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12-20-2010, 12:29 PM,
I was a seven year customer and bought hair nowhere else but that relationship is over. Possibly there are a few peeps that come on here and maybe my experience can save them a hassle. I had hair ordered in Oct 2009 that arrived in Dec 2009... too small so a new template was made and a fresh order was submitted as I was suspicious they used an old template. March was when hair arrived again...some of the hair. Wrong size, not to specifications, more money was sent and a total of 5 pieces were on order with yet another fresh template to try and get it right. never saw hair again until 2 out of 6 arrived dec 2010 and these had been Korean as the order was changed for some reason by the owner and no Chinese pieces ever showed. All I can say is back in end of July when the other guy got the hair from the Korean it was vented wrong and he sent it back without me seeing it. Then there was a 10 day order remake promised...never saw it. was given the run around with this order for one year and he even wanted me to send him another template when i asked for a refund. When i again asked for a refund for all 6 hair pieces promised he started his usual name calling and getting all pissy. I'll tell you what, that other company has gone down hill so much, he has a few dogs that bark and protect his ego and you cannot say anything noncomplimentary with out getting barked at and bitten. He did send me a partial refund and I sent him the two pieces that were Korean (absolutely horrendous hair, awful awful awful and again, did not match the template no matter how hard I stretched it.) I hope he sends me credit for them or i will get pay pal involved. All i can say is what a year and 3 months of let downs one after the other. I am not a God fearing man like the other guy however I am honest and would challenge him if he dares call me a liar as I have every email from the guy since 2003 and a narrative of them would be embarrasing. of course I was driven from his site when I posted a haircut picture i did that happened to be a stock piece purchased from another site. I alwaqys posted excellent photos and i happened to be in a dire emergency and he could not send me hair so i bought it as a stock at a wellknown california company (I bought one from john too but the front is AA instead of CC so I cant use it and it sits at my house). All I can say is what an absolute phoney who I would never ever trust my business to again. EVER. I got emails from tons of people that say they were on my side of the argument that insued when the bully threatened me for posting my haircut picture...like i was trying to promote another company...um no i wasn't at all but you bet your ass i will from now on. people were willing to come to my side by personal email but not publically. Many still order hair from him because they feel they can't break that bond "just in case i can't get hair anywhere else" is what they say. Anyone that cancels his orders for clients with the chinese company he raved about for years and then has to teach a Korean to make hairpieces...um, there is a problem. for sure. like in $$ problems??? what an ass. My templqate is being sent to John. Period. oh, as he would say...nailed on fact!

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