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Removing Goo-Gone (Motor Oil Smell)
07-02-2014, 07:04 AM,
Removing Goo-Gone (Motor Oil Smell)
Hey guys,

So I'm working towards this whole maintenance thing. I know how to attach and detach. I know which stuff I like. And when i came to cleaning, I decided to try Goo Gone

This stuff:

And it just leaves this residue in the system... nothing dangerous really... actually kinda looks like leave in conditioner, just not as soft. (PS: I bought PPI Leave in Last night)

The real problem is, it kinda smells like motor oil and feels a little slick. What do y'all recommend cleaning the Goo-Gone out with?

I have this shampoo:

My real shampoo is: (in case I can use it on the system)

Any help would be appreciated! ^.^
03-04-2015, 10:10 PM,
RE: Removing Goo-Gone (Motor Oil Smell)
I have used Goo Gone for about 4 years. I wear an all lace unit but I've also worn poly on back and sides. to remove the wig I use Lace Release and saturate the piece at the base and let it sit for a minute or so then it peels right off. After I remove the piece I clean my scalp with Goo Gone, then once my head is clean I go to the wig. Most of the glue/tape should be left on your head but you will have some left on the wig from time to time, I spray it with Lace Release lightly on the underside and let it sit for a minute or so then do a mirror slide in the trouble areas. After you've done that if you still have glue lightly spray the underside with Goon Gone and gently rub the glue right out and you can even do another mirror slide. Then just wash the wig and your head to get the Goo Gone off. I use L'Oreal Everpure shampoo in the tube with a pink lid. It's sulfate free and safe for color treated hair and works well. I've never had any problems using Goo Gone, except for the smell but after you shampoo it's all gone.

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