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blue hair??!! (not a TL piece)
07-28-2013, 12:53 PM,
blue hair??!! (not a TL piece)
i have dyed my piece (not a TL piece) a couple of times whenever it faded a bit.
i had originally bought a 1b but i'm actually closer to black. which i came to realize after first coloring it and there wasn't a distinction between my natural hair and the piece. prior to that, no matter how perfect the placement and blend area it could always be seen because of that slight color difference.
any how after this last time, i used black Vidal Sassoon and got blue highlights! my girlfriend (who knows i wear) told me.
from my research it seems as though some black dyes leave a blue ish tint even if it doesn't say blue black on the box.

so what i did was i went out and bought a box of black nice and easy, which i used before with fine results.
my question is should i just give it a few washings and hope the blue will go away or should i just re dye..
thank you to all
07-28-2013, 08:35 PM,
RE: blue hair??!!
You're going to need a 'warm' colour, something with a bit of red in it to neutralise the blue and get a normal shade of black.
I would dye it with a dark chocolate brown.
It won't lighten it, but it will infuse it with the neutralising red tone.
07-29-2013, 03:22 AM,
RE: blue hair??!!
thank you hersute.
luckily i waited for a reply and have not used the black nice and easy yet.
I'll exchange it for your color suggestion.
you don't think think i'll also get a lot of red tones? but will instead achieve black?
07-29-2013, 05:39 AM,
RE: blue hair??!!
Without bleaching the hair first, you can't use a box dye to make your hair a lighter colour.
So using a dark brown will keep your hair the same shade of black, but its the blue tone you want to get rid of.
Anything described as 'warm' usually means there are golden, copper or red tones in the dye.
Red is at the opposite end of the colour spectrum to blue, so it should neutralise the blue.

Without the red in it, using another black could just make the hair even darker, but still have the blue.
Its not the shade you want to alter, it the tone.

You could even try one of those semi permanent wash in toners you get in sachets.
07-29-2013, 06:24 AM,
RE: blue hair??!!
I Appreciate The Explanation, It Helps To Understand The "why's" I Purchased A Brown Black, They Were Limited In The Brown Colors.
My ThinIng Was That It Would Have The Proper Tones To Get Rid Of The Blue.
In Your Opinion Do You Think Thats A Safe Bet?
07-29-2013, 11:07 AM,
RE: blue hair??!! (not a TL piece)
I swore I would never post again but I have to post on this topic. But some info in here is incorrect/misleading..

First, Red does not neutralize Blue. As far as being on the opposite end of the light spectrum, whether right or wrong, its location is irrelevant. It is the color wheel that you have to look at when dealing with color (Not the light spectrum). In this case Orange cancels Blue as they re opposites on the color wheel. To figure this out what happens when you mix Blue and Red? You get Purple.

To this however, Blue is also the largest of all of the color molecules and will be the first to wash out, so if you only left the color on a short amount of time, which is usually recommended on hair pieces, a simple clarifying shampoo or straight dishwashing liquid that you let sit for awhile should remove the blue. However if you left it on longer re-dying it will work. You would actually be better off using a warm Medium brown as the light level colors contain less blue and more warmth (Warm pigments simply do not exist in large amounts in dark colors). By using a brown black you will most likely still have a fair amount of blue in the hair piece (as it is also the first color to oxidize when the color is processing) ...It might work only because of the high dye load, but again you would be better of going a medium brown and letting it sit a bit longer .

You could also mix a little powder hair bleach with both warm water and lots of shampoo and shampoo the piece and it will quickly remove any excess blue.

Just my 2cents after 23 years coloring hair and platform teaching, but then, hey what do I know.
07-29-2013, 12:16 PM,
RE: blue hair??!! (not a TL piece)

What do you know?
You know TONS!

And yours has always been a valuable contribution to any forum in this respect.
You explained it far better (and more correctly) than I could.
07-29-2013, 03:30 PM,
RE: blue hair??!! (not a TL piece)

thank you...it does now seem as though i have bit of violet highlights since using the brown/black earlier today(depends on where the light source is coming from, direction wise)
i do not leave dye on the stated time because i understand its different concerning hair pieces.
its usually on long enough for me to comb it through all the piece, so i'm going to say 10 minutes..when i had first tried i went with 3..then 5...which never seemed long enough so now i do around 10..
would you suggest that clarifying or dawn still? or should i try a dye like you suggested?
btw...guys like you, hersute and all the others i am forgetting...the guys who have so much to offer should never stop posting.
new guys such as my self need guidance and benefit greatly from the veterans...
in any event, thank you for coming out of "retirement" even if it was for this one thread..
07-30-2013, 12:52 AM,
RE: blue hair??!! (not a TL piece)
Lovehair, Try the clarifying shampoo, dawn route first. You will create a color undertone mess if you try to color again. Even if you have access to powder bleach for hair (Sallys Beauty) to mix a little into both hot water with shampoo that would be the preferred thing. Like I mentioned, the blue will disappear quickly with that mixture.
07-31-2013, 10:38 AM,
RE: blue hair??!! (not a TL piece)
i'm hoping to try the dawn tonight, if not tomorrow...with work i dont have to worry about exposure, usually wearing some type of cap or something.
i'm thinking 10, maybe 15 minutes of letting the dawn sit, hopefully thats enough.
my GF said it looks fine, but i see the violety highlight with light coming from the rear. the highlights APPEAR to be mostly on the ends, or so it seems

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