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stock unit
01-15-2012, 09:16 AM,
RE: stock unit

thx again paul!

Since John still got my template, I will go the custom route right from the start. So now, the last question is, which lace to choose. SFS or french lace with a SFS front.

Oh, and can you still make headers in a soccer game? I guess not...
01-15-2012, 11:01 AM,
RE: stock unit
French can be a bit coarser and less `fine`than Swiss.....there are varying views on the merits/ de-merits of both materials...depends on your lifestyle and what kind of way you`ll be wearing your hair...for exposed [swept-back] or spiked-up fronts, your main issue will be visibility ,so Swiss is best for that area.... Swiss is pretty robust generally -- I have heard of guys wearing Fullcaps made of it and it lasts just fine... I suppose for situations where you may be involved in things like `rough`activities, Swiss on the main part may not be strong enough to withstand a lot of abuse... I suppose if you go French with SFS front, you`ll be able to see/monitor how both materials `behave` and on your next order you can then decide what works best..... an all-Swiss system will last just like any other really, with proper care, but for activities like football, you`d probably need a bit of extra` strength`.....you may need to consider an all-over bond in view of that activity too..or at least have a line of strong glue or tape front-to-back to hold the lace down in the centre.... Hopefully your custom will be a good colour-match when you get it .....browns and blondes can be tricky as there are so many hues...... it may look `off`when it arrives new..give it a light shampooing once or twice over the next few days and before going for a cut-in ..that will remove and factory -residues including some of the colour, and help the hair to `settle`...makes for a more accurate cut-in too.
01-16-2012, 01:28 AM,
RE: stock unit
Thx Paul!

I will order Swiss Lace. I take a density of 60 %.


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