: Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
I'm liking the pilgrimage concept.In fact I think it might be best to drop the 'art' angle and go 'religious'.

Mysterio (and his name already lends itself to this idea) could be set up in some sort of temple a bit like Ganesh, but maybe called Ga-knee-sh?

Bald people could come and rub his knees on the promise & prayer that it will restore their hair, as long as they make offerings of glues & tapes.

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09-15-2012, 12:51 AM,
RE: Survival of the fittest, The test of endurance
I really think this guy works for the Gov`t. How else to explain all this time and effort on something so useless!!!!

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