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DONE with THE OTHER GUY FINALLY - jeffsxyz - 12-20-2010

I was a seven year customer and bought hair nowhere else but that relationship is over. Possibly there are a few peeps that come on here and maybe my experience can save them a hassle. I had hair ordered in Oct 2009 that arrived in Dec 2009... too small so a new template was made and a fresh order was submitted as I was suspicious they used an old template. March was when hair arrived again...some of the hair. Wrong size, not to specifications, more money was sent and a total of 5 pieces were on order with yet another fresh template to try and get it right. never saw hair again until 2 out of 6 arrived dec 2010 and these had been Korean as the order was changed for some reason by the owner and no Chinese pieces ever showed. All I can say is back in end of July when the other guy got the hair from the Korean it was vented wrong and he sent it back without me seeing it. Then there was a 10 day order remake promised...never saw it. was given the run around with this order for one year and he even wanted me to send him another template when i asked for a refund. When i again asked for a refund for all 6 hair pieces promised he started his usual name calling and getting all pissy. I'll tell you what, that other company has gone down hill so much, he has a few dogs that bark and protect his ego and you cannot say anything noncomplimentary with out getting barked at and bitten. He did send me a partial refund and I sent him the two pieces that were Korean (absolutely horrendous hair, awful awful awful and again, did not match the template no matter how hard I stretched it.) I hope he sends me credit for them or i will get pay pal involved. All i can say is what a year and 3 months of let downs one after the other. I am not a God fearing man like the other guy however I am honest and would challenge him if he dares call me a liar as I have every email from the guy since 2003 and a narrative of them would be embarrasing. of course I was driven from his site when I posted a haircut picture i did that happened to be a stock piece purchased from another site. I alwaqys posted excellent photos and i happened to be in a dire emergency and he could not send me hair so i bought it as a stock at a wellknown california company (I bought one from john too but the front is AA instead of CC so I cant use it and it sits at my house). All I can say is what an absolute phoney who I would never ever trust my business to again. EVER. I got emails from tons of people that say they were on my side of the argument that insued when the bully threatened me for posting my haircut i was trying to promote another no i wasn't at all but you bet your ass i will from now on. people were willing to come to my side by personal email but not publically. Many still order hair from him because they feel they can't break that bond "just in case i can't get hair anywhere else" is what they say. Anyone that cancels his orders for clients with the chinese company he raved about for years and then has to teach a Korean to make, there is a problem. for sure. like in $$ problems??? what an ass. My templqate is being sent to John. Period. oh, as he would say...nailed on fact!

RE: DONE with THE OTHER GUY FINALLY - ToplaceUSA - 12-20-2010

Hi Jeffsxyz,
I have received many emails over the past several months about this guy. For the record, Jeff is talking about BA of hairr apparentt. He is not affiliated with Toplace in any way. If people want to order a Toplace unit this is the only site that can provide that. We've used the same factory for almost 4 years and they provide excellent quality and excellent service. We don't hype things and we don't make claims that can't be backed up. When people order hair they want a supplier that can deliver without delays and excuses....and deliver a quality product. We have a toll free number and people with questions can call it and talk me directly if they have and questions. Welcome back to Toplace and welcome back to the many other customers that have had a similar experience with 'the other guy.'

RE: DONE with THE OTHER GUY FINALLY - Paul In Ireland - 12-20-2010

Hello Jeffsxyz... thanks for sharing that. I`ve only ever ordered hair on-line from Toplace...before that I was going to `Salons`. I was very wary of ordering on-line due to some of the horror stories you`d hear of people being ripped off on line [ not specifically in the hair supply area alone ] --- I was just generally `wary` of buying anything on -line, period. When you are fed a load of tripe and `spin` in the salons [so that you`ll be afraid to go elsewhere] and they make the whole bonding/de-bonding thing sound like something you`d find in a N.A.S.A. handbook, you`re afraid to go elsewhere, let alone to order on-line. When I finally woke up and sniffed the coffee, I began to trawl the net...happily for me , I found Toplace [ by chance] and never looked back ! I`m sure you`ll be happy here and in the event you happen to have an issue, John will sort it out for you. Happy wearing! Paul.

RE: DONE with THE OTHER GUY FINALLY - Ruulkasar - 12-21-2010

yes i think the same way. Recently i was on his forum and there is thread were they bash Toplace. I asked why they are hating and the respond was they doing it because BA is so much better and shows all the pieces non atached... For shure thats ok, but for me thats not a reason to buy from him, if i want a hair piece i want to see final products antached and not only lieng on someones head.

Ok maybe Toplace has two guys as header which are not wearing (btw. you should change that Big Grin) but the other Photos are real and so thats what i want to see. I like what i got here so i will stay.

RE: DONE with THE OTHER GUY FINALLY - drew100 - 12-21-2010

Yes John, please change the pictures with the two men at the top of the page. Either you post pictures of people wearing your product, or leave it without images. It just looks silly to have pictures of non hair wearers on a hair wearing site

RE: DONE with THE OTHER GUY FINALLY - ToplaceUSA - 12-21-2010

Those pictures were used because I wanted to get the new site up and running and Colin was having scheduling conflicts about getting in to a professional photographer to get quality photos that would match the look of the new site. Colin went in on this past Saturday and had the photos taken. I'm looking forward to seeing them and putting them up.

RE: DONE with THE OTHER GUY FINALLY - drew100 - 12-21-2010

Now thats a good idea, Colin has been contributing to this forum for years and is one of the most knowledgeable wearers around. I look forward to seeing the posted pics

RE: DONE with THE OTHER GUY FINALLY - person - 12-21-2010

I'm really confused; I thought BA was affiliated with Toplace; he is Debbies mate isn't he and he used to be an admin on this forum? Why are you guys not friends anymore?

RE: DONE with THE OTHER GUY FINALLY - ToplaceUSA - 12-21-2010

Let me make this perfectly clear---BA is in no way, shape or form affiliated with Toplace. In fact, he has never even owned the name. Debbie is the product supplier for both Toplace and BA. I have refrained from putting business issues on this forum since it's supposed to be for hair discussion. But if customers are being misinformed or mislead I will provide documented facts to support Toplace. It will not be hearsay or personal comments to sway opinions. Just the legally documented truth.

RE: DONE with THE OTHER GUY FINALLY - Paul In Ireland - 12-21-2010

I suppose there can be some confusion, naturally enough, for newer customers, especially when looking through some of the older posts on here...... BA used to be here, but he `` went his own way/ out on his own`` maybe a year back now ? So, as John say`s , he has no connection with Toplace anymore.... I hope that helps to clear that up...Paul.