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Help deciding on my first piece (photo)
08-29-2013, 06:04 AM,
RE: Help deciding on my first piece
Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it. The grey is mostly contained to my beard and a few hairs here or there on the lower sides. There's no grey on top yet. It's just bad light and a dodgy camera. My hair is actually a darker brown with red tones to it. My original hairline was definitely lower then the hairline that I proposed so there should be no worries there. The only part I worry about is proper mating where my hairline will meet my natural temple area. I had planned on going with 3" and maybe cutting it a bit shorter. I'll have to play with it and see. My hair is naturally more curly than the body wave. The tickeners I use tend to take some of the curl out so I'll probably go with the next step up in curl from a body wave.

So if I go with the exercise base you think I should get a nice solid attachment with an undetectable look given my hair style and density? Also, would I just use glue or tape on the polly areas of the piece and then glue on the hairline lace to attach?
08-29-2013, 06:45 AM,
RE: Help deciding on my first piece
Anty: No worries? Tons of worries wearing.. You are the "always happy" exception not the general rule. Wearing is not easy so I think you should leave a more realistic response to newtimers. The fact is wearing sucks, but not wearing sucks more.
08-29-2013, 07:01 AM,
RE: Help deciding on my first piece
Yeah ..thickeners can deaden the hair [ curl and shine]...... I`d consider a smattering of grey [minimum is 5% ] on a system..it helps sell the illusion of ` all your own hair` --no-one suspects a system when they see a few ` stray` grey hairs on your head ! I`m not sure if the exercise base comes in all the various colours of the stock systems.... you can mail John and check...... the other important thing to consider is stock systems are a middle-of-the-road solution.....some guys get a really good / snug fit to the shape of their head with a stock and the hair-colour also matches their own hair ....for more likelihood of success, if you make a template of your head-shape and the area needing coverage, plus sending in a sample of your growing hair, you are more likely to have the result you want/need. With stocks, you can end up having to trim the base to size, but you can still get ` ripples` on the perimeter due to the system not being made to the shape of your individual head-shape...... the hair -quality and base -materials are the same quality as custom-made, but they come in a set range of sizes and hair-colour. You can order a system with Poly sides/back and lace on the majority/ rest of it.
The choice is yours on what bonding materials you`d like to use and on what area..... most guys like to use glue at the front because of the curve of the system at that area, but of course contour-shaped strips of tape are available too [boomerang-shaped] and can be handy when ` dealing` with the front-shape.....glue/tape will stick to Poly and lace more or less with the same strength.... Pro-Flex tape seems to give good results too---have a look at these links and it may help you when choosing your set-up supplies http://www.bing.com/search?setmkt=en-IE&...oupee+tape You can also have a look at these http://www.bing.com/search?setmkt=en-IE&q=toupee++glue There are plenty of videos on `Youtube` of how to do things [attachments/de-bonds. clean-up`s etc. ] Just search the likes of` hairsystem attachment` or ` hairsystem cleaning` / `how to attach toupee tape` etc.
In view of your perspiration as you described and activities such as exercise, you could also run a strip of tape across the crown area, front-to-back just to give a little extra hold on top...the more ` research` you do beforehand, the better the outcome..things won`t phase you as much when you have [inevitable] issues. Here are a few helpful, informative tutorial videos on `Youtube` http://www.youtube.com/results?search_qu...H6h4zp9Gjk
08-29-2013, 07:04 AM,
RE: Help deciding on my first piece
its a far beter prospect than having no option but to either shave youre head or be content with youre remaining hair.
yeah there are concerns worries, but as long as you keep youre hair system looking good with a decent bond.targeted shampoo, conditioner
it will allways be on my mind to what degree is up to you.

everyone has a diffrent attitude,

im not stating it makes lifes a bed of roses, or looking @ it through rosie coloured spectacles.

i have my days, when im worried, paranoid.

but i think we all do its part of the game.

i think the fact that you see the majority of posts diffrent to mine tells you the answer,

visitors to the forum will get a balanced view by reading a few posts from a few users rather than just mine

but its about perspective. balance,

iand hopefully for me i think iv got it right.
08-29-2013, 09:04 AM,
RE: Help deciding on my first piece
I think I've decided on going with the TL250 over the TL600. Aside from the extra poly on the front I don't really see much of an advantage even for heavy activity and exercise. The TL250 still has the poly sides and back so the bond there should be just as strong as the TL600 and I don't mind cleaning up and re-gluing the front every 2-3 days if necessary. I would like to be able to only have to completely remover and re-attach the piece once a week. I think with a strip of tape down the center and glue on the poly sides, back, and lace front I should get the strong bond and durability I'm looking for. Anyone see a problem with my logic? If so please point it out, I'm here to get as much advice as I can. Thanks guys!

Oh and a question on the grey. I'm not opposed to it but how much grey is 5% really? I've not seen any pics with 5% grey.

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