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08-25-2013, 05:06 AM,

I finally got my system but I have not been to my hairdresser and had it glued and pasted yet.

Will do it in about a week but are getting very very nervous.
Before I got the system, everything felt good and I looked forward to it to come, but now when I have got it I do not feel so good anymore. I start to feel a panic.

I still got some hair up on the head, which means I have to shave it off and when I done that there is no turning back.

What makes me nervous is all thoughts about what might happen. Obviously, I will in time teach me how to solve it if there is any problem with the system, but right now everything feels so uncertain.
I have no experience of this and my hairdresser also have no experience of this. He is a very talented hairdresser, however, I feel no concern about that.

I am very nervous about the glueing of the system, to get it done right, get a good hairline (want my hair back), don't get the adhesive to let go off at the hairline, that it should not appear that there is a system in either hairline or top of the head.

I bought 2 systems, a TL100 with light density and a TL700 with medium density to test a little different and see what system and density that suited me best. Spontaneously, without having tested them, it feels like TL700 is best but I have read so much about lace, that is the least visible and the system they can get the most natural-looking hairline with and therefore I am a bit concerned when I see the lace system I got home.

It really feels like you will see the lace pattern at the vortex back of the head? The density is too low so you can see right through, and then you see the pattern?
It looks to be a little better with the TL700 as it looks like it's growing out of the skin? But anyway, I think the hair really seems to be very thin back at the vortex on both the TL100 and TL700?
You will see right through your hair and see the system if you going in an escalator, is at the dentist, doctor, etc?? It also makes me so worried, they put the lamp just in front of and can then see the system???

I have also heard that it is easier to get the system "invisible" if you are blond, I have very light colored hair but instead I think it is easier to see right through it and see the system?

Some other questions I have:
How to do if it releases at the hairline? Is there a quick fix?
Can you wash your hair every day?
Can you dry it with a hair dryer?
Is it possible to use a cap without the worry that the glue will release?

Is there anyone here with experience of wearing a system and who are from Sweden who would be willing to give tips and advice in Swedish, I would be more than happy to hear from you, it would really be appreciated. But of course I am grateful for all the tips and advice I can get!

Thanks in advance!
08-25-2013, 07:26 AM,
RE: Help
Hi. I live in Copenhagen but I guess that´s no good. I use lace and show my hairline. I just ordered the thin skin (0.03) to test it. I ordered both units blond and is doing the coloring myself to obtain best results. For lace it really depends on the knots being completely invisible. Test your lace system by puttin it under a white piece of paper. The knots should at most be very light orange to the point where they are hard to see. You need to test this in daylight, as the soft ligtning from lightbupls contain soft orange light (that way you wont be able to see the orange color that you are looking for. Also you can test the hairline and knots by attaching the unit to your arm og legSmile) Have never done this but why not. That way you´ll se wether or not the hairline is disappearing.
08-25-2013, 09:57 AM,
RE: Help

Its not surprising that you're worried & concerned.
You don't seemed to have read much info on how to cope with the various issues that will inevitably come along whilst you're wearing.
I appreciate you have the disadvantage of a language barrier, but you'll find if you learn how to deal with various situations, you won't find them so daunting.

Good luck.
08-27-2013, 09:09 AM,
RE: Help
Any help I can get will make me happy.
You color your units yourself? I have heard so much different answers on that, some say you can do it yourself and some say you can not do it? That it will destroy the unit.

I attach two pictures where I've put the unit on my knee, will it become less visible when you glue it? Will the adhesive itself surrounds the "net"?

Didnt really understood, how do you get the knots completely invisible? Is it more about the actual color of the net on the unit, that should match the color of your scalp or is it more about the actual color of the hair?

One thing I think is difficult is to cut the lace unit, when it arrives it comes with margin that you need to cut away but how close to the hair can I go without breaking it?

I think that I have read, read and read an incredible amount for a long time but now it's for real and it feels like you forgot a lot of stuff because you are so nervous.

