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As you get older......
01-27-2015, 01:31 AM,
As you get older......
What changes are needed for wearing.

When your young its much easier as no-one expects someone young to lose their hair, so thick modern hairstyles won't raise any suspicion but as we get older that will change.

I think you can't really generalize as everyone's circumstances are different. How much you've lost/how much you've greyed etc...


1. Thin the piece.
2. Add grey.
3. Show recession more.
4. Appropriate hair style.

Are the obvious changes.

Personally speaking family history is something to take into consideration too.

My father is in his 70's and has great hair. So no-one (family/friends) will expect me to lose mine (that's just how the majority see hair loss). If your father was bald at 50 people might start to expect something if you have a full head of hair at that age, although I guess it's pretty easy to dismiss by stating the bald gene missed me, I've had work done, I'm on Propecia etc....

My hairloss seems pretty slow, I wear the same size hairline piece that I did when I started wearing it 8 years ago. I hope that I get some of my fathers hair gene's and so the hair I have remains and it remains thick.

I would be intereted in hearing how people have changed their piece as they've aged.
01-27-2015, 09:04 AM,
RE: As you get older......
mines mixed greys with little med brown( partial) medium skin, sfsl hairline, sfsl crown.
strange my father didn't lose his hair his father was very thin, skipped a generation hit me and my brother, folk have a laymens understanding of genetics and accept a plausible excuse or joke I say my brothers the window cleaners ect.

just look around at guys you're age, some have very dense hair, a good horizontal youthful, straight across hairline with no recession. That would make many a teen envious.

don't get into being obsessed

just look around you

03-07-2015, 12:38 AM,
RE: As you get older......
Yep, plus as transplants because increasingly popular it will be even more normal to see older people with no hair loss. I'm on meds and have seen a great improvement. I still use a tiny hairline piece to lower my hairline its about 2 inches across by 1/2 inch depth, sometimes I think I could get away with no wearing it but it would be much more work and probably wouldnt look as good. I want to keep my hair as long as I can. I still haven't ruled out a HT but atm I've happy with my cover up job lol. Been doing it for 8 years, I'll probably just carry on, it would take a world class doc to move into my small town before I have a HT...can't see that happening lol.

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