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Here goes nothing and everything all at once... :/
03-22-2014, 06:25 AM,
Here goes nothing and everything all at once... :/
Received my first piece from John yesterday. Today is the day of reckoning, I'm either going to have a nice full head of hair for the rest of my life OR be a bald man with a large strip scar on the back of my head. I know that these two extremes will have a VERY significant impact on the rest of my life. It is no secret that we feel more attractive and better with a full head of hair, which leads to confidence. Confidence is king. I don't want to sound vain or anything (and I'm not) but I've always been considered a good looking guy, from my peers and from girls- going through life bald simply isn't an option for me. I am 27 years old...

Back story:

-Started balding at 17
-Propecia from 17-27...will discontinue depending on hair system and hairline.
-HT at either 20 or 21 years old ... I try to block it from memory- easily the worst decision of my life Sad
-Rogaine 26-27... 2nd worst decision ever. And you'll see why below.
-Other supplements used during this period: Nizoral, saw palmetto, lysine, fish oil (you name it, I've tried it)

Let's go back a couple of months. End of January (yes, 1.5 months ago).. I'm dating a model (straight up gorgeous with an amazing personality). My hair is about 70% hair and 30% toppik at this point. I began rogaine about 7 months ago, at the time I thought it was amazing- it seemed to be keeping my hair stagnant. Then, February begins and my hair ends. By the end of February my hair is about 30% hair and 70% toppik. I've never gone through such a nightmare. In this time my girlfriend told me that my attitude had changed and she no longer wants to be with me. Emphasis on the attitude, I know she had no idea I was losing my hair cause a couple of days before this she bought me a hair product she thought I would use (some clay gel or something). Anyway, I KNOW she was right and I KNOW it was because of my hair loss.

I can't be sure what caused such a rapid loss in hair. Maybe the propecia stopped working after a decade (which is common), maybe the rogaine just killed my hair, maybe genetics just took over everything. I don't know and probably never will.

I literally discovered the new age (if you will) hair pieces, out of desperation last week. It's so funny, losing my hair for 10 years, probably did about 1,000 hours worth of research in that time and I NEVER thought to look into a 'wig'. I have a friends wedding this weekend and I am a groomsman, I really believe that today is the tipping point. Either everyone will know I'm bald, or this hair system will be a godsend. As of now, only my dad and sister know about this (or that I'm balding at all) and I plan to keep it that way. I had TL rush me a stock unit. I'm going to make a template of my head and then trace with the system. Then I have a salon appointment... Here goes nothing and everything all at once...
03-22-2014, 07:39 AM,
RE: Here goes nothing and everything all at once... :/
Hey, sorry to hear your story unfortunately we have all been there. Once you have system attached and cut in you will be so happy you decided to go with the "wig", trust me. Is the salon you are going to specialized in cutting in hair systems? Just asking because if they are, being that this is your first system I would highly recommend you let them cut the system down for you, at least on your first go, just my opinion. Good luck and please post on your first experience when you have it cut in.
03-22-2014, 09:36 AM,
RE: Here goes nothing and everything all at once... :/
Thanks for the reply Eric, I really appreciate it. All I have to say is wowwwww! My immediate reaction was pure happiness. Now, I'm looking great and just a tad nervous about peoples reactions. I have been covering it up as best I could, so that's all I can do. Does anybody have any advice of good stories or extreme volumizing products I can use? I may just say I started taking propecia and it thickened my hair (something I would have NEVER admitted in the past).

Eric had a great point with letting them cut it for you. No, they did not specialize, but i called around and found a lady that has 'experience with them'. I cut it myself, but literally took hours as I won't settle for less than perfect- even though it is less than perfect, which leads me to my next question... I know there is still hair underneath the piece not allowing me to get the best bond, and I know it is detectable by touch right now. How do I cut the hairs underneath to match exactly? I'm talking about the side hairs. They are not allowing me to get right on the scalp. This has proven to be a hard task, I want the best bond possible. The hairdresser wanted me to let them grow out until next time I see her Sad she said she can then work with them. But I just need to shave these things. I am using the no shine tape all the way around perimeter. The back sticks out due to these hairs.

Also, I myself can see the lace when my hair is parted. Maybe I'm micromanaging too much? Or maybe it's because I don't have the best bond on right now? Any advice...

So in summary and if anybody can help with some Q's

1) any simple (or not simple) products that I can use as a cover?

2) shaving underneath on the sides where the piece is standing on top of them?

3) is the walker no shine tape waterproof? I am going away for 3 days...am I good with it around the perimeter for that time period?

4) Any lace tips would be great...

