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Cost of a Partial
08-06-2013, 08:43 AM,
Cost of a Partial
Hi, this might be more of a question for John really. I currently wear a partial crown piece, only a few inches big. So far I've ordered normal sized pieces and cut down to the size of my template. But with these having a crown, it limits me to only getting one piece from a system, and just seems a waste. If I ordered a custom to the size of my template, would this cost the same as a normal sized custom?

08-06-2013, 09:30 AM,
RE: Cost of a Partial
Hi Bollo, unfortunately ` yes` is the answer.....the factory used to make partials for literally half the price of a topper before, but they stopped that well over a year ago now ..... if you`re getting a relatively good fit, and the density /wave etc. is satisfactory from cutting a partial from a stock system, there`s no advantage in ordering Custom-made as the price is the same you`ll have to wait a lot longer for it to arrive ! Kind regards.
08-08-2013, 04:51 AM,
RE: Cost of a Partial
Hi Paul. Thanks for answering. I wonder why they stopped doing it. Just doesn't make sense to me as you are effectively asking for less hair/base material, so would have thought, as with any other kind of purchase, it would be reflected in the cost.

Oh well, I'll be sticking with stocks in future. Just seems such a waste to throw so much of it away. Wonder if it would be possible to order a custom and specify 2 crowns. I could get 2 pieces from one if that were possible.
08-08-2013, 09:13 PM,
RE: Cost of a Partial
Doesn`t make sense to me either ..... if the curl / density /colour of a stock is working for you, well, in many ways you`re lucky really....not having to make a template etc. and you can get a stock within a few days of needing one !
Taking the size of the average topper into account, the crown area is relatively large and there is usually a change of hair-direction there too [` Swirl` ] so it wouldn`t really be practical to incorporate two crowns into one topper on a custom-order, but I know sure feels wasteful to be cutting out a crown from a system and discarding the rest of it..... I wonder if you could send the front hairline area/s to some guys who might be wanting to experiment with front -partials.... could keep costs down a bit !

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