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Propecia (read this if your using it)
08-21-2013, 06:54 AM,
Propecia (read this if your using it)
This isn't a horror story to scare people who are using propecia. This is just my store of being on it. Started losing my hair when i was 19, pretty fast and pretty brutal. I had no idea what was going on, started using rogaine. helped me out a little, but knew i didn't have much time left

So i did what every other guy does when they think there losing their hair. I went batshit crazy, i goggled everything i could look up to see what could stop this. I stumbled upon propecia, sure i read the stories about sexual side effects. I didn't care, all i knew was that my hair was leaving me and i had to bring it back home

I took propecia, first 6 months were a nightmare, started losing more hair. Suicide,depression and all those other fun thoughts started hitting me. But then i started to see hair, thicker hair. hair in places i thought were gone forever. It WORKED. I found the cure, smooth sailing from here.

Fast Forward a year later, great amount of hair coverage. But im not the man i use to be, i notice women. but i don't NOTICE them, not like i should. Ive always been a modest guy, but i love women. I didn't have the spring in my step like i use too. I even hooked up with a couple, sure it was fun. but i didnt feel like a man. erections that barely lasted, not feeling as horny as i use too.

To end this story, ill leave you my final words. Propecia works, but it comes with a price, maybe not for all. But for me it did, i regained my hair. But i lost the man i was on the inside. losing my hair made me feel old, losing my sex drive made me feel even OLDER. its a double edge sword, sure feel great with your recovered hair. But on the inside you feel like an old man. I dont want to feel old anymore, im only 23. Ive accepted that my hair is lost, im going to stop taking propecia and switch to hairsystems. I know ill regain my sex drive again, i stopped taking propecia for a month and started feeling better. Propecia is not permanent, you get your hair back for a price that i dont think is worth it

it reminds you every day how much you need it, i would love to quit. but i cant, i NEED my hair. No more, im switching to hair systems. I know the transition wont be easy, but its better than this. I know most of you have heard a story like this before, but i felt like i needed to tell it. I hope most people will accept there fate of hairloss and just do anything else but propecia to make it better.
08-21-2013, 02:52 PM,
RE: Propecia (read this if your using it)
A friend of mine takes proscar, which is the identical chemical to propecia. He's been taking it for years and is 55 years old. He loves men like you love women. His libido appears to be untouched by any adverse side effects from the medication. As you noted, everyone's different. No argument there. But before going cold turkey, you might first experiment with taking LESS propecia. Maybe a dose every other day, or every third day will help you keep the hair you've regrown and allow your sex drive to ramp up again.
08-21-2013, 04:39 PM,
RE: Propecia (read this if your using it)
Thats a tough situation,try to fix one problem and get another.I for one wouldn't use propecia,any side affect like lack of sex drive,is a major problem,especially if you are used to being active,also im an older guy and you are contending with ageing,and lowered sex drive (from ageing)without taking a med that could lower if further.
I understand some guys will take propecia without side affects,and they are fortunate.
I guess that is the benefit of a hairpiece,no side affects ,and you can get rid of it if you are not happy.

Regards Topcat
08-21-2013, 09:05 PM,
RE: Propecia (read this if your using it)
ironic really the very part of you're body you crowning glory starts growing and kinda defeats the end goal .the most powerful life force ,finding a mate, sexual attraction, reproduction.
you got youre hair and it knocked the stuffing out of you.

good look in the wearing game,

actually its not luck, you control every move, that's the great thing about wearing, choice, control

anty Smile

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