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Practice Glue
02-21-2014, 03:19 PM,
Practice Glue
Hi everyone I have a tip I think could help some of the newbies wearing all lace. Buy some got2b glued styling spiking glue (water resistant) yellow squeeze tube.

Some posters on here swear by it, I tried it some years ago but at that time it was a clear gel and the hold was really not that great. After reading some posts I tried it again but now the gel is white which then dries clear. I got an extremely good hold for a few days. The great thing is it comes out with shampooing.

It makes a great practice glue until you grasp all the ins and outs of hair wear. Its economical, you can spread it over the entire scalp. It holds the piece closer to your head giving it a more realistic look.

A lot of newbies have trouble maintaining their hairline or damage it in the cleaning process,using this glue will help you in the learning process as you can also apply the piece while the glue is wet and then adjust the piece and let dry, any excess you just wipe away .Some glues react differently because of body chemistry but this hair product is non toxic

Best Regards Mike

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