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Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
01-06-2011, 06:27 AM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
That`s it exactly Johnny... a really good attitude to the whole thing..... you`d be amazed at the difference wearing makes to your overall appearance... really makes a person look more youthful, no matter what age you are... and yep, the start can be a bit of a `discomfort` as you put it, but it`s well -worth it. I see the new home-page pics have just been posted of Colin ...... just bears out my assertion as to the `` before and after`` effect of a system.
You`ll really feel so good about yourself when you first wear ..it`s really a delight [or should be] and with a Toplace system you should have very few issues anyway.....cheers, Paul.
01-06-2011, 05:39 PM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
hey paul
with your advice i went to http://www.splitendshairreplacement.com/ and myself a new shopping list for newbe - here it is:
Ultra Hold 3.4 oz Bottle -
Ghost Bond -
Super Tape (Low Profile) 3 Yd Roll X 6 (for 6 months) -
Lace Release X 2 -
Pure Glue Melter -
Re-Align -
Glue Application Wedges -

i think the only thing that is missing is the remysoft and the Knot-sealer that i can't find in the site , can you help me and point out the Knot-sealer.

it's less than the original shopping list i made in hair direct so i'm not sure if it's o.k
by the way is the Re-Align is the same has the ProTouch Adjust A Bond ?(http://www.hairdirect.com/store/Protouch...d-4Oz.aspx)
01-06-2011, 09:30 PM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
Hi James341.. the knot sealer is there under `Accessories`. The glues are listed first, then Tapes, then Accessories..you`ll find the knot sealer there. Yes, Re-align is the same thing...helps to re-adjust if you`ve gone `` off`` a bit.... I`d really advise you get a roll of `` Sensi tac`` tape [red roll] and a bottle of a medium-strength glue ..... you might want to try a short-term bond at times .....ultrahold and ghost bond are THE strongest glues available. The Sensitac can be helpful ig/when going for a cut-in locally as you`ll only need to hold the system on while being styled.....it`s easily removed afterwards and you can then proceed with your `` permanent`` bond when you get home.
Now Debbie doesn`t supply Remysoft..... it`s at http://www.remysofthair.com.... you don`t HAVE to buy it [I used L`oreal shampoo/conditioner for coloured hair for quite a while successfully] and I am relatively new in my use of it..I did a post/thread on it a little while back if you look down the page, JRob was involved in producing it specifically for system hair... I find it good..yes a little `Pricey`if you include the standard shipping charge, but it IS a good 3-step system to have for keeping your hair looking great. Another GREAT product for glue removal is anything containing citrus....just Google ``Hair system glue remover`` and click on the first link...down the page are yellow bottles of Citrus-based glue melters ---I believe though that there can be restrictions on what sized bottles can be air-freighted as the liquid is flammable. Regards for now .. Paul.
01-06-2011, 10:35 PM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
Is there any good alternatives for the remysoft in Debbie store? Or in pharmacy store?
I want to get the same affect on the hair and I want to keep it in good condition.
Also what is your advise on the umber of times of using the remysoft or other product?
01-06-2011, 10:45 PM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
I can`t comment on Debbie`s maintenance products , but as you can see ,she does sell them....why not just order the lot from her for your first order ? The problem with shampoos you buy in shops is that many contain sulfates [spelled `Sulphates` in this part of the world !! ] which are not kind to system hair..... I used the Remysoft for a few reasons..I must say I`m really pleased with them, and they DO leave the hair in a lovely condition.... you`ll have to decide on frequency of washing etc. depending on your own individual needs/how it looks over time etc. I find using too many things like Gels etc leads to build-up and hair looking lifeless....then you have to shampoo.... nothing wrong with shampoo as such, but personally I like to use leave-in conditioners more frequently than shampoo...that`s just me though ! Paul.
01-07-2011, 05:39 AM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
Again - thanks
By the way the system from toplace come ready to put on or I need to do something?
I hope this is my last qustion ....Smile
01-07-2011, 05:51 AM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
Hi.. again... who is doing the styling for you?? Locally or sending it to Debbie ?
01-07-2011, 06:24 AM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
I am not sure...
Can you tell me about Debbie ... I didn't know I need to send it
Its not only hair cut? Can I send it to her with photo of the style I want?
How much it cost for short style?
01-07-2011, 06:32 AM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
You don`t ``Need`` to send it to her--it`s your choice ..look at her site..all the links/information you need, including cost of her styling service are there [click on the `Services`link at the top of her homepage ]... you can find a stylist in your own locality if you prefer. If you wish to use her, you could arrange for John to send it directly to her once it arrives from the factory...she can do the styling for you and dispatch it back to you along with your products etc.. will save time and money on postage. It`s entirely up to you. If you are not having Debbie to style it for you, you will need to trim off a few millimeters of lace at the front hairline ..... I`ve posted pics of it a few months ago... just go down through the forum and you`ll find them. It`s not a major issue anyway. Paul.
01-07-2011, 06:57 AM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
ok i think i'm ready to sent the template to toplace
if i want it to be in free style do i need to make this step? :

[Image: 3t.gif]
[Image: 4t.gif]

i'm not sure what to put there
also i understand i need to send with the template a hair sample and the order form
there's a lot of things i'm not sure about them in the form :

Customers Info:
1. Regular Order/Rush Order - what is the different in the price and time?
Base Material: understood

Hair Length Desired: if i send it to debbie with photo do i need to put there something ?

Hair Density: understood

Wave and Curl: understood

Additional Instructions: here i ask to send it to debbie for style?

Paul - thanks a lot

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