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receeding hair template
10-15-2013, 03:38 PM,
receeding hair template
i got a receeding hairline norwood 3 and in center its receeding too. so not just temples but the front hairline going back too.

how would you guys make a hairpiece for it and how much .

how do i make a template for a receeding hairline and rest is fine

how much would the piece last for and is it hard to put it on in morning

i need a piece for the temples and a bit in front too as you can see.

i heard you guys can draw a diagram with pics i give you

i will go store today or tommorrow to buy some clear wrap and tape and try make a template

proepcia and rogaine i find isnt working anymore as my hairline receeded way too much. im 32 and way too young to be receeding

10-15-2013, 09:06 PM,
RE: receeding hair template
Hey Viper,

I can do a rough guide drawing for you of where I think your template should be, but I need a picture that also includes your eyebrows and a 3/4 profile.
Otherwise its hard to get the positioning right or balanced.

It may feel like 32 is way too young to be receding, but there are guys that have had to resort to front partials at 18 !!
10-15-2013, 10:13 PM,
RE: receeding hair template
good candidate for a partial ,"topper"you appear o have good sides.
and guessing good back density.

hey you know what youll see that old, or new you in the mirror again in no time and look feel great.

and youll be styling youre hair how u used to how fantastic is that

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