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09-02-2013, 04:31 AM,
RE: Help
What product are you using to remove the residue from your scalp? Lace -release is used to free the system from the glue / tape only....it will not ` attack` or break -down adhesives sufficiently to allow for ease of removal..remember..you are trying to remove ` fresh` glue.... it will be far more resistant when newly-applied than it will be if it`s been on the scalp for a week or a number of weeks....you need to firstly remove your system, then attack the adhesive on your scalp with an alcohol-based remover such as ``Pure`` glue melter, or a citrus-based solvent such as C-22 or ` Re Move`` or ` Desolvit` ...have you got those to hand ?
I appreciate this can be tricky and frustrating when you`re trying this at home for the first time , which is why I suggested you use Got2B Glued, spiking glue..it`s easy to work with, no ` major` clean-up and a simple removal by just hopping into the shower and allow the water to soak the system...if any stray hairs get stuck in it when re-bonding, just use a damp cloth on them. I think that using tape strips are also less problematic for new wearers as you can place them on around the perimeter and you can then take your time because they are not ` messy` or gooey like glue and will simply stick to where you place them [lace] and you can easily keep the hairs out of the way when you`re applying them...do you have rolls of tape to hand ? I reckon you should leave the glue to one side for now, until you get used to positioning the system on properly...working with glue can be very problematic when you`re not used to it ..... I`m not sure why your lace is ` visible` as you said --- it shouldn`t be visible at all...... you don`t even need the entire perimeter taped literally end-to-end...you can leave gaps between the strips of tape no bother at all...the only area that you might need to keep them a bit closer would be the front [curved] hairline area..... you don`t need to have every last millimeter of your system stuck down onto you scalp... take it easy and proceed slowly and you`ll get there. A good idea is to apply 2 short ``anchor`` strips..one at approximately each temple ..they`ll prevent the system slipping /sliding around on your head...then you can simply catch the front, lift/fold it back and peel off the backing-papers from those tapes and then put the lace back down onto the skin so the tapes will grip the skin.....you can do the same at the back....you need to sit in front of a large mirror, and use another mirror [ maybe a shaving mirror on a stand] positioned so you can see the back/sides of your head.....just peel off the papers and again fold it down in contact with the scalp.... as I said, before, I find it very handy to apply my tape strips firmly to the lace, then using a small nail scissors with sharp blade -tips, I carefully push the tip of one blade in on the corner of a strip so that I can prise the paper off of the tape..takes a bit of practice and some tapes are more prone to just ` bunching up` / coming off the lace when you try it and can be frustrating... Walker no-shine is about the easiest to work with in my opinion...once I have the paper peeled fully off, I then ` turn` [reverse ] it around so that the shiny, non-stick side is now facing the actual tape...then just fully fold back a few millimeters of it to form a grip-point for later, then just push it gently [not too firmly] against the tape...this acts as a barrier /prevents the tape/s sticking /gripping your scalp and allows you to position the system on your head correctly....once you`re happy with the position [ you need to be able to see the back of your head too] then you simply attach your two ` anchor-tapes` at each temple, by peeling off the paper...... they will hold it in place and allow you to `work` your way around the perimeter , bonding as you go, at your leisure.I`ll dig out a few pics [which I`ve posted before] so you can see what I mean in case it`s hard to visualise it from just reading.... don`t give up..this can be very tricky and disheartening when you`re not used to it ...many wearers have been through it , but if you persevere and just try a different approach, you`ll master it ....it sounds like glue, from the word ` Go` is proving to be an obstacle for now ..just go at it from a different angle.

The 3rd. pic shows how small the scissors is which I use .... a bigger one would be too hard to work with..... just get the tip slightly in between the tape and the paper...you`ll use your other hand too of course ....I tend to hold the lace ` down` with thumb and first finger and once I have the paper lifted , I use the thumb and finger of the other hand to catch the paper and peel it back...you can hold the ` flat` of the scissors blade to ensure the actual tape stays stuck to the lace whilst you`re peeling off the paper...... in the other 2 pics it`s a bit hard to see because the paper is white and pic. is a bit out of focus, but the paper has been folded back onto itself and the shiny-side is now in contact with the tape ...... it`s just acting as a barrier and preventing it sticking to your scalp until you`re ready to bond-on.......the folded-back edge of the paper can then be gripped by using either your fingers or a tweezers and removed easily ..the tape will not come off of the lace because the paper is barely in contact with the tape, so when you peel it off, there`s no danger of the tape pulling free of the lace.

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09-02-2013, 09:30 PM,
RE: Help
Hi Sebtizzle.. yeah that would be fine but the only ` caution` is it`s a citrus-based solvent and those need to be shampooed out of the lace after use, otherwise it will interfere with your new bond. Repeated use of Citrus solvents can, over time, lead to discolouration of the lace too.....it`s fine on a skin system, but, lace being a fabric, it will eventually ` stain`..... I find Walker no-shine only lasts about 3 days on my scalp before breaking down into a gooey consistency [as all tapes / glues eventually do, depending on the individual`s physiology ] ---- I use it all the time but just replace it frequently. If your system has really stubborn or ` messy` residue on the lace, you can get ` Autoglym` to literally dissolve it--- Hersute recommends soaking your system in `Autoglym` tar -remover [ designed for cleaning tar from the bodywork of cars] and it won`t damage either your system or hair..soak your system in a shallow bowl of it for half an hour and then shampoo/rinse as normal...... it dissolves the goo if it`s really stuck in your lace, so it will make a prospective prolonged, nightmarish clean-up, a breeze!
To me, prevention is better than cure so I just stay with a ` regular / frequent de/re routine rather than have to deal with messy residues. I`d use citrus-based solvents for when/ if you`re dealing with really stubborn residue/s on the scalp or indeed, the system, if you have no Autoglym to hand [don`t use Autoglym on your head--confine it to system-only use]....otherwise, just use lace-release to free the system from your head, and then an alcohol-based glue melter on the lace if there`s a ` light` residue on it--just do the mirror-slide trick or use bubble-wrap to remove the softened residue/s from the lace because alcohol evaporates off and will not stain your lace over time ...hope that clarifies things for you !
09-04-2013, 09:04 AM,
RE: Help
Yup--best to find out what way different bonding materials react with your particular physiology / how long they`ll remain ` good` before becoming unstable and begin to break down into that gooey mess, and then work -around that...... I don`t have the time or patience to be dealing with the clean-up from hell on a regular basis, so I just replace the bond regularly...it keeps things relatively easy for me ...... it`s great you can get a week from that tape...... saves you money too as you`re not using as much of it as I use ! Cheers .
09-12-2013, 07:58 AM,
RE: Help
I use ProTouch Adhesive Remover and it works ok, it breaks down the glue on the head ok but on the system its not as good.

I bought Got2B Glued and tested it, maybe I was too quick to put the system on my head because when I removed it, it was "gel" on the lace that was very difficult to remove, even under running water. On the Got2B Glue I bought it was that it was waterproof, is it the right one?

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