I have tried to search the forum for answers to my questions but I find it a bit difficult to find it. So it is someone who has the answers to these, I would appreciate if you could help me with

Thank you!!

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08-27-2013, 10:38 AM,
RE: Help
The system looks perfectly fine to me .... who`s going to be looking so closely at the crown of your head on an escalator ? I can`t see any knots..they`re well-bleached, and the density looks fine too. While I totally understand you have all the usual concerns and worries which all pre-wearers have, you need to relax a bit and take this one step at a time..you haven`t yet attached this to your head and you`re stressing over a trip to the dentist ! You need to firstly trim off the excess lace --this is simple to do-- just get a small scissors [relatively short blades] and work slowly..... hold the hair back / upright away from the excess lace....trim the lace off ` parallel` with the hairs..some people like to leave a few millimetres of ` excess` lace all around...personally I trim off right up to the hair itself , especially at the hairline area. I wear an non-exposed hairline so it`s not really an issue, but for guys who wear their hair exposed [swept-back / upwards] if there`s excess lace there in front, dirt/dust can build up on the under-lying glue or tape and become ` visible` ..... before you begin to try perfecting gluing -down your hairline [in particular], you need to have the system styled / cut-in.....it`s hard to ` see` properly when the hair is long, so it`s almost impossible and a waste of time attempting to have every last millimetre glued/taped down impeccably when going for your cut-in...... just do a ` rough` bonding job with some strips of tape around / along your perimeter...it won`t matter if there are ` gaps` between them....you just need it to be held in place while the stylist works on it..you could also simply bring a tube of ` Got2bglued` spiking glue to the salon and use that ---it`s SO easy to work with for a newbie..... once your head has been shaved just apply a coat of it, allow a few minutes for it to begin to set, then place the system on your head..... it won`t ` grab` the lace as fast or as rigidly as tape or system-specific glue does.....this allows you time to adjust the position if you need to. You asked about the possibility of the front becoming ` loose` ...this can happen at times but it`s usually not sudden ..it can occur from excessive sweating and / or water exposure for a prolonged time especially when the bond has been in place for a few days and is possibly not as strong as on day one.....you can do touch-up`s with glue without removing the whole thing.....one of those wooden coffee-stirrers you get at self -service coffee machines are handy for this ..... never ever allow your lace to sit down onto wet glue.... ALWAYS let the glue go almost dry, otherwise it`ll go through the lace and solidify onto the hairs leaving you with a right ` problem` on your hands .....it takes most glues a full 24 hours to fully ` cure` so avoid sweating /exercise during that time.
You asked about shampooing your hair ....you have to change your thinking when wearing ...system hair gets no oils or lubricants and dryness is your major enemy..anything you can do to conserve moisture and avoid further drying-out will help prevent early shedding of the hair...frequent shampooing will only dry out the hair and remove what little moisture there is in it ..... you can mist /spritz your hair daily / nightly with plain water and add a few darts of leave-in conditioner onto the damp hair, then comb -through and allow to dry naturally...this will prolong the wearable -life of the system..... you can certainly allow the hair to get wet in the shower ,for instance, but if you need to shampoo your own growing [side/back] hair, you can do that but avoid the system as much as you can..... there`s no need to shampoo it like growing hair as it`s not oily nor ` dirty` as such...... also, you can use a hair-dryer on low, and kept at a distance from the hair ....using a hot dryer at close -quarters is not recommended and will dry it out further.....
