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An Important Question for ALL Lace Wearers please! (pics)
10-20-2013, 07:38 AM,
An Important Question for ALL Lace Wearers please! (pics)
Hi All!

I am a skin wearer for an year and half.. overall 2 years wearing

started with swiss lace , then tried french lace one time before coming across skin and switching permanently.

I read on this forum quite often that lace is best for hair line / and natural look etc..
I have the following questions and I would really appreciate if I can get some replies/comments/ perspective?

I work in an office environment where there are bright lights everywhere. You talk to your colleagues/ co workers in meetings and otherwise at very close proximity.. and wearing lace means anyone at a distance of 5-10 inches from you can see the knots and that as we all know doesnt look real at all? Tongue
How do you guys wearing lace make it look undetectable?
and you can't help ppl come so close to you in real life,outdoors, in office or in a burger king queue or anywhere else.

with Skin , I only have to take care of hair line which I keep concealed with a forward hair style
But , I wondered with lace, you have to be worried about anyone coming close from behind , no?

Or am I missing something here about lace??
10-20-2013, 08:53 PM,
RE: An Important Question for ALL Lace Wearers please!
Firstly, no-one is THAT interested in your hair to be looking out for something like a lace edge or knots.
You see someone with hair and if it suits the person wearing it, you just accept that its a natural head of hair.
Its only another wearer that specifically goes around studying and inspecting.

But, regarding the hairline, its perfectly possible to wear hair off the face and still use odd stray hairs to fall forward and cover any edge (skin or lace system) if it makes the wearer more comfortable and less self conscious.
You just take the very front line of hairs along the hairline and run a razor comb through them to create some fine 'baby-like' hairs that fall forward and independent of the longer hairs behind them, that you sweep back.
You see this on many natural heads of hair and its just enough to disguise or break-up any line or edge you're worrying about.
A bit like this guy has along his hairline:
or this:

You can also use a comb & a hairdrier to bring the hair slightly forward, before then taking it back off your forehead.
This creates a shadow along the hairline and a slight 'fake' hairline where there are no base edges or knots visible.
Like this:

The red line indicates where the actual base edge is.
10-21-2013, 03:56 AM,
RE: An Important Question for ALL Lace Wearers please!
Firstly thnx for your reply

I know no one is bothered to find a treasure in your hair and come close I understand that Smile

but as its the discussion btween us hair wearer and we strive to get better and undetectable , so my question was based on tht ground as how lace wearer find it so great?

though my basic question ws not abt concealing the hairline , which I am able to do anyhow but thanx for the pics, they were good and useful.
10-21-2013, 04:55 AM,
RE: An Important Question for ALL Lace Wearers please!

You say its an important question you want an answer to and the majority of it is about detectability by people facing you from a distance of 5-10 inches, but then you've said you're not asking about the hairline?
You also agree that the general public don't go around looking for tell tale sign of wearing and its only other wearers who are interested.
But then you ask if anyone is worried about people coming up close from behind.

Sorry I got confused by what your question actually is!

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