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Some Pictures of my bad Hairsystem (Not Toplace!)
06-13-2013, 12:57 AM,
Some Pictures of my bad Hairsystem (Not Toplace!)
Hello Guys,

i want to show you some pictures of my actuall Hairsystem. It was not the best choice to buy it and i am not very happy with it. But till i get my Toplace system, i have to deal with this.
Oh, and please excuse my bad english skills. I try to write so understandable as i can Smile....

I buy this one, from a Hairsaloon here. I pay 500€. It have 50% artificial hair. I chose this because the guy from this shop say, artificial hair is not so sensitive like real hair. I was very nervous, so i belive him....How i say, not my best decision.

So i am 33 years old, i work as a Delivery Manager in a office. Most of the time i am in my office and i can wear jeans and a Cap. Unfortunately i look very young with this. Its not very helpfull if you look like a trainee.

But sometimes i have to go to meetings and meet customers. Than i need, and want to look as professional i could. A long time before i decide to wear a hairpiece i use Finasterid, Minox, Volluma and all this shhh... stuff Smile... From Minox i get Heartproblems, Finasterid get me some nice sexual problems, and Volluma wrecked my bathroom totally. Everything was black! So, after a long time of trying i decide to buy a hairsystems (i hate the word Toupee!..)

It is ok, but for my opinion there is to Dense. And there is no way to style your Hair back or up! Also it looks very synthetic when a wind comes through. I have many work to do till it look a little like normal hair.

Here some pictures of it, first four are normal wearing. The fifth, i comb my hair back, that looks very bad (also with Flash it look very unnatural!) But you can see how bad it looks when i style my hair up.

So, thats it. I still looking so forward till i get my Toplace H-System!...

Also thank you all for so many interesting posts i found here! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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06-13-2013, 01:37 AM,
RE: Some Pictures of my bad Hairsystem (Not Toplace!)
Just very briefly as I`m pushed for time.... what stands out for me mostly, is that the colour -match is not as it should be..... the system hair is darker than your own.....you could certainly mask that by colouring your own hair down a shade or two...... the system looks blacker than your hair which is a shade of brown..... the second pic. shows on my monitor as being as I outlined.... your side-burn hair is also a light shade of brown.... I often used dark colour on mine to make them match the system a bit better! ....... synthetic hair looks different to real hair in natural light ...also... be very careful when washing it...it`s very very sensitive to heat ..use only barely -warm water on it or it can crinkle up. I wore a similar -type system a few years ago and it`s too ``set`` and unmanageable and as you said, it behaves strangely in windy conditions.... until you get a new real-hair system, you could consider my suggestion....regards, Paul.
06-13-2013, 01:41 AM,
RE: Some Pictures of my bad Hairsystem (Not Toplace!)
I would say the unit is too dark and too dense on top.
06-13-2013, 02:36 AM,
RE: Some Pictures of my bad Hairsystem (Not Toplace!)

thanks for the tips! I am really, really curious to try a realhair Hairsys. And Paul, you are totally right, "unmanageable"!!
Some people ask me if i colored my hair darker. I only answer (yes because i want to hide my gray hair). Then they start talking about, there own gray hair and so, hehehe .... Big Grin...

Hey and for all who wana know. That is the glue what i use. Its very strong, to strong for me. I have another one, its a little lighter. But this mastix gum stuff is extremly strong!

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06-13-2013, 02:41 AM,
RE: Some Pictures of my bad Hairsystem (Not Toplace!)
Hi Summers,
Thanks for sharing those pics with us! Synthetic hair has severe draw backs. It looks great when you hold it in your hand---you can't tell the difference between synthetic and real hair. But the problem is when you try to blend it with your own real growing hair. A big problem is the one that you mentioned---when the wind blows through your hair it just lies differently and you can immediately tell that it's not real human hair. The other problem is that when outside the synthetic hair reflects sunlight differently than real hair and it's noticeable. I tried a synthetic unit one time just to see what it's like. As soon as I got home from the stylist I took it off and when back to a real human hair unit--it's the only way to go. And to top it off my stylist wouldn't use his good scissors on the unit. He thought it would dull his good scissors so he used an old pair of scissors to do the cut-in. Real human hair is the only way to go.
06-13-2013, 06:41 AM,
RE: Some Pictures of my bad Hairsystem (Not Toplace!)

Thanks to sharing your pics,
You are a lucky man, your sides are really good, and i think your system is not so bad.
With a system slightly less dense and SFS lace and good hair cut, you can achieve a very good style
06-15-2013, 02:56 AM,
RE: Some Pictures of my bad Hairsystem (Not Toplace!)
Just dying your side hair darker, with a 5 dollar box of off the shelf hair dye would help tremendously. A few dollars...that's it. Not sure what to tell ya about the density and the synthetic issue....but getting the color blend better, would help.

Perhaps some layers/razor comb....give your haircut some "edge" and more youthful style?
06-17-2013, 08:12 PM,
RE: Some Pictures of my bad Hairsystem (Not Toplace!)
Hi Guys,

thank you all! Sometimes i am also happy with it. But it still very hard to handle. I really wana try to color but my fear with coloring was to make it much more worse, i never colored my hair before... and i have some gray hair in my own and in my Hairsystem. Now after colored my own hair, maybe it will looks to dark with no gray?
06-18-2013, 09:04 PM,
RE: Some Pictures of my bad Hairsystem (Not Toplace!)
You need a colour enhancing conditioner that will darken your natural hair, but not effect the gray.
Its easy to apply with just a comb.
No mixing and no messing.
There are 2 main brands:
06-24-2013, 11:08 PM,
RE: Some Pictures of my bad Hairsystem (Not Toplace!)
Hey Guys,

finally i got my Toplace Hair!! I´m so looking forward to it. Smile And it looks and feels amazing! Like how i want it, not to dense and some Gray Hair inside. But i have one problem, i see there is to much lace on the sides and front. I read something about this before. Can someone please help me with this lace cutting? I don´t want to destroy it. Maybe there is a tutorial page for this?

Thanks in advance

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