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Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
08-01-2014, 08:05 AM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
You`re welcome Oldwearer....... I was off work today and had some garden work to do ...it was warm and humid.... I was soon sweating.... I tried Got2bglued for a perimeter bond, knowing I`d be sweating.... I didn`t put it on very thickly....just a light-ish coating....... as I said in post above this one, once I began sweating, I found the hairline had detached...not a problem because there was no strong wind.... as soon as I stopped working and cooled down, the lace re-stuck to the Got2bglued...... however, the nape area has stayed debonded......I attribute this to the ` light` coating I applied .... am going to be at my job tomorrow, and will try a Got2b bond in the morning instead of my usual tapes .
Just for anyone reading this who may be relatively new to this game.....even if your Got2bglued bond is loosened by sweat, there`s really no danger of your system simply popping off..it would just tend to slide about on your head if you were to try to move it with your hand...the substance simply goes gooey...it normally ` sets` again once you cool down and stop sweating.
08-01-2014, 09:16 AM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
Paul - Do you attach right after you apply got2b or do you wait some time? I found that attaching right away gives me a far better bond and since I remove and rinse each night there is no buildup in the lace. If there is any buildup I take the lace and roll it in my fingers under running water and it dislodges the glue. It's kind of hard to explain but just fold the lace between your fingers then roll the lace like you would when you try to get glue off your fingers, then just move to the next spot.

I guess since the glue is wet it penetrates the lace more. Once it's pressed down I will make sure I lightly brush the hair the way I want it so it won't glue the hairs in directions I don't want! Then just press down now and then for 10-15 minutes then style wetting the hair thoroughly.

I also found that if the glue dries a little too much I take my spray bottle and spray the inside of the lace and attach.
08-01-2014, 04:43 PM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
Hi lee99 , Yes I attached it straight away but only used a thin coating as it was just a one -off try out to see what way it would be like....it`s been a while since I used Got2bglued .... was happy enough with it.... I removed it last night and some areas had that white residue .. I did what you described....rolled the lace under running water.... I`ve used it before when going for a cut-in.....it`s fast and convenient ....just got to be careful that the stylist doesn`t keep spraying too much water onto the hair ! I`ll use it again this weekend as I`m off for a few days....certainly the advantage is no fiddling about with tapes...just smear it on and pop the system onto it !
08-01-2014, 07:22 PM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
Hi Paul,
Your pics excited me. I've just returned to the wearing game after a couple of years off.. i shaved it all off in a hissy fit over a bad hair day, and never wanted to return to this world.. but over time, ... well, you know how the story goes.

Anyway, i have always worn toppers, but i want to move to full caps. I've just never been 100% confident with my blending abilities with a topper. I think a full cap would make me feel much less self concious, and after seeing your tape photos, it excites me cause i will be taking my unit off before bed each night too. My toppers get a bit of a thrashing, and are always slept on.. so they dry out and look like old wire wool after a while.. Plus, i sleep so much better without wearing hair in bed, so this will be great.

anyway, just wanted to thank u for sharing, cause you've really motivated me Smile
08-02-2014, 05:30 PM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
Hey White Noise, Glad you found the photos interesting ..... I`ve done a few other threads recently showing a few different Fullcaps so you can scroll down the forum and have a look, or click on my user-name and you can access all my threads that way.
Fullcap wearing for me, has never been really problematic...the tricky bit to get right is the area in front of and above the ears....that`s where the hair will be cut shortest/closest to the perimeter of the lace....you don`t want the perimeter literally sitting onto the ear ...the ventilation needs to be ` flat-to-base` there and at the nape area, otherwise it`ll be sticking out and once cut, it`ll look like a field of stubble. Getting the perimeter of the nape correctly-located is another important one .... I like to have no more than about 12mm`s of hair length from the perimeter to the hair tips at the nape area --the shorter the hair, the better it sits `in` against the neck...longer hair tends to stick out and look ` obvious`. Have a look through some of my other threads and you`ll hopefully get a few helpful ideas on how to do your template...thanks for the nice comments and very kind wishes !!
08-02-2014, 06:18 PM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
Thanks for the reply Paul.
I have checked out your other posts already. You atually have about the same hairsytle as me too, though i think with a full cap i will go a bit longer.. maybe about 3 inches on top, and 1-1.5 inches around the sides and back.. i assume having that bit of length will help conceal the edges of the piece? Not to mention i have always wanted longer hair but never been able to.

