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Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
07-29-2014, 08:43 AM,
Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
I`ve received a new Fullcap which was styled last week.
I`ll post photos tomorrow of the finished look -- I do a nightly detachment, so I don`t want /need the full perimeter bonded-on...... I simply cut short strips of tape, press them firmly to the lace,,, I then use the tip of one blade of a small nail-scissors on one corner of the strip, to separate the backing -paper from the tape... once I get the ` start-point`, I fully peel the paper off.... I then turn or ` reverse` the backing-paper so that the shiny [non-stick] side is now facing the tape.
Then, I fold or crease one section of the paper back onto itself [this folded bit provides a ` grip-point` for my fingers later when I have the system properly positioned, and am ready to attach ]. Gently / ` lightly` press the paper against the tape strip. I position the system, and work my way around the perimeter, peeling off the bits of paper as I go....... they simply provide a barrier between my scalp-skin and the tape, thus allowing me to get the system positioned correctly. You`ll see what I mean in the first two photos.
I`m attaching two photos of the [ un-styled] system as it looked before the trip to the stylist. The final one is a rear-view of the styled system.
I`ll post more over the next day or two... I hope they are of interest / help to newbies in particular. Regards to all readers !

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07-30-2014, 04:37 AM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
I do nightly with just got2b glued, your method seems to be a whole lot more work to me!
07-30-2014, 05:00 AM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
Do you wear Topper or Fullcap lee99? ..... my ` routine` takes me about 10 -15 minutes ... I remove it at night with just lace-release from a dropper-tube...there`s no residue as the tape wasn`t on long enough to break down---I re-tape it so I`m ready to pop it on next morningafter my shower...... I like to shower in the mornings ... using Got2bglued would mean I`d have to shower before bed..... I just prefer to ` freshen up` of a morning before going out.... I`d be wary that the Got2b wouldn`t hold up so well on the flaps on a hot day when I`d be sweating ......you can get away with it with a topper if part of the perimeter were to lift here and there due to sweat / moisture, because it`s blended in onto growing hair...if those flaps were to lift on a Fullcap it would be totally obvious..... I find too , with Fullcaps, over time, the lace can start to shrink a bit ...it`s not as obvious with a Topper as you have less lace in the base... I need to stretch the lace a bit when doing my attachment/s ---- the tapes tend to hold the stretched lace that bit more firmly...... I think Got2b is really good and very easy to work with, particularly for newbies who wear toppers...very little ` fuss` when debonding etc.....just that when I`ve used it before, it can tend to lose it`s hold after a while right at the very edge, and I don`t want to run the risk of the thing lifting when I`m away from home for the day.
07-30-2014, 09:38 AM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
Full cap for 1.5 years now with ONLY using got2b! I have zero lift and it's glued rock solid. Riding motorcycles with no helmet for hours and no issues.

When I sweat heavily occasionally I will tug at it when I'm alone and it's tight. Once I used very little glue and I was mowing the lawn in 105 heat and when I went in the house the tugged and the attachment felt less secure. After 5 -10 minutes it did dry up and the attachment was good.

I would never use got2b if I was anywhere near the water or a chance of getting caught in a thunderstorm, just have to careful.

Also, to detach I just use my spray bottle and turn the nozzle more to the stream side and soak the perimeter, let it soak while I brush my teeth and then it then just falls off. I take the whole unit and just run it under water to get the residue off then place it on a styrofoam head and do it again the next morning after a shower! I only wash it with shampoo a couple of times a month since rinsing seems to do a good enough job for me. My first cap over 1.5 years is still as good today as it was when it was new.
07-30-2014, 05:31 PM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
Very interesting .... I have this new system now and it`s a better fit than the old one as there`s been no shrinkage.... I have a few days off this weekend so will give it a go with Got2b .. have you mixed the Got2b freeze dried spray with the ` regular` one ...many guys swear by it !
That`s an amazing lifespan for a system.... be interested to hear the frequency or otherwise of your shampooing / washing routine ......frequent shampooing lifts the colour and leads to dryness as you know .... I assume you`ve had to colour it at least once or twice ?
07-30-2014, 07:17 PM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos

I see quite a big difference in color between your new system and the older one of which you showed us pictures a few weeks ago. I actually thought to try 1b and not my usual #2 after seeing those pictures but now I won't as I can see it is actually way darker than I want.

Still looks good though!

Just a question for lee99,

Would a skin system also be at risk of losing grip when bonded with Got2B if you are caught in the rain or is that applicable to lace systems only?
07-31-2014, 05:17 AM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
Paul, I have not colored it at all. In fact it's still a little darker than the newer ones. One note though, the first one I got was clearly a better unit than the ones I've received after that. The other ones are sitting in a baggy and may never be worn (I don't like the color, knots or fitment)

When I do shampoo it I use Karasilk shampoo and conditioner.

Early on I did mix the two a couple of times but I just never saw an improvement so I haven't done it since. Just straight get2b works well for me. I put it on the whole perimeter about 1.5 inches wide.

BTW, I found with shrinkage I just do this: When it's wet a slightly stretch it over the styrofoam head (mine isn't styrofoam but I don't know what to call it, more of a fabric) and just let it dry overnight.

Oldwearer, I've never used a skin system so I have no practical input, sorry.
07-31-2014, 07:46 AM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
Hi Oldwearer ..bear in mind the computer monitors can give a skewed impression of colours / shades...... my old system has really oxidised a LOT ... it`s almost light brown now ..that`s because I work outdoors and it`s been quite sunny this summer here and I was in the Canary islands in May so the sun has done it`s work ! I `ve coloured it recently to darken it down again. I`ll post some other photos in a new thread and you may see a ` difference`.
1b looks almost black when new [ this new one does !] but under strong daylight /sunshine you can see the brown hue as well ... a trick to ` lift` the colour of the hair if you think it`s too dark / black, is to apply `Head and Shoulders` anti-dandruff shampoo....if left on for 15 to 20 minutes it will lighten it ..however I should ` caution` that it`s not ideal to be using such strong shampoo on system hair....there may be ill-effects on the texture.
To answer your question to Lee99 there regarding the Got2bglued under a skin system ..no ...rain would not be able to get through the skin system, but profuse sweating could affect the hold.... usually any looseness caused to Got2b by moisture, is temporary....the firmness of the hold generally returns after a while ...... doing heavy gym -work or being on a treadmill for a long time would lead to a definite failure of the bond... I`d advise a conventional glue or tape for such situations.
lee99: Consistency from one order to the next can be problematic, unfortunately, as these things are hand-made [ lace systems anyway]... I had a topper similar to your Fullcap ...normally the hair ` goes` before the base material ..this one was the opposite ....wore it for many months and the hair was still in really excellent condition...the lace had begun to tear and fray ..the hair was still great ! Had to go Fullcap after that because my own hair was so thin and I just lost patience with it . If your systems were badly-off in whatever aspects ---you should have returned them.....you`ll never get perfection, as we all know, but if a system comes back outside an acceptable ` parameter` , well, I think the factory should rectify it.
Do you pin your wet system to the head-form to stretch it ?
07-31-2014, 10:19 AM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
Paul, I do not pin it. I would be afraid it would distort or tear the lace. I just take my hands and kind of pull down or forward a bit, not much and that does the trick. I have also done the same when it's slightly wet I'll put in on my head with glue and pull it to were I want it and the glue holds it stretched but the lace needs to be damp.

How many of us pulled clothes from the dryer when still damp and stretch them a bit? When they dry it stays stretched.
07-31-2014, 08:07 PM,
RE: Tape attachment method & New Fullcap photos
Thanks for the informed reply Paul, much appreciated!

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