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Couple questions about freestyle
12-02-2011, 08:40 AM,
RE: Couple questions about freestyle
that seems more like 80% to me.. but paul would know better. I just got a 65% system and it was too light. Im going for 70% on my next one with 75% on top and i dont have as much hair on top as you do. maybe go with 75% and if its too little go with 80 on ur next
12-02-2011, 09:38 AM,
RE: Couple questions about freestyle
It`s hard to give an exact density-figure which you can say `yeah..that`ll definitely be spot-on`` .... I agree with elvis that it looks like your hair would be equal to 80% on a system ..my fear would be it might be just that little bit too thick if you go to 80% ..Toplace densities are higher than some other suppliers as follows: TL. 75% = 100% Non-TL. TL.80%=105% Non-TL.TL 85% = 110% Non-TL........ so, I`d be wary of going too high or it can look like a mop!
Also we are all to an extent at the `mercy`of individual ventilators...not every one of them gets a certain density bang-on ---even when sitting next to one another ..... there will always be a `margin` of difference from one system to another.....sometimes a system can really really please you in every way, other times it can be a little `off`in terms of density and you have to compromise a bit....all part of this game.I meant to say too..your hair looks pretty straight [not much curl to it] so it might be worth only getting a very `light`wave in your system.... but John will steer your order for you.
Alan20... do send a few pics to John --especially your sides non combed-over, because in your 2 pic there ,as it`s hard to see the `true` present density..... the only thing is if it`s a bit on the high side when it`s delivered, you can thin it easily enough, but when it`s a lot thinner than you`d like,or should have ordered, it may mean it would have to be sent back to have more hair added to it, leaving you waiting a further period before you can begin wearing. Definitely though, it looks like you can get away with a high-ish density ..it`s a bit of a tight-rope act on your first system, but John will tweak it once you send in your template ...... the main thing is get a decent template made [don`t forget to mark `Front`and `Back`on it in permanent marker] Try as far as possible to re-create/follow the `line`of your original hair at the front and temples. A pic of you when you had all your own hair would be of great help too. Hope it all goes well and you`ll soon be in this club ! Cheers for now... Paul.

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