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Update (with pics)
01-01-2014, 06:12 AM,
RE: Update (with pics)
Thanks guys for the tips greatly appreciated (-:

Im currently using no shine tape just around the parameter and a strip down the middle but this stuff seems to take ages to shift. i don't shave my hair right down because when looking at the scalp through the lace it makes it look denser and more natrual looking i feel i still get a good bond even after 7 days i can't shift it.

I spend most of my time trying to get the tape of my head as the piece comes off clean im currently usuing c22 and alcahol. then i have to srub my head with headblade headshed to get all the stickie resiudue off.

The 3 hours also includes styling which im really fussy with even when im going for the messy look.

I would luv to use got2bglued but with my job working outside in the weather we been having not sure i would feel that confident of it not coming off.

I luv feeling the wind and rain in my hair not felt that for years.

New Year New Hair New Life.
01-01-2014, 07:55 AM,
RE: Update (with pics)
You`re doing well.. I can only get a maximum hold-time of 3 days with that tape [I use it all the time but I de /re nightly] ---if I leave it on for more than 3 days it, breaks down into an unstable goo [messy /hard to clean] just goes to prove how we all get different results with various glues / tapes. On such a small topper, you could just as easily do without the strip down the middle.... are you using lace -release to free the system from the tape ? C-22 is really only for stubborn glue residues on the scalp /lace. I use a dropper to ` apply` the lace release to exactly where I want / need it i.e. at the area of the lace under which lies the tape..... you can buy them in any pharmacy..the type of thing used to put drops into the ear ..glass tube with a rubber bulb on the end...simply suction up some lace release into the tube, then place the tip of the tube directly onto the lace ....this method gets the liquid to exactly where you need it and avoids coating the hair in alcohol as happens when you spray it directly from the atomiser bottle......you need to leave it time to ` work` ...don`t force the system off , or you risk tearing it....be patient. Once it`s off, you can easily use your finger nail to lift one corner of the tapes still stuck to your head...once you get a ` start` , use the dropper to begin applying lace release in under the corner of the tape/s .......after a minute you can begin to peel the strip off..once you meet resistance, apply more liquid and again, wait.....this way you`ll peel them off easily /painlessly with minimal irritation to your scalp... you can then spray the scalp with c-22, avoiding your eyes..allow it a few minutes to soften the residue, then wipe with kitchen towel......you can them shampoo your head as normal, and once dry, give it a wipe over with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol..that`ll ensure you have a clean oil-free ` base` for your new bond.
01-02-2014, 07:37 AM,
RE: Update (with pics)
Happy new year guys.

OK so my first nite out with friends for a while so i was a little nervous also seeing friends i had'nt seen for a long time all went well the only thing that was said was how shiny my hair now looks.

I had'nt really taken much notice before the comment but now i can see what she was on about under bright light looking in a mirror it does look very shiny compared to my own hair and thats without any product.

Any ideas how to dull the hair down a bit?

I had to say i was wearing paul mitchell freeze and shine i wasn't i just had some mousse through it.
01-03-2014, 07:36 AM,
RE: Update (with pics)
What's wrong with hair that had a little shine to it? It makes it look healthy. Honestly I would associate dull looking hair with a topper and not shiny healthy looking hair. That's just my opinion though.
01-03-2014, 09:34 AM,
RE: Update (with pics)
Ive had good look in the mirror in daylight and fluorescent light today and it does look like healthy shiny hair. Its the the poxy 50w lighting in my kitchen for some reason really makes the hair look very shiny.
02-21-2014, 03:42 PM,
RE: Update (with pics)
I agree, i dont think it looks too shiny at all.

Did you buy your piece from toplace? The hair on your piece looks very smooth like european hair. I am very disatisfied with the hair on my current system as it is very rough. There are strands of hair sticking out all over the place. Im dont know what im going to do with it. Is there a huge difference in hair quality from piece to piece? My previous one was great but this is just bad. Im thinking of ordering quickly from toplace but im worried about getting another batch of rough hair.
02-23-2014, 12:27 AM,
RE: Update (with pics)
Hi Michael,

Yes this is a toplace piece i ask for a thinner hair shaft diameter to match my own thin hair.

55% density
straight hair
5% grey

I worked out that using loreal conditoner really makes the hair shine i don't mind a little shine but that was way to much for me so i only use ppi enhance leave in conditioner now which all is really needed.

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