I wear a cap at work ..like similar to what a policeman would wear...it has a plastic band around the inside of it ...I adjust that so the thing isn`t too tight on my head... whilst it won`t / doesn`t in any way affect the bond, the only risk would be friction / ` pressure` constantly on the same section of hair ..this could lead to breakage/ shedding but I haven`t had it happen to me yet..... I simply spritz with water, then ` back-brush` the hair so it`s standing up from the lace then add a few darts of leave-in conditioner and then style it as normal...... everyone has their preferences --that`s what I find works best for me ..... I don`t sleep with this thing on my head either which helps, but I know that`s not practical for everyone..... if you intend to leave it on while sleeping, use a silk or satin pillow slip as cotton takes moisture from the hair and can also snag the hairs in the [relatively] ` rough` fibres and they can snap off as you move your head in your sleep.
Just take this one step at a time ..don`t try crossing all your bridges at once ......it`s not as hard as you might imagine......a lot of it is just common -sense.....there`s plenty of information on here though I realise it`s time-consuming and tedious when you`re trying to find a specific answer and are pressed for time.
Just start by sitting it onto your head, getting it sitting correctly at the hairline....then mark around the perimeter [ on to your scalp-skin] with an eyebrow pencil.....the stylist can help you with that as he/she`ll be standing behind you.....then they can shave / buzz off that thin hair out of the way....it doesn`t have to be ` correct` to the nearest millimetre...yes tape and glue is designed to stick to bare skin and not growing hair , but for your first cut-in, just use some tape strips around the edge or simply coat the scalp with Got2b glued .....it`s a snip to work with...you can then go home and remove it and do your own more ` permanent` thing at your leisure.
I assume you have a range of supplies/tapes/glues to hand ? It`s trial and error to find what works best for you..all part of the learning -curve.... I like walker no-shine tape....it`s easy to work-with too.....when going for a cut-in and to save time /make things easy/fast, I pre-tape the system at home and take it with me in a bag... once I apply each strip [firmly apply pressure to it so it grips the lace well] then one by one, on each tape strip, slip the tip of a scissors blade in between the tape and the backing-paper........once you have broken the ` hold` just peel off the paper fully, then ` reverse` it so the shiny non-stick side is now facing the tape.....fold one corner of it back onto itself and then lightly press the paper onto the tape strip... the folded-back bit will provide a gripping-point for your fingers later----this is a little trick I do to help prevent the tape/s sticking to the scalp whilst I`m positioning the system...once I have it sitting correctly, I then just lift the lace, catch the folded-back corner of the paper, and pull it completely free of the tape...then press the exposed tape to the scalp.If any ` stray` hairs do manage to get stuck to any bits of tape, just wet the tip of a finger with lace-release[ alcohol] and dab at them..they`ll come free in a few seconds and the tape will not be adversely -affected --the alcohol will evaporate off.
Hopefully I`ve answered some of your questions....check out the HairDirect website..they have a European hub in Holland and carry a huge range of products..... once the page loads, just wait a minute for the European tab to appear and you can then order from there if you wish to.Regards.
p.s. ---give your systems at least 2 mild shampooings before having them cut -in..this will help remove factory-residue and silicone which they spray the hair with to add shine before shipping it off.....silicone can interfere with tape/glue and lead to difficulty with keeping the thing stuck to your head !
08-29-2013, 10:29 AM,
RE: Help
Thank you so much for all the tips!! It was really interesting reading!

