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Will this template give me this look?
10-08-2013, 05:32 AM,
Will this template give me this look?
On the left is a photoshopped pic of me with the hairline I want. The right is the template I made. Do you think it will give me this look? Thanks!

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10-08-2013, 11:18 AM,
RE: Will this template give me this look?
hopefully hersute will do a better job..but i think this may resemble the result. i did my best in following the edge of your template the other pic you can see that it is raised a little with a tiny amount of recession (you can see the plastic).
imo, concerning the sides, i think you're looking to remove hair that doesnt need to be..but again thats just my opinion and i dont know how they look in real life.

p.s. i just realized that even in the 1st pic i didnt cove some of the template, you can see the shine, so it would actually be even lower

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10-08-2013, 12:34 PM,
RE: Will this template give me this look?
Thanks! I really appreciate the help! I'm not sure what you meant by "looking to remove hair that doesn't need to be". Could you elaborate please?
10-08-2013, 01:06 PM,
RE: Will this template give me this look?
your welcome..but i do hope a better mock is done than mine....
what i mean is the sides which i circled.
i dont think you need to shave down that far. your template could work around that so to say. hopefully i'm explaining what i mean correctly. i guess what i'm suggesting is to replace only what needs replacing

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10-08-2013, 05:32 PM,
RE: Will this template give me this look?
The only "problem" I see that will prevent you from the look in the photoshopped pic is that in the photoshopped pic, your temple hair is darker, so the corner of where your temple hair meets the piece blends better. If your temple hair is thin/light then it will be dramatic where the temple hair meets the dark piece hair.

You could use something like Dermatch to color in the temple hair to help with the blending, if this becomes an issue, though.
10-08-2013, 08:32 PM,
RE: Will this template give me this look?
Hi, sorry I haven't replied to this sooner.

Lovehair is exactly right and I think he's done a perfect shape and I totally agree about the template being unnecessarily wider at the sides than it needs to be.

AJ, all Lovehair means is that you only need replace whats missing, so you can afford to make your template smaller at the sides because your natural density is fine there.
I've marked where I think you template could be resized to in the pic below.

You/we can fiddle around tweaking pictures and templates indefinitely, but it will only be when you receive a piece that you can truly judge.
Personally I would recommend you send in the template you've done and if necessary, you can always trim the front lace where it meets your temple hair.
I would also strongly recommend that you order a lower density at those two sides where it meets your lower density temple hair.

The first picture was taken from another thread of AJ's
and there was no photoshopping done on the temple hair, just in the area where the template was.
I can see what you're saying, but the difference in colour and density must be a lighting/angle/camera thing and the way its brushed forward in one picture and brushed back in the other.
But your observation really highlights that brushing the hair forward at the sides is definitely the way to go.

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10-09-2013, 03:58 AM,
RE: Will this template give me this look?
One of the reasons I have it so low on the sides is because I have a low cowlick on the top/back of my head on the right side. If I take the template up any higher then it will be extremely difficult to get it to line up properly because of the clowlicks position. So I lowered it and I'm going to have them recreate the cowlick on the piece.

How do I mark the temple area so they know to lower the density? I'm going with 60% for the body of the piece. What do you reccomend for the temples? 50%?
10-09-2013, 04:40 AM,
RE: Will this template give me this look?
You literally write/draw on the template the info the factory need so you use arrows to show hair direction and crown position and mark the areas with the density you want in those areas.

I think most people drop the density by 5-10% at the temple points, so if I were you, I'd have a 5% graduated density all along the hairline and 10% at the temple points.

But please run this by John if you're ordering from Toplace to get his opinion too.
10-09-2013, 11:23 AM,
RE: Will this template give me this look?
Thanks a lot guys!!!!!
10-09-2013, 11:37 AM,
RE: Will this template give me this look?
hey thanks hersute!! that means a lot, after all YOU are the photoshop king here! lol

and AJ..anytime

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