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02-27-2014, 09:57 AM,
RE: Knots
You have to understand that
A) I have bright blonde hair
B) I've never had a TopLace system.

So I'm not the best person to answer this but I've read many of Paul's posts and he has said before that knots have never been an issue on his fullcaps.

Its one of those things you can become obsessed by though. I never thought about knots until I started to read the forums.
I think if you start looking for them, then you'll see them and they'll concern you.

One of my favourite hairlines ever is a TopLace system worn by Reubin.
If you search his posts, you may find details of what he orders:

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03-06-2014, 06:06 PM,
RE: Knots

I have a random question.

I have ordered a hairpiece from a hair dresser around my area(Melbourne Australia), and which I will probably wear next week.

However, the knots are not bleached!

She also said that it is not good to have the knots bleached as it will ruin the hair and make it break.

I would really appreciate an input on this one.

Thanks in advance

03-06-2014, 08:38 PM,
RE: Knots
Hi greeko.... depending on whether they are single or double knotted, and the style you like to wear [brushed forward or back] visibility may not be an issue for you...... yes, bleaching knots will have a weakening-effect ....it`s a trade off. Some people like to order blonde hair at the front and then colour it themselves so they`re guaranteed no knot -visibility...however, my personal feeling on that is that the blonde hair had been entirely bleached in the factory seeing that most of this donor-hair is of Asian origin and is generally very dark, so in order to have ` blonde` hair , the entire hair shaft is bleached before being tied in onto the lace.... I reckon the only ``true`` or ` natural blonde hair, tends to be European /Scandinavian and this is too expensive for most of us..... Her assertion that bleaching will ` ruin` the hair is a bit of an exaggeration....certainly it can weaken it, but the factory usually don`t overdo it ...again ..it`s a trade-off..... thankfully I`ve never had premature shedding as a result of knots being bleached. Would be interested to hear your report on how the new system looks / feels when you get it !
03-06-2014, 11:52 PM,
RE: Knots
I will definitely let you know.

I seem to have seen most of her styles where blended in pretty well but what I did not like was the lack of styles they could provide.

I am seriously having second thoughts as I am a perfectionist when it comes down to things like that and I want to know that it will be a style that is ME and not what is inside their head from what they are used to doing for most of the clients.

I am saying that as I have seen that what they usually do is create a style where it will shine a lot, also it will be spiky at the front and when you look at the person from the side you think "hmmmmmm....wait a moment". I am sure that most people that are reading this understand where I am coming from. :-)

I guess we will see how it goes but I will be very angry if she stuffs it up as. The knots are visible and I dont really like that. If shedding occurs then I will go all insecure about it.

Thanks for everyone's input by the way.

I appreciate it :-)
03-07-2014, 08:02 AM,
RE: Knots
You shouldn`t experience premature / excessive shedding due to weakened knots because she says they come unbleached...it`s possible you may get shedding due to hair breaking /snapping --this is usually caused by dryness..anything you can do to combat dryness is good ... don`t shampoo hair too often, mist the hair with water daily , and use a daily leave-in conditioner on the damp hair. Cotton pillow -slips can snag hairs and cause them to break off as you move while sleeping ...use satin or silk ones if possible.
It sounds like the ` shine` you describe , may be achieved by the use of finishing-products containing silicons ..... also, you should ` dictate` the style which you feel looks good on you ..after all, you`re the person who`ll be walking around wearing it ! Don`t be afraid to ` speak up` in a polite way of course....... what colour hair will you be wearing ? You should have a good ` look` at how they do the bonding-on etc. ... and then consider making a template and ordering your ` own` system.....it`s not as difficult as you may imagine .....and you can ` dictate` the specifications which you feel will give you a system which is ` you` ! Best of luck with it .. I know how anxious you`re feeling ..it`s normal /natural .... hope it all goes smoothly for you and the knots issue is not going to be a biggie !

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