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Newbie needs some help
03-05-2014, 02:46 PM,
Newbie needs some help
Hi all,

I'm new to all of this and I really need some help with my first order.
So I have made my template yesterday. I hope i did it right.
I still have some diffuse hair on the top of my head. I will have to shave it off every 2 days and wash my scalp because it tends to get very oily at the end of the day. I want to do a tape bond around the perimeter and with adhesive on the front. I want to begin with a SFS piece, is this a good choice? I don't know which tape and adhesive to choose from.

Hope someone can help me..

03-06-2014, 12:34 AM,
RE: Newbie needs some help
Hi John,
I always recommend to newbies to start with a French lace unit with poly on the back and sides. French lace and SFS are made of the same translucent material only French is stronger. It's a little more forgiving for newbies who are 'getting the hang' of attaching and removing. Once you get a little more experienced wit the handling a system you can try other bases. Either Super Tape or Walker No Shine tape is an excellent choice. Both are very strong. Tapes and glues are a bit of a 'trial and error' thing in that you need to find out what works best for you. Liqui-Tape is a great strong bond and Ultra Hold glue is the strongest.
03-06-2014, 01:16 AM,
RE: Newbie needs some help
John, if you plan on doing such a frequent detachment [ I take my system off nightly] you`ll probably find gluing the front will be time-consuming and laborious as you need a minimum of 2 layers of [most] glue/s and need to allow time between layers for drying...removal will be just as [if not more so] time-consuming, so I`d say you`re best to just use tape/s.. Walker no-shine is the one I use.....some people get long-term bond times with that tape....if I attempt to wear for more than a few days, it breaks down after 3 days ...it just means my body-physiology interacts differently than many other people`s .... this wearing game has many up`s and down`s..usually more up`s than down`s thankfully, but finding which bonding product works best for you is a matter of pure trial-and-error.
If you go with John`s suggestion regarding the poly strip around the perimeter [I`ve worn those and they`re really great to work with [tough / hard-wearing and easy to clean] ..... I suggest you use a dropper to apply your lace-release fluid when de-bonding ...it helps keep the liquid to the immediate area where you need it rather than spraying it from the bottle---alcohol is very drying on the hair---- you can get one in any pharmacy....just a little glass tube with a rubber bulb on the top --the type of thing used to administer ear /eye drops ---you just use it to suction up some liquid, then ` rest` the tip of the tube onto the lace immediately above the area which is glued /taped down and gently squeeze the rubber bulb....for the poly area [ perimeter] just place the tip of the dropper-tube onto the area where the poly joins the lace....just squeeze some lace-release out and allow it some time to seep in under the poly onto the tape...work your way around the perimeter in this manner, and you`ll easily get your system off your head.
French lace is almost as ` light` as SFS ---it will withstand more ` punishment` which most newbies inevitably subject their systems to....kind regards... Paul.

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