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stock unit
01-13-2012, 08:59 AM,
stock unit
i'm thinking about ordering a stock unit, because i dont want to wait.

i think 55-60 % density would be the best for me, but a stock unit has 65%. is there a possbility to lower it?

is french lace ok or is swiss lace much better, especially for the front?

what if the color doesn't match? i have a very special brown.

thx for your answer!

01-13-2012, 09:23 AM,
RE: stock unit
You don't want to wait for a custom made that will fit your requirements.
Therefore you'll have to make compromises.
Thats your choice.
01-13-2012, 10:45 AM,
RE: stock unit
Yuhuh, a stock comes 'as is' of a shelf, it's then up to the individual/salon or hairdresser to thin it out or change the color etc, if you wanna go down that route-plenty of posts & threads regarding that! That's the compromise you make for a speedy piece! Regards
01-14-2012, 12:42 AM,
RE: stock unit
ok, thank you for your answers, guys!

I will think about it again.

But what is, if the piece has the wrong color? that can happen anyway.

01-14-2012, 02:11 AM,
RE: stock unit
Andy...if you open the homepage [ I assume you already have before now] and click on the blue triangle down bottom-right where it say`s `` order now, stock units`` , you`ll see the specs. available in stock.... yes, you can thin any [lace] system easily before you apply knot-sealer ...best way to do it is with a hair-removal cream dabbed onto the knots .... proceed slowly....here`s a link which is informative: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPULkcyVD2Y
In relation to the colour....browns and blondes can be trickier due to there being so many hues..the match is usually better/best with a custom-made system because of the hair sample submitted with the order, but it can still be `off` sometimes.
Your best bet is to try to get the system as near as possible to your growing hair colour [ obviously] or next best bet / idea is to have the system a shade darker and simply colour your growing hair to match...it`s usually simpler to colour your growing hair than start `messing`about with a system as a newbie and the risk on top of it, of staining your lace base. The system hair will `lighten` from oxidation over time and the `added`colour on your growing hair will lighten too from repeated washings and oxidation too..... if you go the other way [assuming you actually may not get an exact match] and order a system that`s very light compared to your growing hair, it can be more problematic to use colouring products on a new system....you have enough things to get used to as a new wearer without getting involved with colours on day one.... even if you are `wary`of colouring your growing hair, you can easily get a stylist to bring it down a `step`[darker] for you and nothing extraordinary about that.. i.e. there`d be no `raised eyebrows` ..you don`t have to tell them you intend wearing or anything like that...just simply that you want your hair to look just a LITTLE deeper/darker. Just a few suggestions. Cheers.
01-14-2012, 10:40 AM,
RE: stock unit
hi paul,

thank you! your answer was very helpful!

the problem is, that when I let my hair be coloured, I have to do it from time to time again. and then I already wear the hair system.

I think best is, i look and learn how to colour a system.

or i just get a full cap. is it much more work to handle a full cap?
01-14-2012, 10:58 AM,
RE: stock unit
You're original post mentioned you want a stock unit because of not wanting to wait on a custom order...fullcaps don't come as stock, so you'd have to wait anyways. In that case an option of topper of fullcap would take the same time to get to ya! Regards

Oooh, just noticed the stock pieces now come in lighter colors-like I mentioned they should a while back. I know where my next piece is coming from now. TopJob TopLace Smile
01-14-2012, 07:58 PM,
RE: stock unit
Hi again Andy --- I wasn`t clear enough on my last post .... what I meant was, take a sample of your own hair for colour-matching purposes, do a template and order your custom....meanwhile, do as I suggested above...... if you think the stock colour may not exactly match your hair [ and it may well be a bit off--is hard to see a colour properly until it`s actually in front of you on the table !] you can temporarily darken/deepen your own with far less hassle than `going at` your system...as I said, even if you`re wary of colouring your own, just pop in to a stylist and they`ll do it for you --no fuss. You shouldn`t have colouring as an on-going issue once your custom/s arrive, as it/they should be accurately-matched from the sample you sent in. It will/would be far more straightforward to simply darken your own hair rather than `messing`with a new stock .... you might get an exact match with your stock, but it can be hard to judge a colour precisely from a picture...seeing it in reality in good natural light is best...the pics of the stocks are as good as you`ll get --just saying that you have to allow for variances and if it were me considering one like you are, I`d get my stock to the nearest colour as I could , but erring on the SLIGHTLY darker shade....then just darken my own down to match if it needs it. You`d be surprised at how quickly colour can lighten-up after a few washes and sun-exposure etc....so even with the stock, you may not need to re-colour your hair to match... a bit of oxidation may very well result in a `softening`of any colour-difference after a while...... obviously you take your hair sample NOW to go with your custom order..... then, go for a stock as I suggested... it`ll be far less hassle to add a bit of colour to your own hair rather than going at a system as a total newbie. Hope that helps.
01-15-2012, 02:38 AM,
RE: stock unit
Thank you!

what would you recommend at a density of about 60 %: swiss lace or french lace with a swiss lace front?

When I get the unit, I have to get a cut in at a salon, right? What's then with my second unit, do I have to let it be cut at a salon again?

01-15-2012, 02:59 AM,
RE: stock unit
Stocks are `standard`..the specifications are shown on that `stock ordering `page....medium density is standard on them as is the base-material [all- French lace OR all- skin] .... all systems whether stock or custom, will have to be cut-in by a stylist--stock hair- length is 6-inches, but on a custom, you can order what length you require... it`s always preferable to have it done while it`s sitting [bonded] to your head in a stylist`s salon....if you can`t find a stylist in/near your area who`ll oblige, you can have the system [stock or custom] sent to Debbie for a `remote`cut in..... you can liaise with Debbie through her site/ e-mail on what you require [pics of yourself/head and style you`d like will help her greatly] I think she charges about 40$ or so .... have a look at her site [ services link] for full information.
http://splitendshairreplacement.com/ but as I said [and Debbie also say`s it] not everyone will find that `remote` cut-in suitable--many `ordinary` stylists will be happy enough to `tweak` a system in terms of blending/thinning where the hair joins/meets your growing hair, provided the ``Heavy-work`` has already been done, as in having it styled remotely by a professional like Debbie....If you choose to have a remote styling done,you should measure your bald/thin area front-to-back and side-to-side to get an approximate measurement...stocks are 8 x10 inches ....if it needs to be `cut-down`[the base] Debbie can do that too....be aware that a stock may not fit snugly around the perimeter due to the contour/shape of your individual head...as stated--stocks are a `standard`size/shape--- you may find some `uneven` or `bunched-up` bits on the perimeter.....some guys get a great fit with stocks, others not as good ...custom is best in those cases, but sure, stocks are good to `tide you over`if you`re in a hurry ..just don`t expect the same high standard as custom, in terms of fit, but you may also be pleasantly surprised and find it fits like a glove, but generally, they are a middle -of-the-road solution.
All systems are just made at the factory.....styling and cut-in`s are a matter for the wearer to arrange.

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