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tape/glue for extremely oily skin?
11-13-2017, 01:02 PM,
tape/glue for extremely oily skin?
Hey guys,

(sorry, that the following text is rather long, but I didn't want to leave out what I tried so far)

I'm really in trouble and totally frustrated with bonding:
I've been wearing toupets and wigs for about 10 years (7 years of toupet, then due to very thin sides and back, full cap for 3 years now). The hardest part has always been (and still is) the fight with glue or tape including residue from braking down and becoming gooey.

I've tried like about 12 different liquid adhesives over the years and like 20+ kinds of tape. My problem is that my skin seems to be very, very, very oily. And any oil seems to be arch-enemy of any kind of glue, I guess.

What I want to achieve is a proper and clean hold for at least 7+ days in a row, that is I want to shower, work out and sleep with it.

While all other users who recommended the following products say they get like 21+ days with the glue/tape staying secure and clean, mine always starts breaking down after 4 or 3 (or sometimes even 2) days!! If I try to go for day #5, it becomes a PITA, leading to all the gooeyness of the TAPE(!) running through the lace into the wig hair - no chance of removing it there with ANY professional glue remover Sad

So, I've recently come along different versions of the Ghost Bond product series => all of them resulted in loosing grip and becoming gooey and messy after first shower (36 hours after applying it).

Same with ALL (20+) kinds of tapes so far. There is one of them called "Walker No Shine", which gives me 5 days in a row, but it's not soft enough, buckles wherever my head has curvature and starts itching after 4 days.

Then I found, in a package of tape samples, which I ordered years ago, a contoured shape with a printing on the back "Walker Lace Front Support Tape". That tape was the one and only that ever worked for me (past tense). It was soft and purely invisible, and came off in one piece even after 7 days. The bad thing is, when I ran out of it and ordered it again, the product seems to have changed: Though the Walker company claims, it's still the very same product, I cannot believe this: It breaks down and becomes gooey within 48 hours! And when removing it after 48 hours, it tears apart. I've tried to let it sit for 5 days, ending up with my hairpiece ready for the trash because the "tape" had become liquid so it was EVERYWHERE in the hair. Pure nightmare!!! (Cannot be a bad storing issue, because after ordering from 4 current suppliers I always end up with the same mess).

So, if it's not the Walker LFST either, which will be the way to go?

I've read (good and bad) about "Oil Resistant White Glue"... today I've come along a video of so-called "BoldHold extreme creme"... actually my trust in liquid adhesives has become very low (I wear all-lace, so the leeking through the lace is always to keep in mind).

I want to glue/tape the wig down around the perimeter, like the woman in the following video (that's where I came along the BoldHold glue)


Especially when it comes to the nape (where I tried, among others, Walker No Shine and Lace Front Support Tape), I ALWAYS(!!) get itching and loosening issues, even on day no. 2 ... how can other people get their wig bonded like 2-3 weeks?! I need that too.

Does anyone know about that glue that she uses? Is it magic? Will it be okay even after 7 days of working out, showering and sleeping?

Please help if you have any ideas!

I am willing to invest 1 or even 2 hours in a good attachement if it lasts for 7-14 days! (with no itching, no gooeyness all over the wig hair, no coming loose). I cannot do 1 or 2 hours of attachment and removal and cleaning on a daily routine Sad not to mention the loads of tape used by that with a full cap.
11-13-2017, 04:22 PM,
RE: tape/glue for extremely oily skin?
Have you tried scalp protector or liquid skin under your attachment?
11-15-2017, 11:56 AM,
RE: tape/glue for extremely oily skin?
I've tried Walker Scalp Protector. It extended my possible wear time by about +1 day.
I had expected much more improvement from it.
By "liquid skin" you mean something like the product "KP Skin Med Low-odor Liquid Bandage"?
If I understood correctly, that is just some antitranspirant. I think I purchased and tested it about a year ago, tried it only once, strange feeling on my scalp, and didn't even reduce the oil production

Note: oily skin is totally different to sweating: While sweat is rather salty water (to put it simple) which doesn't cause problems for me, oily skin produces much sebum which destruchts my tape

And yes, from the outside I tried all tipps against oil producing skin... using only seldom and little and adequate shampoo/soap etc. etc... My skin keeps being oily. I just need a fixation method which stands the oil.
11-15-2017, 06:24 PM,
RE: tape/glue for extremely oily skin?
I haven't heard of any means of treating excess sebum production separate from sweatiness. Could it be a matter of diet? Do you have a particularly oily diet?
11-17-2017, 06:46 AM,
RE: tape/glue for extremely oily skin?
No, there's no particular diet like that. I'm eating regularly/normal... it (the oily skin) all started when I turned 18 (now I'm 37) and my hairloss began rapidly, and I guess the high sebum production is still due to DHT production (I've heard that a lot that a heavy MPB goes along with high sebum production, which, even without wearing a hairpiece, was always very annoying!). I don't take medication against my hairloss, so my DHT level is still natural. Reason why I don't take any of Finasterid or alike is, that I originally really, really, wanted to take it when it started, but I was not allowed to, and now it's too late (Norwood status 6 since I was 23).

When it started (year 1998), I had read a lot on the internet about Finasteride, but as internet was (here in Germany). With that knowledge, I went to (between 1998 and 2000) to see 4 different local doctors to get a finasterid prescription. 3 out of 4 (highly reputated university professors who "specialized" on hair only) claimed (even in 1999/2000) they had never ever heard from something like Finasterid which might potentially stop or slow down hairloss (or maybe even slightly regrow some lost hair). They all insisted, that I STOP caring about my hairloss because "there simply is no such thing as a pill against it" and my one and only chance would be (they said) to simply "ACCEPT" that I'll be bald for the rest of my life. Doctor no. 4 finally said, yes, he had heard about Finasterid, but he would never ever prescribe it because it changes hormonal balance. (And after consulting 4 different "experts", I started thinking, maybe they are right... telling me, there is always a lot of trash on the so-called internet. If Finasteride was serious, we would have known it for a long time. It's our profession, trust us more than you can read as a layman.")

What I have experienced ever since in my life because of the struggle, bullying etc. is way worth than any hormonal change (and had by major depression even still (and harder) side-effects on my metabolism than I had ever read from the so-called post-finasterid syndrome).

When years later, already Norwood Status 6, I went to a specialist for hair transplant, he told me: "Why didn't you start taking Finasteride when it started? Now, it's too late. This is the first thing we describe patients coming to us when they have problem with their hair and want to keep them or improve. Didn't you know? Who should have CARED for your hair by that medical treatment."

I tell you guys, this sucks Sad
06-27-2018, 08:18 AM,
RE: tape/glue for extremely oily skin?
I know this is an older post but I thought I would share my experience and hopefully help someone looking through these older posts.

I have very oily skin and have had a horrible time with tapes. They all break down to a gooey disgusting mess within a week but I have finally found the solution.

this is a two-part fix; 1. USE RED LINER TAPE BELOW YOUR REGULAR TAPE! I have no idea why this works so well but it does and I can not recommend it enough. for whatever reason, the red liner tape does not break down like normal tape will, and using it kind of acts as a barrier to your regular tape and protects it. Not only that but it makes clean up a breeze.
2. The best tape I have found is Sunshine Stick-it tape. it does not break down near as bad as all other tapes I have tried. Stick-it tape + the red liner tape is the bomb! I can get 2 weeks with a strong bond and almost no lifting.

Now glues are a different story, I have tried multiple and still have not found anything great. the best so far has been ghost bond platinum but its far from perfect. I recommend you stay away from any clear bonds tho because they break down and go through the base and into the hair. it's a horrible mess.

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