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Need to get my hands on a hair-system sample. not a full piece!
07-04-2016, 07:06 AM,
Need to get my hands on a hair-system sample. not a full piece!
Hello Toplace-Community.
Since i already opened a thread a while ago with some questions about hair-density in systems, it's now time for my next steps.
My question to Toplace and anybody else here is: Can i order a "sample piece" to check out the hair-density of around 50%? Base material, color, size,... doesn't matter with this. I just need a small sized area of Hair-system with the hairdensity of around 50% (or anything lower than say 70%). I need to see it in reallife to know what my real system needs in the coming months.

Toplace or anyone on the forum: can you send me a sample of this kind? or maybe just a used piece with this density? of course i pay for it, but the point of this is to see, touch and feel the density scale around 70-50% without having to pay loads for a whole system. i need this for planning:-) and since i live in europe, its not easy to simply get a toplace piece around here without ordering. Hope someone can help me out with my discovering und planning-phase!


07-08-2016, 12:12 AM,
RE: Need to get my hands on a hair-system sample. not a full piece!
Hi DeDaniel,
Thanks for posting on the forum. A hair sample is not going to give you an accurate feel for how a hair system will look on your head. The density of a piece can look fuller at eye level and give a much different appearance. And the length of hair for your hair style makes a big different too. Shorter hair styles generally need a little more density while longer hair styles have more bulk and don't need more denisty to look natural. I suggest you post a photo of the style that you'd like to have and I can advise you on the proper density. Please remember that the density should blend with the density of your own hair on the back and sides. Or you can send to the photo to [email protected] and I'll respond to that. All Toplace orders are via the internet--that's how we keep the price down.

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