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Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
01-05-2011, 06:51 AM,
Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
so today i will make my fist toplace order and i'm very happy
so after the system i found that i want i came to the point to buy all the accessories , so i went to the hair direct site (only for the accessories Smile) and made this shopping list - please remember this is my first time and i need to "open" up a saloon in my home for .
so please let me know if it's ok or too much....(it's with the price in the store)

ProTouch Adjust A Bond 4oz - 6.95
Davlyn Skin Protector & Scalp Prep 1.4oz - 6.2
Exfoliation Cleansing Mitt - 1.5
ProTouch Adhesive Remover 16oz - 8.49
Red Liner Big Core 3/4"x36 Yard Tape Roll - 21.88
High Definition Bond 1/2oz - 7.5
pro hair labs ghost bond 2.3 - 35
walker ultra hold 3.4 - 24.94
supertape law profile 3/4X36 - 51.88
Lace Release spray 4oz - 5.9
ProTouch Conditioner Spray On Leave In 16oz - 7.49
ProTouch Deep Cleaning Shampoo 16oz - 7.49
Top Sol Adhesive Solvent 4oz - 3.7
styro full head - 10
remysoft - 59.45

01-05-2011, 07:45 AM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
Are you buying all these on line ? I assume so.... if you are buying the Remysoft 3-step care system, you will not need a second shampoo [no point] as I see you have ``protouch deep cleaning shampoo`` listed. I`d get two bottles of `lace-release`..it won`t go to waste. I really wouldn`t worry about things like exfoliation mitt [though it`s cheap anyway ] ..what you need really are maybe 2 differing strength glues [ just to see which you `get on`better with ] and the same for tape..2 different strengths ... you have an Adhesive remover listed at line 4, then you have Adhesive solvent listed near the bottom--are you duplicating ?
Basically a good glue - solvent, lace -release, 2 choices of tapes and glue [ just so you can `experiment`] a good leave-in conditioner, the styro head will be helpful to sit your system on, while you attend to it or leave it on overnight,and the` Remysoft `system will be excellent. I guess when a wearer decides to `go it alone` they need to initially order in a good stock of various products....the initial outlay can seem high, but you`ll find they usually last quite a long time.... it`s not like they`ll be gone in a week or anything... might be an idea to get a roll of much `weaker` tape too ....you might want to experiment with a more frequent de-bond at times and it`s much easier to do this with a `weaker`tape... `` Sensitac`` is a good one..it`s a red roll....Debbie`s site has a good description alongside each one. Also, if you intend to sleep with your system bonded on, get Satin or silk pillow slips.....cotton can and does leach moisture from system hair, and lead to premature shedding and the hairs can get snagged in the cotton fibers ..worth bearing in mind too.. regards,Paul.
01-05-2011, 07:35 PM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
just to make life easier i want to take a moment and ask the steps in every phase we need to do:

1. first time handling the system when it arrive :

o.k so i understand that this is the step i need to do to put the system on my head :
a. put the system on the styro and put Red Liner or supertape on the poly (sides and back) (i want to buy the system with the lace and the poly).
b. put glue like ultra hold on the red liner or on the supertape (do we need to use both glue and tape together for 1 or 2 weeks hold?)
c. shave my head
d. put glue like ultra hold on my head - sides and back.
e. wait like 15 minuets to glue to dry
f. put the system on my head start on the back until the front.
g. mark the front hair line.
h. put special lace glue or use the ultra hold glue in the front hair line
i. wait again to the glue to dry
j. put the front lace on the front hair line.

2. to take it off:

a. use special Lace Release spray to release the lace in the front.
b. use ProTouch Adhesive Remover to remove the poly from the head

3. clean the head:

a. clean the rest of the glue from the head - what can we use?
b. shave the hair form the head

4. clean the system from glue
o.k this is the steps i'm not sure

a. take the red liner of from the system.
b. clean the lace glue from the system - what can we use?

