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Making a new crown on a piece
01-19-2011, 06:49 PM,
RE: Making a new crown on a piece
Hi Snell,

I think you are most likely over thinking the system. I actually did the same thing when I first got it, and you've seen my pics and read how happy I am now. First I got it, looked at it and wondered how it was going to look right when cut and put on my head. Then the stylist I went to put it on and I wondered if it was too low on my forehead. Once I realized I was just thinking that because of my actual recession I stopped thinking that. Then last I thought it may be too dark. Again, I realized how much lighter my hair seemed to me on the top due to thinning and me being used to a shaved head, so I looked at pics of me from a few years ago with hair and it was the same color.

My point in explaining all of this with myself is that I think what you are thinking and worrying about is normal. This is something new and you have to get used to having a full head of hair again. The crown may or may not be further forward than yours is naturally, but that also doesn't mean this doesn't look natural. Think about it; you see people all day long with their crown in various places, and some that don't even have one.

You just need to get used to yourself with your new hair and see that no one can tell. It'll look great. I just spent my first weekend with a full head of hair in YEARS. And no one questioned it. Anyone that mentioned hair just said how great I looked with hair or when not wearing a hat and tried to make me promise not to cut it off again. LOL. By the way, I've been bonded a week now and it still looks great.

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