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Same as Waxworks but 1/4th the price.
11-25-2008, 09:41 AM,
Re: Same as Waxworks but 1/4th the price.
jazzy Wrote:To add to JRob's comments - do get some Blue Max... revistilised my old system and can only do wonders for new ones.

Sometimes I just damp dry my hair, put some Blue Max and I'm good to go... add a little wax/whatever to add texture to the ends...

I'm telling you.....the REAL secret is to use one drop WITH wax or gel. When you mix the two and apply it to the hair it makes the serum even more effective. Mix it WITH the hair product before you apply to the hair.
11-25-2008, 12:49 PM,
Re: Same as Waxworks but 1/4th the price.
yeah your exactly right jrob. I mean, i tried the generic one first a long time ago. but i wasnt used to it, I was mostly used to gel, and i remember it being more clear. I felt it was too greasy, and returned it. but then after i bought waxworks the official one to give it another try. I got used to it, and ended up liking it. Now i went back again and tried the generic, and I dunno. If there is a difference, so far i cant really tell. it makes the hair glossy, without being stiff. The waxworks is similar to a pomade type thing.

I think another product that people out there might enjoy is the texture cream from american crew. Again, its on the expensive side i feel, but for those who dont care about spending money, it leaves the hair very soft and doesnt have such a dramatic shine as waxworks. It also makes your hair feel less greasy then waxworks. I think some might enjoy it for light control and a natural shine.
11-25-2008, 02:48 PM,
Re: Same as Waxworks but 1/4th the price.

Email me your mailing address to <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -->.

I'm going to send you a sample of Blue Max CCS along with a sample of a cheap Fructis wax that has a nice texture but tends to dry the hair. I want you to try the wax by itself, then try the wax (and any other styling products you wish) with ONE DROP of the CCS, and post the results.

I will do this for a few other people as well, but I am running low on sample containers so I will probably only be able to do this for the first 6 or so people who are interested.

Any other hair product fans out there shoot me an email. I really want people to try this trick because it works like a charm and once you see for yourself you won't ever have to worry about being limited to two or three different styling products.

It won't cost you a penny. I will pay the postage if you are in the US.

Anyone else interested in seeing this work?
11-25-2008, 06:31 PM,
Re: Same as Waxworks but 1/4th the price.
Thats cool of you rob, sounds great. I def would like to check out the serum. Have heard positive things about it. I will shoot u an email.

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