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Tearing the lace
06-05-2014, 11:17 AM,
Tearing the lace
I really wanted to use this product but I've read that brushes can tear the lace and only brushes with cushioned tips should be used. Is this in fact an issue? I would think a comb would pose the same problem. I want to use a military brush with 100% natural boar bristles but I don't want to tear the lace. If it's an issue can anyone recommend an alternative product? Here is the one I was looking at: http://www.amazon.com/DIANE-Imported-Bri...tary+brush

The 8115 model is double sided with firm bristles on one side and soft bristles on the other.
06-05-2014, 10:04 PM,
RE: Tearing the lace
I believe its the brushes that have the bobbles on the end that are most likely to tear the lace.
They can get hooked in between the lace and catch on it.
So I think the brush you want will be fine.

The only time I've ever torn lace was when I was brushing through a system by just holding it, off my head, so I would recommend always placing the system on a surface to brush it.
I also think its far less likely to be a problem if you use an all-over bond as there's no loose lace to catch.
If I did just a perimeter bond, then I'd be more careful.

One thing I do use on a regular basis is a detangler comb.
The teeth are blunt ended and they criss-cross over each other and this somehow allows you to comb out any potential tangles without putting any strain on the hair and so prevents shedding.
They're dirt cheap and I think a sound investment.

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