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Some Advice Before My New Order
01-19-2014, 08:22 AM,
Some Advice Before My New Order
Hello again

So after a lot of thinking I decided to orders my self a new custom unit and also send John a new template.
Before I'm placing my order I would like to get some advice.

Before I am asking my questions I just want to tell you that my saloon use both tape and glue for attaching also In the front lace to make it easy to clean.

So I've found a photo in some different hair replacement website for choosing the hair style and I want to have this style in my hair so please take it under consideration when you answer my questions.

[Image: hd_023.jpg]
[Image: hd_023b.jpg]
[Image: hd_023c.jpg]

So let's start :

1. Base - base on the photo what base should I order , do you think that the TL150 (SFS with 3/4 poly) will be good for this kind of hair style?

2. Can I use the hair system for 6 months? What can I do to keep the system for 6 months?

3. Hair color : my hair is black but only every order the system color was to much black. Is there something in between dark brown to black?

4. Style - I can't choose between the "Freestyle" and the "Comb forward with spikey front" , what do you say?

5. Curl and wave hair - in this section I am thinking I need straight or body wave - what is your opinion ?

6. Hairline - the problem i always have is with the hair line that looks rounded and not natural - how in my order i can have some natural hair line? because on the template the hair line is rounded ? i know that the system come un cut - so it's all about the saloon I'm visiting ? or the best way is do it alone ? and if i need to cut the front lace (the cutting i will still do in my hair dresser ) how do i cut it? is there some manual ?

Some extra attaching questions :

A. I have always a problem with a shine and I'm guessing it's the tape - can someone recommend me some good no shine tape?
01-20-2014, 06:25 AM,
RE: Some Advice Before My New Order
I will very appreciate any help especially about the hair style

many thanks
01-20-2014, 08:06 AM,
RE: Some Advice Before My New Order
Thing is, most of these you can clarify with John when you make your order.
They're not really questions anybody can give you answers to, they're just choices you can make based upon your preference & opinion.

But I will make one recommendation:
Don't set foot back in the salon that fitted your system last time.
01-21-2014, 11:18 PM,
RE: Some Advice Before My New Order
I agree - I will open some new post with the size of the template I need
I want to have perfect fit to my head and I think that most of my problems was with the size of the base.

Many thanks

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