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Full-body screeners at major airports
04-20-2011, 03:55 PM,
RE: Full-body screeners at major airports
well greenery, i am sorry for no good advice, but i have traveled the world with a toplace recently, from jfk to honkkong to philippines to thurout asia.2 weeks from now i will go to atlantis , in the bamahas and i will look for that machine. i will be leaving from phila to wpb fla- to ft laud- nassau. 2 weeks . i will let u know. just trying to give some insight, even if it does not address u question. see the problem for me here on this site is lack of posts verses the h/a site which i no longer post so i guess i am jonesing for a reply...john you got to make this forum like the other guys forum and its more friendler to shoot a fast [post. i spoke with mike about this long ago. its not user friendly imo..
bobby /philly

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