All in all, very satisfied and happy I did it. I'm sure as I get more experience it will be less detectable. Thanks to everyone who posts on these forums.
03-22-2014, 10:35 AM,
RE: Here goes nothing and everything all at once... :/
Hi sidebender.... sorry to read you had such a sudden on-rush of hairloss.....that must be really scary / freaky to experience....it`s bad enough when it`s gradual !
Be aware that stock systems are a ` middle-of-the-road` solution, usually, especially in terms of fit ..we all have variations in head-shape etc. and the best way to get a system to fit your particular head is by making a template and getting a custom-made system, when you have time. That is probably the reason you say the back is sticking out ...a stock system normally will not fit as snugly as a custom-made one. The density is ` standard` too and that may not always suit everybody, for obvious reasons.
It sounds like your head was not shaved to ` accommodate` the system ? You say there is hair underneath and it`s preventing you getting a closer bond .. I`m not sure why she is saying to leave it grow out ..maybe she means to allow your side and back hair to grow a bit longer to ` match` the [relatively ] longer system hair but there is no need to allow hair directly under the system to grow...it`s best to just shave your head to get a better hold ...
Some guys get a long-term hold with that tape..for me it only lasts 3 days before breaking down...just depends on your individual body-physiology.... have you got a supply of de-bonding products ? You`ll need `lace-release` to gently remove your system, and some glue / tape ` melters` to remove residues from the scalp...
You could carry a tube of ` got2beglued` spiking glue [ it`s in a yellow container /tube --you can get it almost anyplace] ---lots of guys use that / keep it handy for ` emergencies` --it`s SO easy to use and it`s water-soluble so just hopping into the shower and allowing water to get at it will debond it ...it easily rinses off of the lace too without too much fuss..
Brylcreem original can be used if you want ...however, use it sparingly ... a teaspoon-size amount in the palm of one hand, ..wet the other hand with water and rub both together....try to get most of it onto the fingers, then open the fingers and ` plunge` them into the [damp] hair ...this adds a bit of shine / lustre..however, such products can and do build up and leave the hair looking lifeless [which defeats the original purpose] and need to be shampooed out ...over-shampooing will lift [lighten] the colour and dry out the hair ...so go easy with ` products` .....a good leave-in /daily conditioner misted onto damp hair is usually all I do .....
There`s a steep learning -curve with wearing ..you can see now what type of transformation is possible, for a relatively low cost....however, don`t expect miracles from day 1 --- you can refine your desires in terms of subsequent orders on such things as colour / density, style, and size of system....stocks are fine, but they have their limitations too...welcome to the world of wearing !
03-22-2014, 02:17 PM,
RE: Here goes nothing and everything all at once... :/
Hey Paul. Thanks for the response. That's exactly what it is.. My head isn't shaved precisely to what I cut the system. Seems I'm out of luck now as I leave for a wedding tmrw at 630AM. I really just can't see where I'm shaving, especially in the back. And I'm contemplating whether to cut the unit more or shave off more hair.

Next time I plan to get a custom unit for sure, I just needed this ASAP.

Thanks a lot for the other suggestions, I will definitely look into them!
03-22-2014, 02:25 PM,
RE: Here goes nothing and everything all at once... :/
Sidebender- Paul IS the best person for advice on this forum, so helpful and patient, was a huge help to me when I transitioned to wearing. BTW-Hey Paul. It's been awhile since I have been here. That being said I do have to disagree with Paul (sorry buddy) about customs being best, at least in my wearing experience as far as toppers. My first 2 customs, one from John, one from other supplier were not to my liking. Both shed much faster than any stock system I have purchased since (no offense John,who was great in transition as well). Again, this is just MY experience. From both custom pieces, I had big time shedding quickly, 6 weeks avg. Decided to try a stock out of necessity and AGAIN in my experience would probably not go back to a custom. My stylist is able to cut the stock down to a perfect match and I get roughly 6 if not more months with minimal shedding. I hate to say again, but, just MY experience.
03-22-2014, 04:07 PM,
RE: Here goes nothing and everything all at once... :/
Thanks Eric.. And with the stock they can get your exact color match if you send in sample? I just picked a provided color.
03-22-2014, 07:39 PM,
RE: Here goes nothing and everything all at once... :/
Hey Eric... yeah I remember when you had that shedding issue ... shedding can happen to any system really...think it depends on a particular ` batch` of hair and how / to what extent it`s processed ....it`s just one of the great imponderables ! No ..I meant that custom-made is generally a better fit and you have more ` control` over density required and shade of hair .... stocks certainly can be a god-send if a person needs a quick -fix solution for whatever reason, but the main drawback can be the fit, because they are a standard size and our heads aren`t all the same size / shape..some guys are lucky and get a great fit /wear from them though.
Sidebender... I`d be wary of cutting -down the hair just now ..you can ` tame` it with a bit of gel /product if you need to ..the system is new and the hair needs time to ` relax` and settle..if you cut too much now [easily done] it can look ` off` once it loses it`s ` bounce` ..just take it slowly for the first week to 10 days ...cheers for now.
03-23-2014, 02:44 AM,
RE: Here goes nothing and everything all at once... :/
Yes, you can send in a sample to help for the right color although I have never done that. I have dark blonde hair and order a number 7 stock which is the closest match for me. When I first get it, my stylist has to color my hair a bit to match exactly but as time and shampooing go on they become perfect match.
03-23-2014, 10:23 PM,
RE: Here goes nothing and everything all at once... :/
Let me tell you, once you've been wearing a few month
it' is life changing,
I'm a bit or should I say a lot of a worrier
Iv been wearing now for 5 years in Oct.
And it's solved a major anxiety, I like yourself
Tried most of the meds. Useless!!

Bonding debonding , touch ups,honestly it's not difficult.
And you'll see that old handsome guy looking back in the mirror.
And when the hair looks amazing you will be euphoric.

. Best adhesive oil resistant white glue*

*subject to individual body chemistry
But definitely on the whole gives a rock solid bond.

I get loads of attention from woman girls all ways did
That's why wearing just makes me so bloody happy
but there's no better feeling than the confidence wearing gives
That's why we tolerate the messy debonding ect
Because the payback is so worth it.one life one chance

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