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Full-body screeners at major airports
04-19-2011, 01:38 PM,
Full-body screeners at major airports
Dear Hairwearers,

I am sure everyone is aware that most of the airports in the US have at least two screeners installed. Previously you would only find them at Chicago airport of which have now extended across the country, including Miami. Speaking of which, I was recently asked to pass through the screener at Miami airport when on my way back to NYC. As I am a wearer and was travelling with a group of friends who have no idea that I wear. For that reason, I opted for a full-body pat-down instead so as to avoid any unnecessary "embarrasment".

I believe most of you will or had faced such situation but wondering if anyone here was ever "flagged/asked" to step aside for further "interrogation/examination" that what actually is on your head.

Is it totally fine to pass through such screeners (since the person who monitors the screen will not be able to see the actual passenger) without having to worry about the embarrasment?


Your input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Best Regards,

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