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Taking the final leap
12-05-2013, 04:06 AM,
Taking the final leap
Just like the title says, I'm making the final leap, sick of this raggy hair i have, sick of taking propecia and freaking out about what its doing to me. Now that I'm taking the leap, any advice or thoughts from anyone? I feel all this nervousness and guilt? Guilt that im escaping what should really be happening, that i cant accept whats happening to me. I have the worst vision in the world, so i wear glasses. I don't think that's me escaping myself, but when it comes to my hair i get like that. SO yeah haha Please any words of encouragement would be nice right now! Happy holidays guys!

P.S. please don't leave a message saying to search the forum for this stuff, the forum is MASSIVE and i don't have the time to search it for hours one end. Not trying to be a twat, just saying.
12-05-2013, 06:43 AM,
RE: Taking the final leap
Ok, then I'm going to say "IT ABOUT TIME TOO"!
Its not a 'final leap', its just a step in the right direction.
You've spent too long on the fence and you've mentally built this whole thing into a much bigger deal than it needs to be.
I know, because I sort of did the same myself.
Thats about the only thing you should feel 'guilty' about.
If your front tooth fell out, would you feel guilty about replacing it?

By now you SHOULD know all there is to know about ordering, wearing etc.
This will help you, but be prepared that 'knowing' and 'doing' aren't the same.
With your curly hair type & colour I honestly think you'll get some really good results.

I think your struggle might be the mental side and you need to work at that as much as the practical stuff.
Each scenario will be a little challenge:
First time meeting up with friends, relatives.
Going to a social function
Bumping into someone you've not seen in ages
Even walking down the street for the first time.

I promise you, for each scenario, nothing bad will happen, no-one will be staring but its up to you to meet people with your head held high and truly notice the lack of reaction you'll get.
Don't go searching for subtle nuances that you can mentally turn around into negatives.
Thats all in your mind and you HAVE to be aware of that.

The most likely thing to happen is that you'll get compliments and you must learn to accept them in the genuine sense that they are given.

Think of the whole thing as an acting role. Its a part you're playing and you have to BECOME this confident character. To do that well, you have to get the 'look' right and get into the character mentally.
Putting on the hair and striking the right attitude is exactly the same and I know you can do it.
12-05-2013, 12:41 PM,
RE: Taking the final leap
I'm about to take the plunge too. Should have my pieces within a week or two and I'll immediately get them cut in and begin wearing. I've been reading this forum for 5 years, notice my join date. So I've been fully prepared, mentally, for this day for quite some time. I'm naturally a very confident guy so that certainly works in my favor but that doesn't mean that I didn't have some reservations.

My advice would be that once you make the decision to wear, just give yourself completely over to it and don't look back. Understand that there are more than likely going to be some complications but realize that everyone on this forum, even the most successful wearers, have had their fair share of issues and overcame them. So will you. You don't become an expert by getting something perfect the first time. You become an expert by making mistakes and learning how to correct them.

Remember, that the only person who really cares about your hair is you. People are egocentric creatures and as part of the human condition we see the world almost exclusively through our own perspective. So everyone else is going to be concerned with themselves, not your hair. Think about the tens of thousands of times you've been out in public. Out of all of those times, how many times have you every really noticed anyone's hair, or noticed that someone was wearing a hair piece? As unconcerned as your are with everyone else's hair, they're just as unconcerned with yours. The only person who's going to give yourself away is you. If you act with confidence and project confidence then people will notice you as a whole and confident person, not as a head of hair.

And if you're like everyone else on this forum, you'll look better with a piece then without. So really in the end who cares if it's a piece? At the end of the day you look better. If I get busted, and I'm sure I eventually will, I'll simply tell them that I look better with hair then without, leave it at that, and move on. People will only make it a big deal if you make it a big deal.
12-06-2013, 07:12 AM,
RE: Taking the final leap
search the for**** noooo , lol(sorry bout that, ill not repeat it again on this forum ,lesson learnt)

wearings changed my life ,I look ten years younger thanks to good skin, but the final addition of hair is the icing on the cake.everyone tells me I look 38 ish.
physically anyone can wear hair, the challenge is a mental one.
hardest part is coming home from the salon with you're new hair system on.
I say hard, difficult, anxious, apprehensive ,but ultimately the only person worried about it is you.
once you've confronted family ,friends ,work colleagues, regulars in you're life youll sigh a massive relief ,its gotta be done but like anything , nothing truly worthwhile is easy
and yeah I never got compliments when I used concealer well at the very end as my hair looked crapp.

but I did get comliments when I started wearing , I can quote one from a lady friend "liking the hair"
youll have anxious moments, moments of doubt,
that's part of the course of wearing, its all about degree,and balance of thought.
but sooner or later through experience youll realize it works,wearing can be truly invisible,
and youll accept you look youre best, and probably have better hair and style than folk with naturally growing hair.

shopping for shampoo styling products is a joy,
best part, is styling youre hair and seeing that old handsome devil back in the mirror nothing beats that feeling.

its not all a bed of roses, but they tend to out number the thorns.

enjoy, best alternative a hair transplant, and yeah pills potions iv tried emm all keep emm

anty Smile

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