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Best tape / glue for this situation
03-14-2014, 02:05 AM,
Best tape / glue for this situation
Let me preface by saying I realize body chemistry is different for everyone. That said let me ask based on this situation. I was suppose to have a new full cap cut in today. Called my stylist who does this on her on for me. Says she can't today but will sometime tomorrow. I have worn this one for two weeks now. I feel the hair has grown a lot under my piece and so needs removed head shaved and re attached. Trouble is the the one I attach will only be on this one day if not less. Only doing to get some itch relief. I know get to the. Point Mike. Here now the question. Which glue / tape do you find best for this situation?

Any ideas appreciated

03-14-2014, 05:40 AM,
RE: Best tape / glue for this situation
I use Stick it tape and I remove daily....I can remove daily and still use the tape for a good three to four days with a solid bond, I have a thinskin perimeter and like the idea of being able to replace tape every three or four days without ripping hair out of base and I use orwg glue for my hairline and I use my little dabber of 91% alcohol to release front....I sometimes go days without applying glue in front but that is because I am not in a situation everyday that I have to worry about bonding.

hope this helped answer your situation

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