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Any attachment advice - particularly cleanup
02-18-2014, 04:49 AM,
Any attachment advice - particularly cleanup
Let me start out saying I am wearing a full cap system. I want to be able to get by on 2 systems a year. I now have 6 systems that have the same shedding in the same area. Out of them 2 are currently unwearable due to this shedding. I am looking for all your expertise on what I might need to change in my routine to get the pieces to last longer. I might even be doing something unknowingly to short life them. I wore partial for over 10 years and have only been on the full caps for two years.

Here is my routine with my hair systems. I get my systems cut in by the same stylist. I wait until I have to absolutely order before I do which boxes me in to have to take whatever is sent. I know that is what has me in my current situation. I don’t think there are too many folks that can afford one or two of these a month.
I use Blue liner tape, although I don’t like the black that is left when I remove the tape at removal, a piece at the bottom nape area, a strip in the middle of the back of the head one across middle top. Then a strip above both ears for 6 pieces of tape. I use Walkers Ultra Hold for the front and the temple area. I would like to use the white glue and may if I go to daily wear. Do you have any recommends there for daily wear on tapes and glue?

I wear for a week. Then on Monday night I use some 99% alcohol and let soak in all around and remove. I clean my head with some Pure and get as much of the glue off my head as possible. Walker’s is a challenge for that. I shave my head. I mirror slide my piece I just took off. I then put it in an adhesive removal solution overnight. Next morning I get up wipe my head down with 99% alcohol and wipe down with a micro cloth. I then clean the piece I took off with Dawn dishwashing soap on the base and then use LoReal Shampoo for color Hair says advanced formula. Then I condition with the LoReal Conditioner. The piece I put on was from the previous week prior to the removal. I try to rotate two pieces. Once I get this all figured out I would love to ideally rotate between 4 and cut down on the wear out time. Any thoughts changes I need to make appreciated.
I was told in a private email wearing for 1 week and the number 20 hair color is causing it to shed due to more processing on the hair.
02-18-2014, 07:18 AM,
RE: Any attachment advice - particularly cleanup
iv had the same problem with shedding in the same spot on two pieces
and it was down to me, styling a particular area to aggressive,
the hairdresser a one lady salon took one look and seid well its not a faulty piece,
the manufacturer would take one look and say the same thing.
she was however great, actually fantastic she ordered me a new hair system on her.
ill repeat what she seid to me, nothing to do with washing, conditioner ect , just over styling one area,
or maybe your unconsciously scratching that area,
could be a quality control issue but two pieces in the same area kind of rules that out.
you could get 2 weeks without having to rebond,or 3 meaning washing the system less,
I only wash myne twice a month.and that's more to do with a build up of product,

best of luck anthony
02-18-2014, 08:24 PM,
RE: Any attachment advice - particularly cleanup
Hi ,
You mention you soak the piece overnight in adhesive removal solution (i assume you mean the whole piece),this could be loosening the knots which in turn causes shedding.
I don't even spray conditioner on the piece or let my piece soak in conditioner,i just spray it onto my hair brush and then brush it gently through the hair,i think anything besides water and shampoo(like adhesive remover,conditioner), getting at the knots,can contribute to shedding.

Regards Topcat

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