Yes, it may have sounded a bit strange that I now worry the dentist but it was because I have a visit booked in a few weeks.

I gave it a try and cut the excess lace, it was difficult because the hair is so blonde :/. On the pic it looks like its 5 mm of the lace left but its cut so close the hair I could. Unfortunately a few hairs also was cut away, but I hope it will not be destroyed by it?

Should buy got2bglued glue, but can you have the system on a full day with that product?

My thought was that I would get it glued with the correct glue and then have it cut-in, but maybe better to run with got2bglued first and get it cut-in and do the glue then?

How short can you go on the sides before it is too short? Maybe difficult question to answer but I want it really short on the sides, if possible, will remember that I saw a picture of someone here who had very, very short on the sides?

If it loose in the front or becoming filthy, you can wash with like lace off (for cleaning) gently and then add some new glue?

Well, I have about 5-6 different products and I will try and see whats fits me best.

The problem is that sometimes I work in quite dirty environments with dust, etc. and then I have to at least rinse it off.

Is it best that once you should wash it, do not wear it on your head but you do it when you take it off?

I would like to have it on for about 7 days and do cleaning and a new bonding one day every week.

But if your hair is so dry, you could use morrocan oil, or will the oily so the knots release?

Thank you again!!!

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08-30-2013, 12:46 AM,
RE: Help
I`ll be brief [ I have to be some place and i`m almost late !]
Don`t worry about cutting a few stray hairs off when you were trimming off the lace..it`ll be fine.......
The Got2b will hold for 3 or 3 days as long as you don`t expose it to water [in the shower].... it`s far faster when you`re in the salon to use it than the conventional glues/tapes, unless you pre-tape the system before you go there.
I usually just sit the thing on, get the position correct [mark the skin with a few ` dots` using an eyebrow pencil] and then take the system of, smear on a layer of Got2b [not too thick..just ` normal` layer] ---allow it a few minutes to begin to ` set` then position your system on...you stylist can help you with this. It`s better to start at the front, and fold it backwards over the head.... a person standing behind you can ` see` what they`re doing a bit better than what you can do yourself...... After a few minutes it`ll be ` set` enough to hold the system on for the stylist...just ask him/her not to spray too much water onto the hair while styling, or it can cause the system to come loose..... I`ve done that several times....it tends not to hold the very edge ` tight` on in some places so tell the stylist to be careful with the comb -not to snag the lace if it`s loose at any point or it could tear if they pull the comb with it`s teeth snagged in the lace......
I wouldn`t go too short initially.... all systems are best left a little on the long -side and need time to settle in/down......it`s normal to leave a bit of ` length` on it and go back after a week or so to have it ` tweaked` to your liking... I`d give it a gentle shampoo maybe twice before going to the stylist..this will help remove factory residue and help ` relax` the hair a bit too.
Oils are not advisable as they can get to the knots and cause the to open /loosen [hair will shed out]..just use a leave-in conditioner regularly and mist the thing daily with water ...
I don`t need to do ` touch-up`s ` as I detach nightly but yes, if it`s just a little area, just use some alcohol on a cotton cloth to remove the ` loose` glue, then apply 2 small / thin layers to the skin [scalp] in that area....ALWAYS allow the glue to go practically dry before allowing the lace to come into contact with it.....that`s why I suggest using Got2b when going to the stylist --a lot faster/cleaner than ` messing` about with glues, especially as you have no experience wit them..they take ` getting used-to` and you need time / patience when working with them...stylists generally don`t have that amount of time --they just want to do your cut-in and get rid of you !!
I prefer to completely remove mine for proper washing ..jsut immerse it in lukewarm water to which I`ve added shampoo....rinse it after a few minutes and apply conditioner for around 30 minutes..rinse it out and blot it dry on a towel..when it`s half-dry, gently/ carefully brush it into your ` style`.
09-01-2013, 12:59 AM,
RE: Help
Again, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! There are lots of them.

This is really hard!!

Were at my hairdresser yesterday to make an attempt to get everything in place, but it didnt went to good. It is really really hard to know when you still have hair on my head, where to shave that off.

I made a custom fit temple but I think the system I got home not at all consistent with the template I posted. Well, that's not the point. But how do you know where to shave off their hair? It makes it even harder when you are light in the hair.

We glued it yesterday but did not quite cut it, but the bonding got a little wrong plus I had no time to wash it before so now I have taken the system of and washed it twice to get rid of that silicone spray they put on it when they are shipping it. But is it normal that it sticks much hair from the system in the glue on the head?
It made it now and I do not really know how I will do to take it off properly. I have purchased and used the lace release but do not really understand if I should spray it on the scalp, or if I should spray it at the edge while I draw the system off?

The jammed barely any glue on the system, which may be good? But everything was stuck on mine head and it was SUPER HARD to get it away? Are there any tricks?

How much glue to use? I bought the NX-Gen Unifying Agent glue and you should put on four layers, but I thought it seemed VERY shiny? Have I used too much?

