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Why the emphasis on the hairline?
07-24-2011, 06:20 AM,
RE: Why the emphasis on the hairline?
I happen to be lucky in that I can wear a comb down style and it looks good on me (and totally natural). In fact, that's how I used to wear my hair. Fortunately my face hasn't changed a whole lot in 18 years (too bad I can't say the same thing for my follicles!).I was recently looking at a pic of me when I was 18 (high school senior pic) and you could not see my hairline at all. Just a simple, casual hair cut that fell forward with maybe a slight left-to-right direction just to give it some life (in other words, not straight down like Jim Carey in Dumb & Dumber lol). I never used a lot of product either, none or just at tiny amount of hairspray. With pieces, however, I am realizing that I need to have something that gives it a slightly wet look for two reasons: 1) dry hairpieces look a little wiggy to me, even lower density ones. 2) At the gym I need my whole head to look like it's sweating, not just sides/back. Smile Any product recommendations for having a wet look?

I realize not everyone looks good with a comb down cut. I think it depends on the face. If you have a young looking face I think it works well.

That said, I do want my hairline to look decent enough that if it does get exposed unexpectedly that it won't throw anyone off. This is why I will never do a skin front. There is such an obvious line.

For people with faces that look fine with a combed down look, I think it's great that you don't have to be that obsessed with the hairline. To me, density and color match are way more important. This is what busts people. Thick hair on top, super thin hair on sides. Or color. Make sure those match and it doesn't matter what style you got, it'll look natural. I won't wear hair more than 50-55% density for this reason. Me poor natural hair is getting so thin.

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