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Why the emphasis on the hairline? - Justin Tyme - 07-13-2011

Funny thing is, hair system wearers seem obsessed with wearing a piece with a great hairline.

They go out of their way to comb their hair back. Yet I know quite a lot of people with their own hair, who don't show their hairline. I rarely see a man with his own hair combed back, or the hairline exposed.

So I wonder why hair replacement companies go out of their way to sell us, the 'great hairline'.

I'm a full cap wearer who doesn't show the hairline.

RE: Why the emphasis on the hairline? - Justin Tyme - 07-13-2011

(07-13-2011, 10:51 AM)timguyperson Wrote: Good point.

But I've found that a really bad hairline screws up even styles where you don't expose the hairline. The hairs on the front of the stock pieces from toplace stick straight down flat with your scalp, so unless you want to gel the rest of your hair flat down to your scalp, you end up with some hairs toward the front naturally falling over your forehead, while the ones at the very front stick down flat with your forehead.

So a semi-decent hairline is necessary no matter the style. I hope I get an okay hairline on my new custom piece, I'm sick of all the trouble I've been having with these stock pieces.

Yes you're right, a fairly decent hairline helps. But there is no need to specifically choose a hairstyle that exposes the hairline. There is no need to shove the hairline in people's faces. Smile

RE: Why the emphasis on the hairline? - LTB - 07-13-2011

What you have to remember is that even with hairstyles that cover the hairline,from time to time whether through wind,swimming or running your fingers through your hair etc... your hairline does get exposed.
If you had a hairline that looked off or strange then people could notice something off,so why take that chance really?
After all we are all trying to achieve the ultimate in undetectability.
A natural hairline does give you that extra confidence,especially in circumstances where it could be exposed, so i would always recommend a good natural hairline, whether your style dictates covers the hairline or not.

RE: Why the emphasis on the hairline? - Mr.Hair - 07-15-2011

we or at least me like to show my hairline ... I don like comb forward style... does not look good on me

RE: Why the emphasis on the hairline? - Xeon005 - 07-19-2011

Well. I don't always show my hairline, but I guess hairlines are emphasized because its what people see when they look at u, and if ur hairline looks very real, it brings a level of realism to your hair system.. So people want to take advantage of that. there are a lot of popular hair styles that show hairline as well. People don't want to be stuck having to wear combdown styles all the time. for me personally i mix it up. i show a little hairline and sometimes i wear my hair down. Not exposing the hairline tho is cool when u have a system that u don't fully trust it.. Maybe a thicker skin system etc.

RE: Why the emphasis on the hairline? - Hersute - 07-19-2011

Its all about confidence.
If you know that you have a good attachment and a good hairline, whether its shown or not, you feel more confident when wearing and confidence is the best way to go undetected.
If everything is as good as it can be, then you're ready for anything, even the unexpected.

RE: Why the emphasis on the hairline? - antywanty - 07-20-2011

yupp umm, i expose my hairline,9 months into the game,
sometimes i get it wrong, take this morn,did a full de bond, blahh blahh.
did the bond , and dam edges lifted straight up,so took of white glue,cleaned hairline scalp, lace.dried with warm/cool hairdryer,re applied orwg,but left on for five mins,with assist from hairdryer, blasts of short warm/cool shots.(normally leave for 20mins)
but the hairdryer speeds up drying tme.
after 5 mins tried layng lace again, hold was , is megga rock hard bond.
even i cant see the lace when i look, no gridd in diff lighting conditions.
so im not perect(prettyclose to it lol)but when it goes wrong i can fix it.
anty Smile

RE: Why the emphasis on the hairline? - antywanty - 07-20-2011

one, never needed anymore.
i time it ,write down start end time,(wrist - watch)
around 16, mins.
offcourse you can speed up drying time with a hairdryer.
well im saying speed up ,just to make sure at the end of the time you could give the scalp a few blasts with the hairdryer, warm/cool
having seid that i did a touch up on my hairline and for the first time
i reduced the bonding time to 5 mins,and facilitated drying time with a hairdryer, bonded rock solid.
so its still a learning game.

just what my hairdresser taught me.
and great advice from toplace forum.

RE: Why the emphasis on the hairline? - antywanty - 07-21-2011

just a thin layer, having stated that, thin is open to individuals perception of thin, lol
front hairline is sfsl, and i have to say id have it again i love it.
many times i suprise myself, i'll do a touch up and iv got to feel for the lace because i cant see it.
and i mean cant see it, yeah you sometimes can see a vauge gridd in certain lighting, but on other occasions zilch. nadda nothing.

iv never had french lace,more isint allways better,(glue)
regards french lace just do a search on the forum.
and the old advice is i suppose try other glues.
yupp you can expose the hairline, and with fantastic results, youve seen the photos on top lace.
where all capable of acheiving ,*
*hold, bonding times are dependent on individual body chemistry, phisical activity,
scalp oil release, sweat release,

cheers antySmile

RE: Why the emphasis on the hairline? - Mr.Hair - 07-22-2011

Anty, is orwg shiny? I use ultra hold but due to the shine I can not fully expose my hairline.