5. clean the system

a. put the system in the shampoo and conditioner - who much time? and what do you recommend ?

did i forgot something?
01-05-2011, 10:19 PM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
Hi again james341....very important [nearly forgot ! ]..order a bottle of Knot-sealer which you apply sparingly to the underside of your system...... read through the ``Info links for newbies`` thread at the top of the forum page there, posted by Snipe..there are video tutorials/pics etc.
Also search the forum for `` The mirror slide`` which is a technique for easily removing glue residue from your lace system. I only do a very `light`bonding as you know, so I can`t be more specific on what works best for a much longer bond--- can any other wearers give a little advice here please ???? I know some apply tape to the `inner`part of the poly and use glue on the last 3 or 4 millimeters ....in other words right at the perimeter edge as the tape can be more `bulky` [and therefore more detectable to the touch] than glue.... when you are de-bonding [in your case as opposed to the way I do it] release the lace front carefully, then gradually peel back the poly on one side while working / spraying lace -release onto / just on the inside of the poly .... usually the glue solvents are more handy for cleaning the actual scalp residue..... you must remember that after a week or ten days of wear, the bond will not be as strong as on day 1 so the system will come off a lot easier.... the instructions for treating the system is on the Remysoft bottles... I usually get a basin of luke-warm water, sit the system into it , lift it clear and gently put little dollops of shampoo onto one hand, and gently knead it into the hair around the perimeter, then move into the centre, I use my [round-tipped nylon ] brush, and comb the shampoo through..... allow to rest for 2 or 3 mins. then immerse in the water, empty the basin and I run the tap [faucet] with lukewarm water and allow to flow through the base and down the hair shaft..i.e. the system is upside down allowing water to rinse the hair..... I gently squeeze the excess water off, and again, apply conditioner through the hair, brushing it through, and I leave it `sit`for 5 minutes or so. Again, gently rinse, then sit it on a nice fluffy towel, and blot it dry --don`t knead or pull at the hair ... you can the apply the Bluemax sealer in the blue bottle..just apply to the finger tips and `draw `it down the hairs from the base to the tips.... locks in moisture and gives a lovely shine too ! Remysoft smells great too.
Every wearer has their own little ways of doing things...you might find it easier to apply your tapes [ do a few short strips rather than one big long strip] to the poly, leaving the backing strip on it.....position the system on your head, making sure your front hairline is correct...then check it`s not sitting to one side or the other... then lift the perimeter and peel off the backing from one [short] strip ...just behind where the lace meets the poly at the temple area.... do the same on the other side....now you have a basic `hold` which will prevent the system moving/slipping about on your head.....you can use an eyebrow pencil to mark your font hairline [just a few light dots will do] and apply your glue just at the line or even barely in front of it [ you can use a cotton wool pad with a little solvent, to wipe off any excess once you have your lace adhered in place] Use an artist paint-brush to apply glue. You can work your way around the perimeter then, gradually applying glue... I paint it directly onto the poly ....allow it to go clear, then press onto the skin....you can put a layer onto the skin too, but I find it can tend to get into your growing hair and be messy... I often just apply two layers to the poly only--it`s easy if you just secure the poly at the temple area with two short strips of tape, then fold the system forward onto your head from the back/nape area...work your way around the poly, applying glue ---use a large mirror to see. I`ve probably made it sound really tricky---it`s not. Just position it properly, use two `holding points` [ temple area] then fold it up and apply glue.... work from the temples back about half way on each side, then bond those, then finish off the remainder around to the back... you`ll give yourself a lot of work/problems really as a first time self-bonder, by applying a load of glue to your head, then trying to sit your system on and trying to get it in position.. just sit the system on , take your time, get the position right, then start your bonding..... just secure two points as I said, and you can work away at your own leisure without the hassle of it being ``off`` position-wise, glue setting, and you trying to release it again etc.. it can be scary for a newbie.... give yourself plenty of time, take it easy and step by step.... are you getting it styled locally or from Debbie ? If local, don`t even attempt the glue..just use a few strips of tape to hold it, even at the front...you can do your own `permanent`bond at home later once you`re happy with your cut-in.. Paul.
01-06-2011, 12:43 AM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
Thanks again
Can I buy all the stuf I need in the link you sent me?
Because from one hand in the hair direct you have moe option and in other hand the shipping to Israel cost 60$ , I found that in your link store the shipping cost 17$
01-06-2011, 01:08 AM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
Yeah some of the shipping costs can add considerably to your initial start-up costs....I`ve found Debbie`s site quite reasonable for shipping charges. The Remysoft is a standard worldwide shipping charge... I bought 2 `systems` [Remysoft] as it was more economic ..the shipping charge was the same for 6 bottles as it would have been for 3 bottles. I haven`t looked at the Hair-direct site.. I`ll do it later on, just for my own knowledge and to keep up-to-date with sites, so I cannot comment of their charges etc. Have a look at Debbie`s site anyway, before you make your choice. You asked in your previous post about shaving your thin area... just sit the system onto your head and when happy with the position, just mark your perimeter with a black eyebrow pencil.... remove the system, and shave away ! Paul.
p.s.-- while the initial costs can seem high, just look at how much you`ll save over what you`ve been paying to a salon for shoddy pieces etc.
01-06-2011, 05:16 AM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
Good info for everyone here. What I just decided to do was have the system sent directly to Debbie, which is happening today, then she is going to do the cut in and also send me the products with cut system. That way its all coming together. What I decided to do was buy a stock system now and then order a custom from the factory as well. Looks like it should be to me by this Friday or Saturday. I'll post some pictures for you guys of before and after shots. Thanks again for the good info.
01-06-2011, 05:47 AM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
This is a great thread!

