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We have offered custom units for 19 years
09-13-2023, 10:29 AM,
We have offered custom units for 19 years
Hi All,
With covid we saw the hair replacement industry change. Labor and materials became scarce. Some competitors went out of business. Hair wearers didn't see a need to wear hair units as they worked from home. Suppliers stopped offering custom made units. Toplace has continued to offer custom units for 19 years. Stock units are great and there are now more choices. They work for the majority of hair wearers. But some wearers can't wear a stock unit. Examples: extra gray in the temples, age appropriate receding hair line, extra light density, extra heavy density, etc.
So as other suppliers have stopped offering custom units Toplace continues to offer them. Whatever you need in a stock unit we can provide. So go with a stock unit if it works for you. For others that need something special look to toplace.com for a special custom made unit.

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