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Attach and Cut-in in Wisconsin
05-15-2014, 04:02 AM,
Attach and Cut-in in Wisconsin
Hi guys,
I've been scouring the internet trying to find a decent place that will do an attachment and cut in Western Wisconsin or wider area, and have come up short.
I have finally decided to ditch the concealers, and have, so I am looking for a place sooner than later. I have ordered from Toplace before, quite long ago, when they were still doing conventions, and have an old piece that I had been experimenting on. I plan on going the DIY route, but for my first real time, I would prefer to have a professional, or someone who just knows what they are doing, attach and cut in a piece.
Ideally I would love to travel to Maine to Debbie's salon, since I KNOW from seeing her work firsthand at the couple of conventions that I have been to that she would do an excellent job, even with a stock piece, but couldn't afford the time or expense of traveling there.

One place near me here quoted me $850 - $1200 for one hairpiece. I politely told them no thanks.

So if anyone knows of a full service hair replacement shop in Western Wisconsin, Eastern Minnesota, or heck I will even consider someplace in Illinois, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

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