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Temple Flaps
08-07-2013, 05:16 AM,
RE: Temple Flaps
Yeah, it`s just the focus [or lack of !] on the camera as the definition/clarity is not uniform..... I just use walker no-shine tape and just a perimeter bond because I remove the thing for sleeping....that`s just my preference....... I find that the Walker would last about 3 days on me before going unstable /gooey..... John sent me a roll of Ultra-hold tape recently and I must say it has a really strong grip on the lace....feels nice and ` solid` ....I haven`t done a bond of more than a day with it, so I can`t say how long it would last for me ..... didn`t notice any issue with ` shine` from it, but as a precaution I did ` tap` the tape with my fingertip a few times to dull it, on the area at the front hairline just in case ! When I used glue before I always used a white [water-based] one and found it great...the one I used was/is called ` Traksafe` ..the only place I`ve seen it for sale on-line is here : http://www.direct-sites.co.uk/direct_wig...e_glue.htm
It`s pricey but a very good glue..apply it in the same manner as any glue i.e at least 2 thin layers, allowing each to ` cure` properly before placing the system down onto it. I appreciate the cost plus shipping from U.K. could be a problem for people in other countries, but just putting it out there as some people might like to try it .
08-11-2013, 09:02 PM,
RE: Temple Flaps
Hi !

I Wearing my new SFS lace with flaps since last week, i never use a SFS lace before, i always used a french lace #64 purchased from another site.

The result is good for the flaps, and change my life... But i didn't cut the lace short enough, i going to do it for the next routine process.
At the front, i can see my scalp through the hair without black dot, the result is more realistic. i couldn't do that before with my old system.

Next step, i must stop to use Ultra Hold glue on all the lace, and use glue at the front and tape for the rest, for reduce the change routine.
But i have lot hair in some sections, the lace covers my real hair. It's drama for me to shave them, but if i want to use tape, i don't have the choice...

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