Like you, i will be leaving a bit of my real hair at the bottom part of the back of my head and a little at the sideburns, just to make the transition less harsh.

Can't wait to get my first piece.. Well two. i will order two at once the first time so i always have a spare piece.. nothing worse than only having one usable piece at a time.. even if just for the peace of mind of knowing that if it gets damaged or something, there's always another one waiting and ready to go.
08-03-2014, 07:28 AM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
white_noise - I would suggest getting only one for your first one, I guarantee there will be changes that need to be made on the second one!
08-03-2014, 07:35 AM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
Hi again white noise ..... I order mine with 4-inch hair length ... even at that, a lot of hair ends up on the floor at the cut-in.
I used not to have sideburns.....Xeon005 [a forum -member] suggested leaving them grow to help give a more natural look.... I ran with his suggestion and am glad I did.
I had considered keeping some hair at the back but decided against , for purely practical reasons... it`s hard to see the back of your head and trying to use glue or even ` Got2b glued` there would most likely be problematic with it getting stuck in the growing hair...even with a lace system which has been taped prior to bonding, the tape will probably get ` snagged` in the hair.....
I have a large rectangular mirror on the bathroom wall ...alongside it I have a circular telescopic mirror.... I can stand in front of the large one, and extend out the other one so I can see the back of the system /nape area...well-worth getting one !
The general wisdom has been to have your perimeter at the nape, about an inch below the Occipital bone [the circular bone at the base of your skull ] --- I found mine was a bit ` high` so I make my template/s so that the edge at the nape is around12mm`s above the point where I want the tips of the hair to be following the cut-in .....it works fine for me that way.
It`s a good idea to have a ` spare` system [topper / Fullcap] in case of sudden shedding or some other issue. If you have any particular issues / problems when making your system just give me a shout and I`ll do my best to give you a few pointers, but as you`ve worn in the past, you`re probably some way clued-in......I can understand you getting ` tired` of it before--- I went Fullcap with a lot of trepidation but I don`t miss the Topper issues of density-matching, colour-matching and hair fading and looking ` off` against the growing hair.
Cheers for now ..... Paul.
08-08-2014, 04:31 PM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
This discussion is very interesting to me. I wear all lace full caps and do it differently than both of you. I use a combination of stick it tape and oil resistant white glue. When I tried using G2B spiking glue in the past, I found it a hassle to have to soak the perimeter where I had applied the G2B glue. Using my current regimen, I don't have to wet the piece to remove the adhesive (other than a spritz of alcohol). The biggest hassle for me is having to re-style the piece after the piece is soaked (which I only do when I wash the unit---and I only wash the unit once every 2 weeks). I would find Paul's method much easier than Lee99's. I also couldn't get the nape to stay down for more than several hours with the G2B glue. But maybe I used too little of the product. I know another full cap wearer (lace unit) who also loves G2B glue but I just don't get it. I'd love to see a video of your application process, Lee99.
08-09-2014, 06:36 AM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
No need to soak it, just roll the lace between your fingers, this way it dislodges the glue in the lace. I takes me no more than 30 seconds to do the whole piece.

The way I do it is simple:
1) put about the amount you would use with toothpaste on my finger and spread it across the back
2) just a dab now goes on the side temple area (keep in mind I keep 1/4" of my own hair on the sides and back)
3) do the same for the other side.
4) fold the cap so the hair in the back doesnt get in the glue then let it drop over the glue in the back.
5) position the front to where I want it (this positions the back too)
6) pull the sides to meet my hair line and press, then press down the back
7) take a comb and follow the front lace pressing down in the skin to make a mark
8) take a little more than a dab but less than the back and smear it around going just barely lower than the marks left by the comb
9) wait til glue is clear then drop and press down the front
10) after a few minutes I will go and lift the front with a comb while pressing down on the lace, I will also comb the hair the direction I with them to go so that when the glue dries the hairs are going the right way.
11) now just press down every few minutes all over until bonded
12) after eating I will spray the hair wet, comb then go about my day!

Real easy, then at night I spray down the sides with water, wait a few minutes and it falls off. Then just run the sides under water while rubbing/twisting the lace lightly between my fingers to get the glue off, rinse the whole piece, towel dry, put on a fake head, while holding the sides I shake the head to get some fluff, run my fingers along the edges to make sure no hair is folded under and do it again the next day!

There are a million ways to skin a cat, this is just one way I find easier.

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