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How do you clean your head?
08-03-2013, 01:14 PM,
How do you clean your head?
With layers of glue and lace between your scalp and shower water, how do you guys clean your head and scalp of all the sebum, natural oils, and sweat that you normally just shampoo and rinse with real hair?
08-05-2013, 01:44 PM,
RE: How do you clean your head?

I can only comment on lace,as thats the only thing i wear.The lace is only taped around the edge,so when you shower and wet your piece hair,the lace being a mesh base lets the water through so it rinse and cleans your scalp.I only wear for five days before i remove,so my scalp stays fairly clean.

If you wear skin base its a different situation as the water doesnt get to your scalp,i will let the guys who wear skin to comment on that.

Regards Topcat
08-06-2013, 05:53 AM,
RE: How do you clean your head?
I debond every 3-4 weeks

wearing medium skin.

1) spray alcohol 99%round the front edge,
2)gently lift edge away, it normally peels away without anymore help from alcohol,
3) spray large amount of alcohol onto scalp as its a goo of broken down adhesive growing hair etc..
3) comb through this traps adhesive in the teeth,then remove excess glue from comb teeth onto disposable kitchen towel or similar,repeat as Necessary gently rub scalp with alcohol and kitchen towel ,
the majority of the adhesive is now off my scalp,
4)wash my natural hair scalp with any shampoo, used to use sensitive shampoo but my scalp seems ok with anything.

5)dry washed hair , and scalp
hair dryer on max setting for quickness,

***keep washing youre hands soap +water as broken down adhesive is messy stuff*****

6) buzz hair regrowth down using clippers and mirror.

7)spray no sweat No Sweat for superior sweat control , onto scalp
No Sweat works by fusing to the oils and salt in your perspiration, forming an iron curtain between them and your bond. It’s that simple.(advertising bumf)
8)double check scalp for dryness ,re applying more pro touch if needed or washing wih hand soap, for a ultra dry scalp .

9)final step clean hair system,

pro touch link
08-13-2013, 07:24 AM,
RE: How do you clean your head?
@topcat: What if one were to wear glue?
@antywanty: So you go 3 weeks at a time without cleaning your scalp?
08-13-2013, 10:18 AM,
RE: How do you clean your head?
@antywanty: So you go 3 weeks at a time without cleaning your scalp?

yeah, suits me. my lifestyle.

although by the time youre @ week 3-4 youre less confident as the bonds a lot weaker by around 40%

which defeats to a degree confidence in wearing in a way.
but that problem can be addressed.

but I do do a few front hairline touch ups. sides.

and really i think would be better wearing , debonding every two weeks. Winter maybe 3- 4 wks at a stretch.

this of course depends on you're individual body chemistry.
what adhesives tapes you use, skin prep.
a lot of variables.

never done me any harm, but you do pay the price with itching,
i remember my hairdresser mentioning scratching youre scalp.
she has a customer who was moving home and all of a sudden he starts scratching his head blaming poor hair pieces,
when it was actually stress anxiety causing the itching.

when he moved it all stopped.

so before jumping to the conclusion itching is physical examine whats stressing you out it could be psychological??
or it could be your bond??

regards anthony
08-13-2013, 01:11 PM,
RE: How do you clean your head?
@antywanty: Don't you start to smell after a few days without cleaning your scalp? Or start to feel uncomfortable at the very least?

A little off-topic: How much of a problem is itching for hair piece wearers?
08-13-2013, 08:12 PM,
RE: How do you clean your head?
Nope because its a fresh bond the adhesive
Is still rick solid and hasent started breaking down
08-14-2013, 01:52 PM,
RE: How do you clean your head?

I don't use glue,only tape.Perhaps the wearers who use glue can comment,but i understand its basically remove piece(if its lace) with alcohol and then use a product like pure to break down the adhesive residue on your scalp and clean the glue off the piece using the mirror slide.

Regards topcat

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