For us new to this process, having some form of step by step instructions is a really good way to ensure I don't miss a step.
01-06-2011, 05:51 AM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
Hi Biltmore602.... that`s good-thinking there.... literally `` kill two birds with one stone``..... actually I remember doing that at the start too when I wasn`t sure about trimming the excess lace at the front.. Debbie did it and sent the products too... I can totally identify with all the fears and doubts novice wearers have ... it`s can make you apprehensive..your `demons`take over ...banish them !! There`s nothing to fear and you`ll soon get into the swing of it..... all the myths and rubbish you`ll have been told by those `places`out to make mega-bucks, is rubbish. Wearing is simple once you put a little planning into it at the start...with a few simple things like a good template, hair-sample, and the correct ventilation to fit in with your remaining hair, and a nice style-in, the rest is pretty much `routine`..... I really wish you every good wish with it ..do bear in mind the stock system possibly won`t be as `snug`a fit as your custom...but they are fine while you`re waiting, and can ease you into the wearing game..by the time your custom is delivered, you`ll have acquired new skills and can put them to great effect..some wearers happen to find them great fit-wise, but heads come in all shapes and size, and the stock systems are a bit more limited in that respect, but the quality of hair and base materials are still top-class...... I`ll look forward to hearing your results/seeing your pics... best of luck !! Paul.
[ Hi FreshHair--just saw your post there....glad you can `follow`me on the positioning/bonding there ,as I thought I might be making it too complex---- check out some of the videos on `Youtube`` too]
01-06-2011, 06:03 AM,
RE: Shopping list for new costumer - what do you say?
True Paul. Although I guess in many regards I am different than most users its seems when it comes to 'fears'. I actually have not fears or anxieties about this whatsoever. I know there are trials and errors I'll go through, but don't mind that at all. I'm more excited at the prospect of having a full head of hair again.

A proper analogy to me is like someone going to the gym when they are out of shape.... you'll go through a little discomfort at first but the end results are drastically better than where you started, so why be afraid? Be excited! Only way to live in my opinion.

The way I look at it, the people here are being pro-active about their problems and thats a good thing. You can't live life looking in the rear-view mirror the whole time. Smile

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