I know that I should not wash the system so often, but is it ok to rinse it in water every day when you shower? And how do you do when using got2bglued, you almost need to wet the system each time you glue it?
09-01-2013, 07:59 AM,
RE: Help
I don`t fully understand some of your post, and at what stage you now are regarding the styling / what the stylist has done.
In order to do your initial head-shave, you sit the system onto your head as it is...no tapes / glues.
Position it so that the front hairline of the system is sitting on / at your natural hairline..you can hold it in place with a finger to stop it sliding/slipping about on the head.... have a look to see if it looks not to be lop-sided -- it should be approximately the same distance ` above` each ear... in other words, not sitting crookedly on the head..... the person [stylist] standing behind you simply has to fold/ hold the side-hair up out of the way so the edge of the system can be seen [ I know it`s a bit tricky with the hair being long] ....just use an eyebrow pencil to mark your scalp around the perimeter of the system and around the back....just enough so that the hair ` within` the marked-area can be shaved off out of the way. ... simply pop the system off, and shave the area or buzz it with electric shears. Simply apply a layer of Got2b and wait a few minutes for it to begin to set..then carefully sit the system on [holding the hair ` up` off the scalp] --- just catch the hair in a large clump `up` out of the way..this helps keep most of it off the ` adhesive`---it`ll be quite simple to position it on because the marker-lines will still be there. You don`t need to have it perfect, but reasonably ok is fine...the main thing is the front hairline ..make sure it`s not too far behind or forward of your natural hairline of it will look ` off` .....
I don`t know what you used but you refer to glue as in `` We glued it yesterday`` ----can you explain what you used ? I can only assume you used system -glue...... I suggested using Got2b for the very reason that using ` normal` glue is time-consuming ....you need to be careful to apply it thinly and each coat MUST be allowed to go almost dry before adding the next layer and the lace must NOT be allowed to come into contact with wet glue....it will seep through the lace and solidify onto the knots and bottom of the hairs and you`ll have a terrible ` mess` on your hands.....
Lace release is sprayed onto the lace....hold the hair ` back` from the glued area, place the nozzle of the bottle close to the lace and spray a few darts on... just do a few inches of the perimeter at a time, and you have to allow the liquid to seep through onto the glue/yape and ` work` ....don`t ` force` /pull the lace off of ` strong` glue or tape...if you`ve used sufficient lace -release and allowed it a few minutes to work, the lace will simply lift with no resistance....you could easily tear the lace of you ` force` it off whilst it`s still held strongly----- you need to break [``Release``] it from the bonding material. If you get ` stray` hairs stuck in / on glue when putting the system on, just use a little lace-release to free them ..don`t pull them out of the glue or they`ll just snap off.
I`m not familiar with the glue you mentioned but 4 coats seems like a lot to me ..most glues are applied with 2 coats usually.... it`s not normal for glue to be shiny.... maybe it looks like that when it`s ` fresh` ...that issue is more common with tapes .....
You can dampen the hair any time you like as in the shower .... I`m just not a fan of frequent shampooing and when I do shampoo, it`s when I have the system off my head and I can sit it into a sink... frequent shampooing will lift the colour sooner than normal and dry the hair further...it`s not necessary as, normally, the hair is not actually dirty unless you work in the construction industry ! All it usually needs is a misting / dampening with water and a few darts of leave-in conditioner.
I didn`t / don`t understand what this means : The jammed barely any glue on the system
It sounds like you need to do more research...search the forum..there`s loads of older posts and also look on Youtube ..there are many many videos showing how to do things .. I`ve posted links this week on this other thread.... you really need to look at those tutorials to see how it`s done. http://forum.toplace.com/showthread.php?tid=5888&page=2
09-02-2013, 01:50 AM,
RE: Help

Starting to get really tired of this now. I have read, check out videos etc etc etc how to do but I do not get it right! It looks fucked up. You can see the lace from everywhere! The hair gets stuck in the glue, I dont get the positioning of the system.
Everything looks so terribly easy at all the videos, and when you read but damn it so hard when you going to do it by yourself! This is frustrating!

Now is the 3rd time I'll try to glue it in place. And every time is so hard to get rid of all the glue that attaches to the skull! Is there any tips how to clean the scalp from glue?

I think I have to visit some who really really can do the attachment...

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