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Ready to buy first custom piece
02-25-2014, 12:38 PM,
Ready to buy first custom piece

I've been wearing my first hairpiece (a stock unit) for the past 3 months and it's worked out quite great. I was on here not too long ago trying to figure out how to match the stock unit to my hair, color-wise. I was worried about the whole procedure but people gave me great advice and it turned out really good. I can definitely attest to the common "why didn't I do this years ago?" sentiment. I went out the same night I put it on for the first time and that night landed a woman who is my first girlfriend in a few years.

While the piece looks really good I think I'd benefit from a custom unit. My piece has an annoying issue with ripples and the hair diameter is really thick compared to my own. Plus I'm tired of dying my hair and the unit the same color. What I'm just wondering is how do I let Toplace know which custom options I want that aren't selectable in those drop down menus? I see that box for additional information so probably there... but then again I think I've seen people mention emailing John... just wanna make sure I do it right.

Example stuff I'm interested in: graduated front/thinner diameter hair/less density on the temple flaps than the hairline?
Also just curious about when sending in a hair sample - should I stick the sample in an envelope and label it I guess?

02-25-2014, 08:14 PM,
RE: Ready to buy first custom piece
Emailing John to clarify your specs is the best idea, but re sending a sample......
Now that you're going 'custom' and fine tuning your system, its a good idea to take samples from as many areas as possible and label them accordingly.
Hair naturally is different colours in different areas and a good factory will mix and blend to reproduce that.
If you can only send one sample, then it should be from as near to your face as possible as this tends to be where hair is lightest. The factory will then take that into account and vary the colour accordingly.

Good Luck!
02-26-2014, 05:28 AM,
RE: Ready to buy first custom piece
Good point Hersute. People don't realize how many tones some hair can have. It's a good idea to send several hair samples and mark what area of the head that they come from.

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