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Debbie Cut Vs DIY Cut Vs Hairdresser Cut - What to choose?
01-31-2014, 04:23 AM,
Debbie Cut Vs DIY Cut Vs Hairdresser Cut - What to choose?
Hello again

So my order was sent to John and i hope i will get it soon.

i have some quick question - my big big mistake was to give my local Hairdresser to cut my system in the front lace and making me the hairline.

I would like to know if it's hard for me to do it by myself? is it hard to cut it? i know that the system comes with extra lace in the front.

Or should i sent it to Debbie to make the all haircut and front lace cut? is it possible to do a haircut with out the actual head that needs to get the system?
I really want to get it quick and if the system will go verst to Debbie it will take a lot more time. so this is something i think of

01-31-2014, 09:35 PM,
RE: Debbie Cut Vs DIY Cut Vs Hairdresser Cut - What to choose?
my advice is don't touch the system yourself, others dabble here,

one of the reasons my hairdressers system supplier dosent supply to the public is they buy a system wreck it cutting it , and blame the supplier.

don't get me wrong im sure there are some very skilled members here at cutting there systems, id never do it, I leave a skilled hairdresser with 30 years experience to do that.
plenty of posts on how to do it,or videos on u tube,
but knowledge isint allways practical skill
02-01-2014, 04:31 AM,
RE: Debbie Cut Vs DIY Cut Vs Hairdresser Cut - What to choose?
Yes but if I need it to be send to Debbie it will cost me 150$ more ...
02-01-2014, 08:38 AM,
RE: Debbie Cut Vs DIY Cut Vs Hairdresser Cut - What to choose?
You can easily trim off the excess lace---ALL lace systems come with about a half inch width of ` excess` or ` spare` lace all the way around the perimeter...this is easily trimmed off with a small sharp scissors....some guys like to trim it so that there`s still a millimeter or so of lace in ` front` of the hair....other`s [like me ] go right up to where the hair ` begins` .....it`s quite simply done.
As for cutting the hair ----- I would NOT attempt this ----a stylist spends a number of years learning their trade to cut and style growing hair ----systems are not much different from a head of growing hair as such, but many stylists will not oblige and do a cut-in for fear of the ` unknown` or being held ` responsible` for ruining a system should the end-result not be to the person`s satisfaction. Debbie has many years experience in doing systems and her charge is reasonable...... you may find that a local stylist will demand a ` premium` price from you for a cut-in and the result may not be very satisfactory.... Debbie can at the very least, do the main part of the styling and layering-in and any ` tweaking` can be done easily with less stress by taking a trip to a local stylist..many stylists will happily do a little ` adjusting` for you once the ` heavy` work has been done.....
It`s your choice, but my advice is NOT to attempt a cut-in yourself..you`ll most likely ruin it and end up out-of-pocket and disappointed.
02-02-2014, 10:17 PM,
RE: Debbie Cut Vs DIY Cut Vs Hairdresser Cut - What to choose?
Debbie has a great reputation and is very skilled.
I know a lot of people that get the supplier to send the system to Debbie and then she mails it on to them.
Some of them then go to a local hairdresser to get a final trim but many say the system is ready to wear when they receive it.
I know you say its extra time & money, but it would be both of those things well spent if it avoids mistakes like the last time.

Your system will come with a pre shaped hairline which should be ok for you.
Most people don't need to get the front of the base cut or reshaped.

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